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Some awesome new goodies revealed at GAMA, new Lumineth and new Sisters! WOW, these look amazing!

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Hello from GAMA! We’re coming to you today from the annual meeting of the Game Manufacturers Association with some incredible new reveals of things that are coming soon. Let’s get stuck in…

You’ve harnessed the muscle of House Goliath with the House of Chains. Now, in the House of Blades, the cunning of House Escher is yours to master!

House of Blades is a new gang book for Necromunda that offers unparalleled resources for Escher gamers and lore-lovers alike. As well as detailing the history of this gang in a level never seen before, it looks to the future with new rules, house allegiances, gangers and even their pets! Take the Death-maidens – Eschers returned to life through vile science in order to lend their deadly services to their gangs once more – and the Wyld Runners, bold explorers who hunt the Underhive.

Or these little critters – aren’t they sweet? Known as phelynx, these cat-like monstrosities are cracking for bringing down rival gangers.

We’ll have more information for you soon in the Underhive Informant, a new series of Necromunda previews that’s kicking off later today!

At last, the Daughters of Khaine have come to Warhammer Underworlds!

Later this year, Morathi’s chosen servants will arrive in Beastgrave with a warband that boils down this iconic army into its most distinctive elements – crazed cultists, shadowy mutants and one very deadly Hag Queen. Known as Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven, this warband will bring the fast, tactical and gory play style of the Daughters of Khaine to your competitive battles. 

We’ll have more details and card previews for this warband right here before long, so stay tuned. 

Everyone loves Knights. Everyone loves small versions of big things. Thus, it stands to reason that everyone is going to love the latest release for Adeptus Titanicus – teeny tiny versions of the Knight-Acheron and Knight-Castigator!

Rendered at last in glorious plastic, these new models bring the design elements and lethal weaponry of their larger counterparts to Adeptus Titanicus tabletops in style. They’ll be great to add to your armies or just as particularly cracking painting projects and desk-decoration. 

And that’s not all. Whether you like your war-machines small or massive, you’ll want to grab yourself a copy of The Defence of Ryza, the next campaign book for Adeptus Titanicus. You’ll have the chance to forge your own legios or master a legendary one from the background, discover more epic titan battles from the Horus Heresy, declare your loyalty or harness new battle standards for your Knight Household – and that’s just scratching the surface! 

Keep an eye out for more news in upcoming Engine Kill! articles.

Spears, horsemen, legendary warriors of yore – the Lumineth Realm-lords are shaping up to be a stunning army. And you’ve not even seen the whole range yet! Feast your eyes upon the Auralan Sentinels!

Providing long-ranged support to phalanxes of Auralan Wardens, Auralan Sentinels reimagine the classic High Elf Archer in stunning Warhammer Age of Sigmar fashion, featuring fantastic detail, great customisability and even fully strung bows – some of you might even recognise them from a previous Rumour Engine. 

Of course, what would an aelven army be without some mages? 

This is an Alarith Stonemage – an aelven wizard attuned to the power of the elements. This model isn’t just a brilliant example of what modern miniatures design technology can do (look how delicately they’re balanced!), it’s also a valuable battlefield unit that enhances nearby allies, as well as smiting enemies with gravity manipulating magic!

Last, but not least, we have a very tantalising tease indeed. Just who or what is The Spider?

We’re sure you might have some ideas. If you haven’t guessed it yet, here’s his top assistant as a clue…

Let us know who you think it could be on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page!

And that’s all we’ve got from GAMA – but it’s just the beginning for new reveals this month. Check back on the 25th of March for the biggest ever Warhammer Preview from AdeptiCon. Worried about missing out? Subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll send the latest news right to your inbox!

