Signals from the Frontline #668: Broadcasting from Boulder City

And yes, it’s the same Boulder City from Fallout: New Vegas!

Hey there everyone, we’re up and running this week with audio on the cast but not on Video just yet.

Show Notes

Date: 1-8-20


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  • New Deathwing Knight sculpts for the Horus Heresy are out and they look amazing!
  • New Sisters on the way and just in time for LVO!
  • We’re here in Boulder City now, mostly operational. Internet is spotty but that should be fixed soon.
  • The Las Vegas Open 2020 is nearly here! Let’s chat about some of what to expect.
  • Make sure to get your lists in by the 13th for the 40k Champs. If you got your ticket from someone else, you need to make sure your name and email are listed on BCP.
  • Make sure your army meets our appearance standards! You don’t want to have an unpleasant surprise at the event.
  • AoS Champs is over 200 registered for the LVO! That’s quite a milestone for us and great for the game.
  • We’ve got nearly 300 unique X-Wing players coming, over 128 Star Wars legion players, the biggest Kill Team event we know of to date and so much more, it’s going to be very exciting!
  • Be sure to check out our Vendors! There’s a lot of great stuff to pick up at the event.

Upcoming ITC Events

Upcoming 40k ITC Events

Upcoming AoS ITC Events

40k ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1JimVesal1192.735 of 5
2RichardSiegler1179.825 of 5
3NicholasRose11545 of 5
4NickNanavati1124.365 of 5
5JohnLennon1118.795 of 5
6ManiCheema1117.135 of 5
7TjLanigan1101.85 of 5
8ChrisBlackham1097.655 of 5
9BrianPullen1084.335 of 5
10StevenPampreen1082.775 of 5

40k ITC Hobby Track Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1JimVesal1117.545 of 5
2KarlPayne998.45 of 5
3LouRollins993.365 of 5
4PaulWinters953.025 of 5
5DominiqueCarette951.415 of 5
6TjLanigan941.795 of 5
7MatthewBodnarchuk906.715 of 5
8ThomasByrd8875 of 5
9JasonByrd868.415 of 5
10AlexisPutt866.075 of 5

AoS ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1JeremyVeysseire962.665 of 5
2JamesO’Brien915.545 of 5
3AlexanderGonzalez913.135 of 5
4AnthonyLawrence900.625 of 5
5JoeKrier900.295 of 5
6MatthewPashby868.145 of 5
7MattObringer856.655 of 5
8ChrisBergman852.445 of 5
9ChaiTzola835.125 of 5
10RahulPereira810.065 of 5

AoS ITC Hobby Track Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1DerekPage391.213 of 5
2RichWaters332.642 of 5
3JeremyVeysseire316.834 of 5
4MattBeasley308.872 of 5
5AlexanderGonzalez293.673 of 5
6MatthiasKrushel276.993 of 5
7HaroldBlack263.052 of 5
8JordanDuncan258.292 of 5
9RahulPereira250.712 of 5
10MichaelBurch242.673 of 5

Shadespire ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1IvanCho618.744 of 5
2JonathanKolson476.73 of 5
3TonyField470.493 of 5
4MatthewMartine470.13 of 5
5DanielVelazquez450.293 of 5
6PhilipSanta Maria445.693 of 5
7KeithWenck437.244 of 5
8CoreySullivan436.653 of 5
9ScottDriessen422.243 of 5
10RobertSchuchardt416.213 of 5

Kill Team ITC Top 10

Click here for full rankings.

RankFirst NameLast NamePointsEvents
1Michael THoly701.154 of 5
2AlexTorbert613.884 of 5
3JanisGilham587.934 of 5
4AlexSquires570.564 of 5
5GeorgeRollins562.834 of 5
6lukescianna552.254 of 5
7MatthewHoell504.74 of 5
8JonSao484.473 of 5
9RionWilfong462.363 of 5
10FrankDalykas453.183 of 5

Tactics Corner

Completed Commissions

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6 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #668: Broadcasting from Boulder City”

  1. Aaron Albert January 9, 2020 12:14 pm #

    For some reason I love the nuts and bolts real life stuff! I find it very interesting.

  2. DomCarette January 10, 2020 5:13 am #

    Couple of questions/points on the Hobby Track. I do understand it is secondary in importance to most players as part of the tournament scene, but it would be great to have TOs take it a bit more seriously. As of now, I have 6 scores entered in it, 2 are wrong and the TOs were contacted to amend them with no change to this date (one was contacted this week so I will give him some time 😉 ) and a third one seems wrong but might be due to the way the score is calculated.

    To be more specific, if you look at my score, my team and I came first for the Hobby Track at the Basement Open and we show in 3rd place instead, our overall score before one team was disqualified, not our painting score which was first.

    Following that, all the players at the Hooded Goblin GT#2 get 90.02 points and came in… first place! This one is the tournament I contacted the TO this week.

    Last one which might be due to the way things are calculated is the score for Adepticon. 5th place Jim Vesal score more points than 2nd, 3rd and 4th place with a 5th place and nearly as much as first place. Is that due to the fact he made the finals, got more rounds which resulted in more points? If it is the case, I feel it is not in the spirit of the Hobby Track which should not reward the best general over the best painted armies.

    So out of my 6 scores, 2 are wrong and a third one is in a grey area, it is 50% of my score that seem to have issues. Not a great result!

    Finally, I hope this those not come up as a rant but a way to improve the Hobby Track. I do appreciate the effort FLG and all the TOs put into the ITC and promoting the hobby in general.

    P.S. It would be great to include tournament like Adepticon Team Tournament and Long War Double in the Hobby Track. Each year, those events bring the best hobbyists from all around to show off the most amazing armies!

    • Reecius January 10, 2020 8:49 am #

      Hey Dom, yeah, reach out to the TOs about incorrect scores and if you see things that look off like that, let us know as we can’t see everything. Email the BCP guys about the Hooded Goblin event as that is clearly incorrect.

      Hobby Track points don’t have anything to do with rounds played. Again, ping the BCP guys about the Adepticon score and they can help you out. It’s possible Adepticon scored their hobby points differently than normal.

      The ITC is a collaborative effort, we don’t have the manpower to scrutinize every result of every event, so we need to all work together to spot any outliers.

  3. Faitherun January 10, 2020 5:15 am #

    Was enjoying this, but it seems to have cut out mid sentence for me… Is there more?

  4. Steven January 10, 2020 4:30 pm #

    So…. what’s the combo?

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