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Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to once again dole out useful(maybe) information to you about the world of 40K.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Not all of them are 40K related but a good number of them are. They aren’t all competitive 40K related but are still a good listen. With the increase in people playing 40K there has been an increase in the number of 40K podcasts. At one point there were almost 100 podcasts dedicated to some aspect of 40K, with about 50-60 dedicated to just the competitive side. In case you haven’t noticed, I am on a long running 40K podcast call TFG Radio. It is focused on competitive 40K but from the perspective of a 40K judge as 3 of us are judges for the Las Vegas Open. We also have a show called Focused Fire, that features 2 top players, with one of them getting into the top 8 at this year’s LVO. In addition, I used to write a podcast week in review for Bell of Lost Souls. In no particular order, here are a few competitive 40K podcasts that I enjoy and recommend. Please note, I haven’t included any podcasts from the FLG Network as you probably already listen to them.


I’ve listened to Battlehosts for a long time and they have been consistently good. They are very beginner friendly, so if you are new to the game, or the competitive scene, they are very helpful. It might not be as useful for veteran players but there is usually some type of information even for them. Sound quality is always good if that is an issue for you.

The Competitive 40K Podcast

Exciting and unique title aside, this podcast is very good for only being out for a short time. Hosted by a top player, Stephan Box, through the Vanguard Tactics brand, it is a show that helps both the new & old player. I enjoy how he documents his tournaments on both the audio and visual level as he also creates a video of his grand tournament trips on YouTube for Vanguard Tactics.

40K Today

Although a very new show, I’ve found it very enjoyable. These are small 15-20 minutes episodes that talk about different aspects of the hobby. Sometimes I’m ok with an episode not being 5 hours long. I am surprised how much information you can squeeze into 15 minutes. Hopefully they can keep up the schedule they have set. Good for those short trips.

Best in Faction

Although the focus seems to have moved away from their original premise, balancing competitive 40K and real life, the show offers a lot of god sources for top level play. They run the Charityhammer event every year and seem to have easy access to a lot of top players. There can be episodes where the salt flows in excess but those are few and far between. If you want top level advice without having to go through a paywall or pay $100 a month, then give this a listen.

That’s all for this week. What 40k podcasts do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments section below.Don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitch, and Patreon pages to stay up to date on what we’re up to and when episodes drop!

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Adam, aka Latin Gandalf, has been gaming since the early eighties and has played 40K since Rogue Trader (among a number of other games). He listens to more podcasts than any healthy person should and is currently the host for TFG Radio. He also is judges for LVO and head judges other major 40K Grand Tournaments.

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