Stegageddon – The Final Form of Listbuilding

G-dubs showed us some fun was to build Stegadon themed Seraphon lists with the new book coming up for pre-order this weekend!

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You’ve read the lore. You’ve previewed the rules. Now, you’re ready to build a Seraphon army. Not just any army. An army that makes a mockery of things like “sense” and “tactics”. An army to be remembered. An army that could be described, in hushed and graven tones, as “dino-tastic”. 

Welcome to our final Seraphon preview, and perhaps the pinnacle of Warhammer Age of Sigmar list building. Welcome, friend, to Stegageddon. 


We know. We warn you, though – once you learn what Stegageddon is, there may be no coming back. This is a reinvention of the paradigm; namely, the paradigm about the maximum number of Stegadons in a Warhammer Age of Sigmar army. Get ready for 2,000 points of hell, sent right from the heavens.


First up, you’re going to need to unlock Stegageddon by choosing the right sub-faction for your Seraphon army. You’ll be fielding a Coalesced Thunder Lizard army. This has several benefits – you’ll get more Grinding Jaws attacks, you’ll make your monsters more durable, and, crucially, you’ll unlock Stegadons as Battleline. Oh yes. You can see where we’re going with this.


To kick off the list, we’re going to grab 4 Stegadons. Please contain your surprise at this fact. Thanks to their role change from their sub-faction, these won’t just fill out your essential Battleline slots – they’ll also not eat up any of your Behemoth slots! 

We’re going to equip two of the Stegadons with Skystreak Bows (for blasting stuff at long range) and two with Sunfire Throwers (for burning through hordes).

Plague Monks, Chaos Marauders, Horrors of Tzeentch – all will melt before a magical flamethrower.

Chaos can’t corrupt the realms if everything’s on fire already.

Now we just need a Leader…


There is but one worthy commander for such an army. He is the Stegadon with Skink Chief. He is on a Stegadon. He has the Leader keyword. He fights crime/Chaos. We love him – and you will too when you see his Coordinated Strike command ability.

Right now, you’re probably saying “Hold up, this says Skink! Stegadons are much bigger than those!” Well, that’s where things get spicy. Stegadons all have the Skink keyword, meaning they benefit from this! As this affects all your melee weapons, you’ll get loads more extra damage output out of this. NICE. 


So, we’ve got 5 Stegadons ready to go, and plenty of points left over. It’s time to add some more units! Yes, you guessed it – MORE STEGADONS. We’re taking a pair of Engines of the Gods, massive magical artillery pieces that do… well, everything! Engines of the Gods unleash all sorts of mental magical powers every turn.

The Old Ones’ Great Plan is a mystery, but we’re pretty sure they’d be super jazzed about the Seraphon taking all their precious tech and strapping it to massive battle-lizards.

Without a Slann nearby, you’ll generally be getting the 4-8 result on 2D6, which provides healing to nearby units, making your Stegadon horde horrifyingly hard to displace.


This leaves us with a conundrum. We have 7 Stegadons – and could easily go up to 8. But that would be the easy way. That would be a betrayal of the fundamentally revolutionary character of Stegageddon. This is where we really have to start thinking outside of the box. It’s a time for bold ideas, reinvention – to question just what makes a Stegadon a Stegadon.

Then we add a Bastiladon to the list, because it’s basically invincible and has a laser. 

Bastiladons – because no list is complete without a magic laser.

PEW PEW, you’ll cry, as you fry enemies who dare question his inclusion in your otherwise wholly Stegadon list. FREEM, you may find yourself saying, as you harness the Thunder Lizard’s Trove of Old Technology command ability. He’s not a Stegadon, but he’s just as awesome as one, earning him inclusion in this list. You go, big guy. 

And with that, we have 1970 points, ready for matched play. Gaze upon your works. Today, we have achieved greatness. Will you win games? Maybe. Will you win hearts? Undoubtedly. 


There are a few ways you can tweak this army. Swapping the Skink Chief on Stegadon for a Slann Starmaster offers some magical support, powers up your Engines of the Gods, and gives you access to all sorts of magical mayhem. Skink Starpriests and Starseers, with their Cosmic Herald and Astral Herald abilities are really great in this list, producing some additional command points for an army that chews through them at a steady rate. 

Are YOU bold enough to use this list on the battlefield? Make sure to pre-order Battletome: Seraphon on Saturday. In the meantime, get yourself a Stegadon. Go on, you know you’re worth it.

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