Exemplars of the Lumineth

Heroes exemplify the look and feel of their faction’s identity more so than any other miniatures in the range, and those of the Lumineth Realm-lords are no exception. In part 4 of our Lowdown series, we’re taking a closer look at some of the Lumineth heroes you’ve seen – as well as a few sneak peeks at some you haven’t! – to discuss their roles within the aelven society and what the details on the miniatures symbolise. Let’s start at the top…

Archmage Teclis and Celennar, Spirit of Hysh

Nothing exemplifies a faction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar more than its deity.

As one of the twin aelven gods of Hysh, Teclis represents the very pinnacle of achievement for a Lumineth. The belt around his waist depicts the full runic mandala of his people, but he also bears the individual runestones of each of the four geomantic spirits, showing that he has mastered their teachings.

The winged leonine beast that accompanies Teclis is Celennar, the living manifestation of the Hyshian moon spirit. Among the first things you’ll notice about the model is that Teclis is not riding Celennar as a mount. Unlike Alarielle the Everqueen, who stands imperious atop her subservient wardroth beetle, Teclis and Celennar are very much a partnership, having become inseparably bonded to one another. This is intrinsic to the relationship between the Lumineth and the geomantic spirits – it’s one of mutual trust and benefit as opposed to one of dominance.

Like many of the Lumineth models, Teclis has decorative tassels hanging from the bottom of his cloak and a large moon symbol crowns his helm. As the epitome of the Teclian side of Lumineth culture, the half-moons associated with the long-dead deity Lileath (and now of Teclis himself), are very much the prevalent image, as shown on his sword and staff. Celennar’s huge crescent-shaped horns serve to match Teclis’ headgear, and tassels also hang from their tips as well as the creature’s ornate neck piece. At the centre of this large piece of jewellery is the runic symbol of the moon spirit – that of Celannar itself.

The Light of Eltharion

In the world-that-was, Eltharion of Yvresse was the perfect blend between supernal warrior and mage. As such, the spirit that endured stands in the divide between the martial Tyrionic and enlightened Teclian halves of Lumineth society.

Of the two blades he wields, one is dedicated to each of the twin gods. His longer sword displays a fiery rune running the length of its blade, and he has a matching scabbard bearing the rune of the sun spirit. By contrast, his short sword and scabbard bear the mark of Teclis. Even the kneepads of his spirit-animated armour show the dual symbols of the Hyshian gods.

Like the rest of the Lumineth range, the Light of Eltharion stands in a stoic, on-guard stance. The Lumineth are more akin to zen warriors, bereft of emotion after having had their more vital passions siphoned off into the aetherquartz jewellery they wear. They are the calm amid the storm, with their robes, tabards and banners fluttering about them offering the miniatures a sense of dynamism. Check out all of this calm, for example…

Wait a minute – is that the rune of the mountain atop that staff? Interesting…

Ahem. Getting back to the Light of Eltharion, he is in essence a hollow suit of armour. The miniature’s designer Seb Perbet took into account how wind would whip through the negative space within the armour, so made his robes appear as if fluttering with wild abandon. Seb, who headed up the Lumineth project and was responsible for producing the early mock-ups of the other units in the range, ensured that the wind flowed in the same direction on all the miniatures, creating a striking effect when they’re arrayed for battle. Cool, huh?

Look there – it’s that mountain rune again…

Well, we don’t want to give away too much just yet, so we’ll leave it there for this instalment. Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the Lumineth Realm-lords, let us know what you think of them on our Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page!

Sunday Preview: Sisters of Battle – Complete!

Prepare yourself for a massive final wave of releases for the Adepta Sororitas, including two more tanks, a scenery kit, more unit types, and loads of characters. We’ve also got a brief rundown of this month’s White Dwarf and some new fiction coming your way very soon. Grab a cuppa, watch this quick video for the highlights, and get comfy…

The best way to do this is to jump right in. We’ll get started with new boxes of troops.

Adepta Sororitas Repentia Squad

Repentia seek to absolve their sins by bathing in the blood of the faithless. Though fallen from grace, if they fight hard enough, they might redeem themselves just as the Living Saint herself.*

These are some of the coolest models in the new range, faithful to the original designs and wielding two-handed penitent eviscerators, but now in plastic with even more dynamic poses, running headlong to get stuck in.

