LVO 2020 Round Recap

Hey everyone, Tony Pierce here writing for Frontline Gaming giving a round by round recap as I walk through the hall keeping tabs on various players. Make sure to check back periodically as I will update as the rounds go on or tune in to our streams!

Round 1

Table 271 – Malik Amin-Rubio vs Alex MacDougall: Alex goes first and picks up 2 flyers. This will be an uphill struggle for him unless he goes first and has a decent turn.

Alex is able to hold the lead as Swarmlord shrugs an entire turn of shooting before crashing into Rubio’s army, touching everything.

Table 154 – Mark Hertel vs Ben Cherwien: Hertel goes 1st!

Hertel keeps his strong early lead to win 37-14.

Table 6 – Jim Vesal vs Elliot Levy: Vesal runs into a hard counter list through 18 Raven Guard successor centurions, however, Vesal nearly tables Levy before the Centurions are even able to drop!

Vesal looks to take a strong lead early game but Elliot Levy was able to come back for the win.

Table 280 – John Lennon vs Jake Nelson: Lennon runs into Nelson’s Iron Hand successors but fails to seize!

Lennon’s game is very close coming into the end of the round with players vying back and forth.

Table 19 – Mani Cheema vs Philip Papayanis: Cheema goes first killing 4 flyers and an Invictor warsuit early into turn 1.

Cheema keeps his lead and soundly wins 38-13.

Table 140 – Richard Siegler vs Scott McElheny: Siegler wins the roll off but gives away the first turn.

Siegler is able to maintain control winning 34-21.

Table 171 – Nick Nanavati vs Jaime Paris: Nick goes second.

Nick looks to take a good lead on his opponent toward the end of the round.

Table 30 – Matt Morosoli vs John Lozano: Matt is helping his opponent deploy and displaying exemplary sportsmanship letting Lozano take his forgotten psychic phase.

Morosoli up 2 points at the end of turn 5 in a very, very close game.

Table 168 – TJ Lanigan vs Kevin Dursteler: Lanigan wins the roll off but gives up the first turn.

Lanigan is able to control the tempo of the game winning 23-18.

Table 253 – Podcast Favorite Chris Fischer vs Tyler Hautaniemi: Chris beautiful Ork buggies unfortunately lose the first turn and mostly get shot off the board.

Table 200 – Nick Rose vs Steven Hart: Rose loses first turn vs Knight heavy imperial soup.

Nick Rose finishing with a solid win at 36-18.

Table 198 – Thomas Reidy vs Brian Pullen: Pullen seized!

Pullen takes the win at 32-17.

Table 205 – Austin Wingfield vs James Brandetsas: Wingfield loses first turn and explains to his opponent his stratagem of untargetable possessed.

Austin claims victory 36-15.

Table 288 – Mark Perry vs Nick Wenker: Perry wins first and takes out a plagueburst crawler early on!

Perry is able to maintain a solid lead winning 32-24.

Round 2

Table 12 – Mani Cheema vs Bill Barnes: Bill’s Knights did not hold up against Mani’s firepower despite going first. By turn 3 Mani has sealed victory 1 hour into the round.

Table 117 – Alex MacDougall vs Eric Autret: Alex’s luck runs cold as Autret gets the first turn and opens up with Imperial Fist firepower.

The Four Armed Emperor Himself, Alex MacDougall, is able to dig himself out of a hole and into a 32 point win!

Table 59 – Richard Siegler vs Jared Friedman: Jared wins the roll off but forces Siegler to go first. Both players are very cagey with each other going into turn 2.

Some poor target priority followed by some bad dice seals Jared’s fate and a solid win for Richard.

Table 40 – Stephen Fore vs James Kelling: Juice seizes first turn and wipes out a unit of spears.

Stephen Fore is able to to win by 2 points 28-26 in a very tight, tactical game.

Table 107 – John Lennon vs Doug Henningsen: Doug wins the roll to go first but fails to kill a single unit. He only takes down 9 intercessors total *after* morale.

John gets a commanding win after Doug’s whirlwind explodes doing mortal wounds to several of his units which John finishes off with an orbital bombardment.

Table 80 – Nick Nanavati vs Michael Hooper: Hooper wins the roll to go first and puts on early game pressure. Nick fails to kill anything in his turn facing down a cornucopia of greater demons.

Nick comes back to table Michael in turn 6, however, loses the game 27-20 in this LVO’s first upset!!!

Table 178 – Matt Morosoli vs David Barratt: Despite winning the first turn David feels like the game is slipping away from him early on.

Morosoli is able to hold on to the lead for a very comfortable win.

Table 4 – Sean Nayden vs Rob Connah: Rob wins first turn and gets the buffs that he needs up on his demons in preparation for Sean’s answer.

Nayden is able to pull out a very comfortable win taking out Rob’s greater demons.

Round 3

Sean Nayden scores an overwhelming victory over James McKenzie 41-6.

Mani Cheema loses the first turn in the space marine mirror but is able to scrape out a 1 point win 23-22.

Trent Northington playing Eldar ends Alex MacDougall’s ridgerrunner dreams by a single point 29-28.

Brian Pullen beats out Andrew Gonyo 31-20.

Brohammer continues to perform with John Lennon, Richard Siegler, Tim Pinney, and Richard Martin ending the day 3-0.


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  1. Robert Butcher January 24, 2020 11:50 pm #

    This is a brilliant feature! Just enough info to give us a flavour of the games, that would be impossible on the live stream for so many different games.

    Looking forward to reading more updates

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