Orks: Da New Rulez

G-dubs has finally gives us some juicy Ork rules to go over from the new Psychic Awakening book coming out soon!

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Da new Psychic Awakening book, Saga of the Beast, adds even more toyz fer da Boyz. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the new Stratagems, Kustom Jobs, psychic powers and specialist mobs in the book. All together now – Waaagh!

Ghazghkull Thraka 

We’ve already seen the real mastermind behind the Ork renaissance, now let’s have a look at his best buddy.

Ghazghkull is back and he’s bigger and badder than before. He’s still da Prophet of Gork and Mork but, after going under the knife of Mad Dok Grotsnik, he’s now even ’arder!

As well as getting a physical upgrade, da Meks have been working on Ghazghkull’s weapons too. He now has an even shootier shoota (called Mork’s roar) and an even krumpier klaw (called Gork’s klaw).

As da biggest boss, Ghazghkull can forcefully take charge of an Ork army from any Clan, and his Great Waaagh! ability still works on all Orks.

Of course, Ghazghkull is still a Goff at heart, and he gets even more benefits in a Goff army. But whatever army you take him in, he’s going to break some ’eads.

Clan Psychic Powers

This being the Psychic Awakening, each of the six Ork Clans (and the Freebooterz) all get a new psychic power, which can be selected instead of generating one from the Waaagh! discipline. The Blood Axes get Clever Talk, which allows you to be dead kunnin’ before you get dead brutal.

With all of that Waaagh! energy flying around, your Weirdboyz are about to get even weirder.

Specialist Mobs

Sometimes Orks throw off the constraints of their Clan and instead group together with other like-minded greenskins. Saga of the Beast lets you do this, giving you a totally new way of building a fun and flavourful Ork army. You even get to benefit from a unique Subkulture related to the Specialist Mob you choose! If you like burnin’ stuff, choose the Pyromaniacs specialist mob and get the Arsonists Subkultur.

This is a great way for your Boomboyz, Feral Orks, Madboyz and more to gang up together and break some heads.

Kustom Jobs

Ork Meks never stop messin’ with their creations – they’re always tinkerin’ and experimentin’ – but when it works, the results can be spectorkular! Saga of the Beast lets you take one of these Kustom Jobs for free if you have a Mekboy Workshop in your army. Need your Killa Kans, Deff Dreads, Morkanauts and Gorkanauts to get into combat faster? Get them booked in to be fitted with Orkymatic Pistons.

If you’ve not got a Mekboy Workshop, you can still choose a Kustom Job through the use of a Stratagem. So, everybody can have a Souped-up Speshul, some Nitro-powered Squigs or a Forktress.


Orks don’t usually bother with things like ‘taktiks’ or ‘stratergee’, they leave that boring stuff to other races, like da ’umies. That’s not to say that they don’t have a few tricks up their sleeves* on the battlefield. Want to make your Burna Boyz and Lootas more reliable? Then bring in a Klever Spanner.

Or maybe your Flyboyz are jealous of their mates having all the fun on the ground and just want to join in.**

That means that every unit within 6” suffers D3 mortal wounds! And what Ork player hasn’t dreamt of having the ability to deliberately crash their planes into the enemy?

Psychic Awakening: Saga of the Beast is available to pre-order from Saturday, along with the Prophecy of the Wolf battlebox, which includes the new Ghazghkull Thraka model. In the meantime, grab yourself a Dakkajet so that you’re ready to crash it into your enemies!

* Even though most Boyz don’t wear sleeves.
** Make sure that you fasten your seatbelt and return your tray table to the upright position.

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3 Responses to “Orks: Da New Rulez”

  1. Nathan Schattman March 17, 2020 11:09 am #

    So I love Flyin’Eadbutt, but is anyone else concerned about the psychic power having no range restrictions?

    • Anggul March 17, 2020 12:21 pm #

      One of the Tyranid powers has no range restriction too

      Which is nice

  2. Alex March 18, 2020 12:52 am #

    For Flyin ‘Eadbutt – I’m thinking of trying out a Burna Bomba that causes 3MW rather than D3 to all units in 6″ – if someone leaves a space near a group of characters that could be interesting. Though realistically it would be screened out a lot of the time.

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