These models are replete with characterful details to represent their penance, from pain-inducing cilices, blindfolds, evidence of self-mortification, bionic limbs and the like. They’re led to battle and watched over by the Repentia Superior, who judges their deeds and fights alongside them. The Superior also bears their chaplets** on a special rack, to be returned posthumously to the worthy dead. Whereas these models are grim, yet glorious, the next are glorious, yet grim.

Adepta Sororitas Seraphim and Zephyrim Squad

Both the Seraphim and the new unit, Zephyrim, are fast-moving units that fill harassment, fire support, and melee roles – and this dual-build box gives you the choice to build either of them.

Taking flight on specialised jump packs, the Seraphim arrive spitting hot death with dual-wielded bolt pistols, hand flamers, and inferno pistols.

You’ll get options for both helmeted and bare heads, weapon options for two each of hand flamer and inferno pistol specialists, loads of decorative accessories, and the option to build one of them as a Seraphim Superior. This squad leader has a unique chest piece, accessories, weapon options and unique head options to denote her status. 

Alternatively, you can build this kit as a new unit type, the Zephyrim – divine destroyers and dedicated melee specialists.

If the Seraphim are elite, the Zephyrim are the elite of the elite. They’re easily identified by their distinctive helmets and jump pack details, and each one carries both a bolt pistol and power sword. You may choose to build one of them as a Zephyrim Superior, bearing either a plasma pistol or a flowing pennant, complete with options for different decorative bits to indicate the Order Militant to which they belong.

There are so many options in this kit that no two (or three, or four) squads need look the same, so don’t hold back! Your enemies certainly won’t… Speaking of your enemies, perhaps you’d rather burn them to cinders? We’ve got you covered.

Adepta Sororitas Immolator

The aptly named Immolator battle tank bears cleansing flame in the form of a massive immolation flamer. A veritable shrine to the wrath of the God-Emperor, Immolators are designed to strike righteous fear into heretics, witches, and xenos alike.

Festooned with baroque and gothic details and decorations, Immolators form an impressive focal point for your army. The flaming braziers and the massive clear stained-glass window are also a treat for painters. You also have the option to exchange the flamer for a twin heavy bolter or twin multi-melta, in addition to the hull-mounted heavy bolter. There are no fewer than 4 different heads for the gunner, plus an optional hunter-killer missile. But the Immolator isn’t the only tank left to release. Don’t forget about the humble…

Adepta Sororitas Rhino

The Rhino APC is a mainstay of Imperial military organizations, and the Adepta Sororitas are no exception. While similar to the rest, the Sisters of Battle add religious icons, the symbols of their orders, and other unique embellishments.

This kit upgrades the tried-and-true Rhino with a new frame, replacing the side doors, top hatch, front glacis plate, and an absolute treasure trove of decorative bits that will leave you with plenty more to spread around your army. These include icons for each Order Militant, relics, purity seals, candelabras, prayer books, and other flourishes. You also have top-hatch options to add a hunter-killer missile, plus a storm bolter gunner with several head options. This is an incredibly versatile kit, so don’t hesitate to pre-order enough to mobilize your entire army.

Astute readers may have noticed there are several different types of character models that have not yet been released. You don’t have much longer to wait for them! Let’s start at the top…

Adepta Sororitas Canoness

The martial and spiritual leaders of the Adepta Sororitas, each Canoness is a shining example of purity and dedication.

This kit is packed with options. Start with a ranged weapon – bolt pistol, plasma pistol, inferno pistol, and Condemnor boltgun – then add a chainsword, power sword, blessed blade, null rod, or Brazier of Holy Fire. You’ve got two helmeted heads and two bare, and even your choice of two chest details and two backpacks. You know what that means? An amazingly cool canoness, no matter what you choose, and also tons of extra bits to be used across your army!

