This Week in the ITC: Standings and Get Painting!

Hello, competitive Warhammer 40k fans! SaltyJohn from TFG Radio here to discuss what’s been going on this week in the ITC.

With many of us stuck at home, I thought I would give just a brief rundown of the current ITC Standings in both playing and hobby track!

There’s still a lot of familiar names on there from my article two weeks ago that highlighted some of the top 10. Vik and Mike continue to be the top dogs with their big finished. It’s cool to have two members of the ITC from Europe off to such a huge start!

The top 30 in the world is really diverse right now! Big names are up there, but a lot of the biggest names from last season haven’t even begun to make an appearance! I am sure many of them will begin to make a run for it sooner or later and that will be exciting to watch. The top 5 teams are also a bit of a surprise currently! Some big names, but some new comers as well.

Next up I am posting the top 30 from the USA, Canada, and Europe. Here we will see some of the bigger names from previous seasons starting to show up. Kevin Leonard (BIG Lenny) Buttface Mcgee is a name I would love to see on the ITC trophy in the future. I don’t pick favorites, or root for certain players, but this season I may make an exception for this guy!

The hobby aspect of this… hobby… of ours certainly cannot be forgotten! Having the ITC Hobby Track is a cool way of keeping up on what’s going on in the ITC Hobby wise. With cool new models coming out like Ghaz and Ragnar maybe some cool new armies from the best painters will be on the way as well!

I couldn’t very well forgo posting a meme in my own article right? I think we should petition Reece to add an ITC Meme award to the hobby track! Yes? Cool.

Like I said the Hobby Track…

I love it when some of the big-name players are featured in the Hobby Track! I think it is also pretty awesome that a very competitive team like Brohammer is also competing in the Hobby Track team rankings! Well done! That’s about it for what’s going on in the ITC this week, check back next week for more season updates.

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