Heroes, Heretics and a Squirrel

Another exciting preview from GW!

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Welcome back! Last Saturday, tens of thousands of you joined us on Twitch to watch the first Warhammer Preview Online, and countless more read along right here. Now, we’re about to embark on another MEGA Warhammer Preview! In this live blog, we’ll be rounding up the reveals as they happen – catch it all live on Twitch for insights, moment-by-moment coverage, and more.

2:00 pm – It’s in the Box

First up – are you looking to start a Lumineth Realm-lords army? Good news – it’s in the box.

We know you folks are incredibly excited about this new army, and we want to make getting started as simple and fun as possible while celebrating the arrival of the Realm-lords, the spiritual successors of the High Elves from the world-that-was. This set contains fully customisable kits that let you build 10 Auralan Wardens and 5 Vanari Dawnriders, plus The Light of Eltharion, giving you a great base to which you can add more troops – or walking mountains, if they’re your thing!

There are loads of cool extras in the box too, including cards for tracking your spells, gem-effect dice, tokens, and a special Combat Gauge! The set will also be the only way to grab the gorgeous limited edition battletome, featuring a soft-touch, full-art cover, gilt-edged pages and a ribbon marker – truly a tome of wisdom worthy of Teclis himself.


The rules are pretty neat too – here, for you, is the FIRST-EVER Lumineth Realm-lords rules preview. 

This is an army that rewards timing and tactical planning, as well as featuring a spiritual successor to the Always Strikes First rule that defined Warhammer elf armies of old. By activating two units at a time, you’ll be able to launch devastating co-ordinated attacks before your opponent has a chance to respond, while a suite of Aetherquartz abilities let you adapt your strategy on-the-fly. 

And that’s just a small peek* at what you can expect.

Let us know what you think about the army set on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page!

2:10pm – Can’t See the Forest for the Treeman

What’s big, made of wood and loves ultra-violent sports? A Treeman, of course! More specifically, this fellow.

Treemen in Blood Bowl aren’t so much players as defensive emplacements. In a Wood Elf team, they’re a vital strongpoint, helping to shore up your team’s shortcomings by punching them incredibly hard. For Halflings – whose shortcomings are perhaps too substantial for a whole team of Treemen to overcome – you can throw any underperforming players directly into the End Zone, should the occasion call for it. A multitude of build options for this plastic kit allow you to customise your Treeman (or Treemen!), and it even includes the Blood Bowl debut of a fan-favourite character – Akhorne the Squirrel!

If you’re looking to branch out and grow your roster, follow the Blood Bowl Facebook page to get the latest news (and cool models) in your newsfeed.

Spreading the Good Word

We’ve had some amazing new releases for the Horus Heresy lately, but not much for the original heretics. The Word Bearers were one of the first Legions to get attention in the Horus Heresy miniatures range. However, while they have some stunning Character Series models, they don’t have any models to represent your own arch-malefactors – UNTIL NOW. 

The Space Marine Legions each have characterful Praetors to lead their armies, and these sinister fellows are exactly who you’d expect to see plotting alongside Zardu Layak or leading the Gal Vorbak into battle. Of course, as everyone knows, the Word Bearers were heretics before it was cool, meaning both these models will make cracking additions to a Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines army too!

Let us know how you’ll be using this deadly duo on the Forge World Facebook page.

2:20pm – The Quest of the Ringbearer

It’s time to fall in love with Middle-earth again. 

Quest of the Ringbearer allows you to retell the epic story of The Lord of the Rings™ through loads of interlinked narrative missions, as you follow the Fellowship through their greatest battles. This is a great way to rediscover the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game of your youth or, if you’re a new player, experience the joys of guiding the Fellowship through epic moments you remember from the motion pictures. What’s more, you’ll be able to forge your own fellowship from your favourite characters. How would the quest of the Ringbearer go if Bilbo decided to carry the One Ring to Mordor himself? What if Saruman was his Wizard?** Before long, you’ll be able to find out for yourself…

What’s more, new models for Middle-earth are on the way – including two new champions of Gondor that’ll delight super-fans of Faramir and his crew as well as gamers looking for more tactical options. Meet Anborn and Mablung, Rangers of Ithilien.

You may recognise these chaps from when Frodo and Sam ran into them in The Lord of the Rings™ Motion Picture Trilogy! In-game, both are Minor Heroes with a lot to offer a Ranger-heavy force, particularly if you throw in Faramir, Madril & Damrod. They’re both solid members for your custom Fellowship, too!

2:30pm – Angels of Death…in Spaaaaace!

So, we’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that you folks love Space Marines, massive gribblies, and colossal space battles. Good news – the latest Angels of Death Trailer has all three!