A Canoness is a veritable icon of faith. Now, if you want a literal icon of faith, here’s one.

Adepta Sororitas Imagifier

Bearing a massive statue into battle and preaching the virtues of martyrdom, Imagifiers stoke the fires of faith in nearby sisters.

This model is dominated by the graven image of a fallen Battle Sister but includes a holstered boltgun and a choice of helmeted and bare heads. It’s a stunning model. So, too, is the Dialogus.

Adepta Sororitas Dialogus

Chanting sermons and leading hymns , the Sister Dialogus drowns out the bellowed cries of the enemy and exhorts her sisters to fight all the harder.

Like other single models in the range, the Sister Dialogus is like a tiny vignette diorama, captured in the midst of a tirade, voice raised in condemnation of the enemy. Details like the floating lectern really set the tone, and we’re sure this will be a hit with collectors and painters as well as everyone collecting Adepta Sororitas. 

Of course, your army will look even cooler with a suitably impressive backdrop.

Adepta Sororitas Battle Sanctum

This scenery kit takes the existing Sector Imperialis terrain and turns it up to 11. Not only do you get an 8” statue depicting Saint Celestine, you also get enough extra walls and details to create a 12” tall octagonal shrine, or what’s left of it… 

As with the rest of the Sector Imperialis kits, the contents of this box are highly modular and combine seamlessly with other kits in the range. As well as the statue, the balustrade, balcony, and diagonal walls are appearing for the first time in this box. You can even place the statue at the top of this structure for a 20” tall centrepiece terrain feature!

How do you follow up an amazing piece of bit like this? Check THESE out!

Citadel 28.5mm Base Pack

You may have noticed a new base size in the Warhammer 40,000 range of late. Howling Banshees, Incubi, and Sisters Repentia are mounted on a new base, between the 25mm base and the 32mm. This kit allows you to rebase your older models if you’d like to bring them into line, or just keep some extras to build up your own custom scenic bases. 

All of these incredible models will be available to pre-order this coming Saturday. Let’s move on to some reading material. 

White Dwarf 452

Continuing on with the larger format, this issue has loads of content for Warhammer 40,000 and Kill Team, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warcry, plus loads more.

Fans of both Orks and Space Wolves will want to pick this up, with great background, painting guides, and more. If you missed the first part of James Swallow’s serialized Adepta Sororitas novel Faith & Fire, you’ll want to grab the previous White Dwarf and then read the second part here. In the Mortal Realms, you’ll enjoy a new campaign setting in Hallost, the Land of the Dead Heroes, A Tale of Four Warlords – including a huge four-way Battle Report – and more!

Some other highlights include adding, get this, ZOATS to Kill Team, a new Warcry campaign for Spire Tyrants, Jokaero Tinkerers in Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, and a pair of narrative scenarios for Adeptus Titanicus. As always, this issue has enough incredible material to keep you entertained all month.

Speaking of Space Wolves, the next instalment of the Psychic Awakening is almost with us. Tomorrow will see some incredible new miniatures revealed to be released later in March. In the meantime, here’s a tease of the saga that is about to unfold…

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the fight of the millennium: Wolf vs Beast.

Siege of Terra: Saturnine

The fourth book in the Siege of Terra series will be up for pre-order this Saturday, in a lavish limited edition clad in leatherette with a metal inlay to match the previous three. Dan Abnett’s Saturnine, picks up with Warmaster Horus tightening his grip on the Palace of Terra. Rogal Dorn is prepared, but one can never be fully ready… Do NOT hesitate if you want this book – they sell out incredibly quickly. Set your alarm clocks.

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, and sign up for our email newsletter if you want to know as soon as all these pre-orders are live!

* Celestine, The Living Saint, was once a Sister Repentia.
** The Chaplet Ecclesiasticus is a small metal icon depicting a skull on a barred ‘I’ that denotes one’s membership in the Orders Militant.

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