Psychic Awakening II: World Eaters review, list ideas

Hey everybody, Danny from TFG Radio here, and today, I want to share a few list ideas that I’ve been testing with the new goodies from the Psychic Awakening II: Faith and Fury supplement. These three lists are each different in design, but they all do one thing: kill things in melee. If you want to learn why melee is so hard to do with style but so sweet when it works, then check out Frontline’s Tactics Corner!

A brief note before we get into anything specific: I wrote these lists before I had any hard information on Chapter Approved 2019, so the lists have some flexibility in them as I am sure they will be getting cheaper, so keep that in mind. Also, I am shortcutted the format a bit for online presentation, so yes, everything that needs Mark of Khorne has it, etc. Just don’t follow this bad example for LVO list submission, yah?

World Eaters Hero Hammer

  • WE Batt:
  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Chainaxe (Gorefather), Warlord (Violent Urgency)
  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer
  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer,
  • 3×10 Cultists with brutal assault weapons
  • WE Batt:
  • Daemon Prince with Wings, double claws
  •  Daemon Prince with Wings, double claws
  • Daemon Prince with Wings, double claws
  • 3×5 Khorne Berserkers with Chainsword/Chainaxe
  • 3x Chaos Rhino
  • WE Supreme Command
  • Specialist Detachment: Soulforged Pack
  • 3x Lord Discordants with Autocannons.
  • 1 Field Marshal: (Master of Soulforges)

This is a threat overload list that is all about maximum aggression with scary characters.  You have 3 smashcaps, one with Gorefather, 2 with Thunder Hammers, and 3 Daemon Princes, so that’s 6 characters that can handle flyers and 3 that can go inside Magic Boxes.  You have the 3 discos and 3 rhinos for your opponent to shoot at on turn 1, so any high volume, low strength weaponry is mostly wasted, and with Soulforged Pack, Master of Soulforges, and your Warlord aura, you can easily get 1 Disco to charge deep on Turn 1, and depending on deployment and if your opponent has forward scouts, you can get several Discos into the scrum.  

The berserkers are there to help clear chaff and wade through infantry, but really, the Discos do just fine as it is. Even the DPs have 9 attacks on the charge at S7, so you have plenty of kill all around here.  You can also get a bit more kill by losing Violent Urgency for Disciple of Khorne to make your Gorefather smashcap even more dangerous.

In terms of pre-game, you have 14 total CP, 12 to use after Soulforged Pack and Field Marshal, so you can spend for more relics or give each Chaos Lord a free 9” move to get into good positions and start dominating the center of the table.  As you have 9 characters, you can actually make decent use of regenerating CP depending on your opponent’s build, and overall, this is about run forward and smash face. That said, this list gives up Headhunter pretty easily as well as Marked for Death, but hey, Blood for the Blood God.

Khorne Drop Assault

  • WE Batt:
  • Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor. Power axe (Berserker’s Glaive). Warlord (Violent Urgency)
  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack. Thunder Hammer.
  • 10 Cultists with brutal assault weapons
  • 2×10 Berserkers with pistol/chainaxe/Icon
  • 10x Chaos Terminators with Icon/Chainaxe (Red Butchers)
  • Chaos Rhino
  • Terrax-Pattern Termite Assault Drill
  • Khorne Daemon Batt:
  • Bloodmaster
  • Skulltaker
  • 2×10 Bloodletters
  • 1×30 Bloodletters. Icon/Instrument
  • Red Corsair Batt:
  • 2x Master of Executions
  • 3×5 Chaos Space Marines with Chainswords

So this list is all about getting big charges out of reserve, namely 3 big punches that have decent odds of connecting. With 959 points in reserve, it also poses a big question to your opponent: do you castle up and try to weather the storm or do you take the hit and try to win the objective game?  With 6 obsec units that mostly are there to run on objectives and try not to die, this list can play objectives fairly well if your opponent isn’t giving a lot of forward push, and the big Bloodletter bomb is also a lot of Obsec bodies. 