The Warhammer Storyforge and the Angels of Death team have been working tirelessly to ensure that the series brings all the epic, gritty darkness and sheer awesomeness of Warhammer 40,000 to life on the screen. Just look at those Tyranids!

Just why are the Blood Angels battling in space? How cool is that Blood Angels ship commander? When will you get to see more? Stay tuned here and on the Warhammer Storyforge Instagram page for more news.

Angels of Death isn’t the only project in the works right now. The Warhammer universes are amazing, diverse places and the Storyforge team are exploring all sorts of art and animation styles. So, if you fancy a tease of things yet to come, check out this amazing frame from a forthcoming project in a very different style. 

How incredibly lifelike is this shot? The matted blood, the faded tattoo? Check out the ageing on the scar bisecting her top lip. Speaking of her, our subject is clearly a Sister of Battle (the clue’s in the iconic haircut and tattoo)… but who or what is she fighting?

And here’s something else to look at…

Feel free to speculate about all these projects over on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.

2:40pm – A GIANT Tease…

Something big is coming. Like, really, really big. Something thought to be only a fairytale…

The myths are true. Prepare for a battletome like no other. Prepare for the Sons of Behemat.

For those of you new to the Mortal Realms, Behemat is one of the Zodiacal Godbeasts, an entity of unspeakable power from the Age of Myth. It is claimed that this massive Titan is the father of the gargant race – judging by his size, we’re terrified to see just what his larger children look like. 

We can’t tell you much about this battletome yet, save that it’ll let you field an army of gargants, gargants and nothing but gargants. We may well even see some brand-new ones!

Keep your eyes on the horizon (and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page) for more news.

2:50pm – A Void Against Chaos

Who now in the galaxy can stand against the rising tide of the warp? Who will rise to save us from Chaos? Be careful what you wish for…

Psychic Awakening: Pariah will see champions old and new come to the fore, including a legendary, Chaos-destroying heroine. Witness the return of the Daemonifuge!

The champion of some of the most iconic Warhammer graphic novels ever written, Ephrael Stern is getting a model of her own – just in time to test her powers against the greatest threat the Imperium has ever faced. She’s not alone – you’ll be able to field her alongside the Sisters of Battle, or with any Imperium force, and she’ll be accompanied by her Harlequin companion, Kyganil.

What’s more, we’ll be releasing a fully recoloured reissue of the original graphic novel, allowing you to follow Ephrael’s dark origins.

Even More Psychic Awakenings

And that’s not all! Before long, White Dwarf will be bringing you juicy new Psychic Awakening rules for the Deathwatch and Harlequins. Neat, eh?

3:00pm – An Offer To Look Forward To

Over the last week, many of you got in touch to ask us to re-enable Virtual Vouchers over on games-workshop.com. Some of you thought it would be a great way to keep supporting Warhammer during this time, others missed their usual hobby purchase and thought it’d be a fine substitute, while others thought it’d be a great way to save for the Time of Reopening***. Well, we’ve had a quick word with the Fixer Grotz, and vouchers are now back up and running.

What’s more, until the end of April, for every £50 (or local equivalent) of Virtual Voucher you pick up, we’ll add in another £5 for free. There’s no limit to this, giving you a great way to save for, and save on, the Warhammer hobby project you’re itching to start when the clock resets and the world gets back to normal.


Enjoyed the preview? Thirsty for more? Well, good news: we have another Warhammer Preview in the chamber for you – mark your calendar for the 18th of April and prepare for even more awesome. We’ll see you there!

*As opposed to a small peak – that’s what this chap is sitting on.
** And, y’know, not evil. Otherwise it’d be a pretty short journey for the Ringbearer.
***A working title for this most anticipated of days when we can get back to Warhammer-ing properly! If you’ve got a better suggestion, let us know over on Twitter @warcomteam

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  1. red3_standingby April 4, 2020 1:41 pm #

    I wish I could say the sister and harlequin looked good

    • Vipoid April 4, 2020 3:51 pm #


      The “Harlequin” just looks like a really ugly human. Hell, if I wasn’t already familiar with Harlequind I’d probably have assumed it was another Age of Sigmar model.

      As for the sister, I love how they put her next to the artwork, as if to demonstrate that the model doesn’t resemble it in the slightest.

  2. Zweischneid April 5, 2020 3:27 am #

    Well, if they’re porting rules from AoS to begin with, I hope Harlequins could get something similar to lighting reactions, allowing them to active multiple units at once.

    Perhaps that would make a fragile MSU close combat army in a game with the interrupt stratagem at least casually viable.

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