By the Emperor! – Issue #14

40K Article Writer Apologizes to Fanbase of Five for Delays in Content

NEW YORK, NY – After almost a month with no content, Timmy Masters of the “Timmy Tackles 40k Masters Play” blog apologized to his five actual fans for the lack of content

“To my loyal readers, I’m really sorry about the delay in content” Timmy wrote this past Monday. “While I recognize that they are excuses, between my work having it’s busy season and my family with their own needs, I let my fans take the fall when I really should have considered them as well.”

Timmy continued on. “I know all 5 of my loyal readers are really dependent on my content; that my insights into competitive 40k are singular and unique, and completely un-thought by anyone else. Given this, I understand if my readers have lost trust in me, or have simply kept themselves busy reading other 40k content.”

“As an apology and a promise, I’m looking at a rigorous release schedule going into the new ITC season, with some hard hitting tips on important topics. And as a teaser tagline (if you will), my next article is on the super hot topic of how to start a Space Marine army of your own! So, I hope you’ll stay tuned!”

Timmy concluded the interview by saying he was excited also that he finally cracked the “Iron Hands Code” of how to beat the notorious chapter. “Just play 7th Edition” he laughed.

In lieu of this recent article, we here at BTE! Would like to also issue an apology regarding the lack of content recently. While our only work is this editorial, and our keyboard and chair our only family, we hit delays this past month due to misunderstandings with our staff regarding the definition of “acceptable working conditions”.

While they had expressed themselves by going on strike for the past year and garnering international support, we are happy to report that production has resumed as normal. This was also not due in any part to the release of the Tecate-Virus among our worker’s population, which was assuredly not designed and released by the management at BTE!, so stop asking and have a nice day instead!

That concludes our broadcast day! To ask our staff or editor questions, feel free to email, and get a chance to have your question answered in our monthly Letters to the Editor!

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Alium Cepa is just a man wanting to tell the truth how it is. He needs no fame or fortune, for his reward is to spread the truth...and he needs people to stop asking if he works for the Alpha Legion, because he's never heard of them, so quit it already.
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2 years ago

Fanbase of five, lol

Michael Corr
2 years ago

This one hits a little too close to home, I feel personally attacked! 🙂

2 years ago

Make it six! Ring a ding ding that bell!

2 years ago
Reply to  Yarium


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