This event has been cancelled due to Covid 19. If you purchased tickets but did not yet receive a refund, please fill out this form.

Grab those tickets while they’re hot to one of the fastest growing events in the tournament circuit!

The SoCal Open has in a very short period of time become one of the most popular tournaments in the ITC circuit! It is located in beautiful Del Mar California at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, right next to the beach. The event is known for it’s spacious layout, laid back vibe and camaraderie. Come on out and enjoy the southern California vibes with fellow gamers!

  • Who: The trusted Frontline Gaming event organizing crew.
  • What: A tabletop gaming convention.
  • When: October 24-25th, 2020.
  • Where: Del Mar, California.
  • Why: Because gaming by the beach is radical, bruh!

Make sure to join the SoCal Open Facebook Group to keep up with all the chatter about the event, get questions answered and talk to fellow attendees.

Grab Tickets, Here!

SoCal Open 2020 Warhammer 40,000 Championships

  • ITC Formatted event.
  • 2,000pts
  • 6 rounds of play over 2 days.
  • 3 hour rounds.
  • One of the largest 40k Champs events in the world! Don’t wait to snag those tickets and grab some big ITC points!

SoCal Open 2020 Kill Team Tournament

SoCal Open 2020 30k Narrative Event

  • Player documents.
  • Facebook group.
  • 5 Rounds total: 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday
  • Players will be split into two teams (Traitors and Loyalists)
  • Story Driven Arc with Customized Missions
  • Official FW FAQ will be in effect (as well as the experimental rules)
  • Fully Painted Armies are Mandatory
  • Some Composition Rules will be in effect (See Player Pack)
  • Mournival rules may be used
  • Variable Army List Sizes, starting at 1500 points for round 1 and ending at 3000 points.
  • October 24th and 24th 201
  • Registration starts Saturday at 8:30 AM

SoCal Open 2020 Age of Sigmar Championships

  • Player Pack
  • 2,000pts
  • 5 rounds of play over 2 days
  • 3 hour rounds
  • Rapidly becoming one of the largest AoS tournaments in the western USA!

SoCal Open 2020 Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Event

  • An epic narrative-driven Warhammer 40,000 weekend long campaign with custom rules, missions, and an exciting meta-game to tie it all together.
  • Brought to you by Warchief Gaming, a local SoCal club of gamers who also happen to be professional game developers! They’re looking forward to crafting a brand new Narrative experience to SoCal Open and will be posting more info about the event in the coming months.
  • Two rounds of play per day, players will need a list with their faction at 750, 1000, and 1500 points! All lists will be used at some point throughout the event. List-building guidelines will be available on the event’s landing page (to be posted later), look out for a survey in your email inbox and keep an eye on the Facebook group!
  • Registration opens at 8am, dice roll at 9am.
  • Sunday awards and the resolution of the campaign will be finished no later than 8:30pm.

Refund Policy (Updated)

*All tickets are refundable until August 21st, 2020 at which point we no longer offer refunds. All refund requests must be submitted via email by the deadline to: Contact@FrontlineGaming.org. All refunds are subject to a 15% administrative fee. There are no exceptions to the refund policy. SoCal Open 2020 tickets may be transferred to another party by the ticket holder until October 17th, 2020. All ticket transfer requests must be submitted via email by the deadline to: Contact@FrontlineGaming.org. If this event is cancelled due to Covid 19, all attendees will be given the option for a refund per the terms listed above, to apply the ticket to SoCal Open 2021, to use as store credit in the web-cart or to consider it a donation to the event.

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