Signals from the Frontline #679: New FLG Mat and a Look at Space Wolves!

Reece and Frankie show off the brand new FLG Mat: Industrial 2, and take a look at what Space Wolves got in Psychic Awakening!

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Show Notes

Date: 4-8-20


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2 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #679: New FLG Mat and a Look at Space Wolves!”

  1. Zweischneid April 9, 2020 2:36 pm #

    I don’t think Space Wolves got much better.

    They annihilated anything they touched in close combat before. Now with extra attacks and doctrines, they do so even more.

    They (still) miss all the things that make White Scars a somewhat viable close combat army.

    – A no overwatch spell
    – A Master of Snares-style ability to keep stuff locked
    – A 3D6 charge ability
    – Extra speed and movement range (beyond the standard chaplain +2).
    – etc..

    Damage output wasn’t the thing Wolves were lacking.

  2. Agent X April 10, 2020 10:53 am #

    Don’t sleep on Space Wolves.

    We are not the best at shooting or melee but we are very good at both which makes the army flexible for a wider range of opponents.

    Finally gaining doctrines will be huge and these stratagems opened up new combos

    The best terminators in the game are now wolf guard terminators thanks to our ability to take whatever wargear we want (combi guns and CC weapons and storm shields on whoever we want).

    SW terminators have BS2 overcharged plasma now with fury of the champions.

    Keen senses is the optional cherry on top letting you shoot anything while ignoring negative hit modifiers (flyers or buffed plague bearers etc).

    This also means your combi weapon can fire off those bolters at the same time as the plasma.

    Go with a 10 man terminator deathstar and spit out 20 plasma shots at S8 AP4 no risk of dying from overcharge and 20 bolter shots at S4 AP1 for clearing hordes (tactical doctrine buffed).

    If you give them a PF or CF or TH that same unit can hit on 2s in melee as well. Teleport in near a canticle of hate buff for the 7″ charge.

    It will be expensive but it is one heck of a shooting and melee capable death star

    The old grey hunter plasma packs may have found new life as well.

    6 man squad can pack a plasma gun and combi plasma (WGPL) arriving during tactical doctrine with outflank for AP4 and we have hellblasters lite that count towards the troop tax.

    Space Wolves bring some shooting tricks as well as melee. Don’t forget to take advantage of them.

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