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One of the coolest aspects of returning to the world-that-was is the opportunity to revisit certain aspects of its classic lore and delve into them in greater detail than ever before. A perfect candidate for further investigation is the harsh, frozen realm found to the north of the Empire – Kislev, the land of the Ice Queens. To that end, let’s take a look at a project that’s currently in development…

Putting the Class into Classic

The people of Kislev were renowned as being among the finest horsemasters in the world – and for giving a frosty reception to Norscan raiders and the hordes of Chaos who frequently invaded their land. They also had two iconic cavalry units in their Ungol Horse Archers and Kislevite Winged Lancers. Do you remember these miniatures from many years past? They’re so old, we reckon they were around during the last Ice Age… 

Ungol Horse Archers

Kislevite Winged Lancers

One new unit that’s in the early stages of development is set in the Ice Court – the seat of the ruling Tsar or Tsarina. Known as the Ice Guard, they’re an elite fighting formation of warrior women, equally skilled with bow and blade. But where they differ significantly from the other Kislevite units we’ve seen in the past is that they’re able to channel the elemental magic of their realm in a similar manner to their Ice Queen – the most powerful practitioner of this unique form of sorcery. Here are some awesome pieces of concept art for the Ice Guard, courtesy of Forge World’s Mark Bedford.

Cool, huh?

Judging by the enchanted ice that wreaths their blades and arrow tips, we reckon they’ll make for some cold-hearted killers on the battlefield…

The Old World is still a long way off, but it certainly makes you wonder what else Kislev might have in store. In any case, if you’d like to learn more about Kislevite culture, be sure to read the Black Library Hall of Famer Riders of the Dead by Dan Abnett. Graeme McNeill’s With Ice and Sword and David Guymer’s Gotrek and Felix novel Kinslayer are also fascinating reads, revealing the fate of Kislev during the apocalyptic End Times.

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