This list starts with 21 CP, but it spends fast as 2 CP will go to making Red Butchers and 3 CPs to the Bloodletter bomb. I would also probably spend at least 1 CP to move my Smashcap up into the center to just be annoying or take a decent piece of terrain.  Also, you need a way to kill infilitrators so you can’t be totally zoned out of good landing zones. Still, that is a lot of CP to work with. 

With Red Butchers, Berserkers, and Bloodletters, you have a ton of heat, and really, depending on matchup, you can stagger in your forces.  I would probably drop Bloodletters in first as they don’t rely on the Warlord to get their charge off, and with their massed attacks and Obsec bodies, they can take on the castle and do work while also helping me get up on points in the early rounds.  On turn 3, the Butchers and Berserkers come in, and especially the Butchers are not an easy unit to shift after your opponent has already suffered some attrition.  If your opponent can’t castle up or doesn’t, you can bring everything in Turn 2 or 3 and try to go with the one huge knockout blow, but that is probably less likely. 

The Berserkers in the rhino are a bit of a distraction carnifex, and you can send them up a flank to draw attention or just ram them down the gut.  One rhino isn’t too hard to kill, but you can also play cagey and try to set up a turn 3 or 4 charge with berserkers inside, using terrain to hide from the biggest threat.  The 3 squads of Red Corsairs can be surprisingly fast with advance and charge, and with chainswords, they have 3 attacks on the charge, so in the late game, they aren’t too shabby at dealing with weaker squads, and they are relatively resilient in cover, for a throwaway objective holder.  The cultists should hide and zone out most of the game, and really shouldn’t be doing much else, and that goes for the minimum Bloodletter squads.

You have a lot of easy to kill units, so a savvy opponent will exploit this, and there are still a lot of characters here for Headhunter, but all-in-all, this is a fun list that has different angles and all the CP you need to have fun.

Blood for Blood God!

  • WE Batt:
  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Chain axe, Warlord
  • Dark Apostle (Banner of Rage)
  • 30 Cultists with brutal assault weapons
  • 3×15 Chaos Space Marines with Chainswords, Icon
  • Dark Disciples
  • 7 Raptors with Icon
  • WE Batt:
  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Power Axe
  • Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, Thunderhammer
  • 30x Cultists with Brutal assault weapons
  • 2×16 Berserkers with Chainaxe, Icon

This is just about bodies upon bodies with a mix of threats.  The biggest hitters are obviously the 2 big squads of Berserkers, and with Veterans of the Long War, Stoke the Nails, and Wild Fury, they can kill just about anything they hit.  You have the Dark Apostle to either up the combat effectiveness of whoever is nearby or you can take the -1 to be hit if you need to protect a Berserker squad.

Don’t sleep on the CSM squads either.  With 4 attacks on the charge and access to all the same strats, they can do surprising damage for the point cost (especially 11ppm CSM as is reported).   There is not a lot of subtlety to this list: it is just about bringing as many bodies as you can and rushing forward.  You do have 137 Obsec bodies, so that helps.   You have 13 starting CP, but you may want to spend for more Relics to make the Smashcaps a bit hardier. Really though, I would likely spend at least 5 CP pre-game to move both Berserker squads and at least 2 of the CSM squads forward to try and hide in terrain as much as possible.  The Raptors definitely run up and try to kill a small squad on the first turn thanks to Apoplectic Fury, so I can pop Blood for the Blood God to keep the next shooting phase from being too painful. The Cultists are a bit of the last wave that hit the weakest but between the Apostle, Veterans, and -1Ap strat, they can still do work if they get there. 

Yah, I wish there were more tricks with list, but it really is just send waves of bodies forward.  I don’t know how good it really is, but if you want to water the field with blood for Khorne, here you go. This is definitely more of a fun and giggle army as while it can do work, there are just some really bad matchups and just not enough CP to really make it howl.

These are just 3 lists that have been joys to build and play, and really, there are ton more that you can build. If you start mixing more and maybe getting some filthy psykers in, even more options open up. I am toying with some Red Butchers and Berserkers to help out my Chaos Knights, but we shall see.

I hope you’ve been collecting skulls for the skull throne with the new toys, and of course, if you are at LVO with World Eaters, hit me up. I’d love to see what you are bringing to the table.

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