Reveals From the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day!

An entire day dedicated to Warhammer 40,000? At Warhammer World, the official home of the hobby?! Sounds like an awesome day out, right? But for those of you who can’t make it to today’s event, we don’t want you to miss out on all the latest news. Check back with us regularly, as we’ll be keeping you updated with new reveals throughout the day.

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1:00 pm – News of More Psychic Awakenings!

The Warhammer 40,000 Open Day continues apace. The rules and background teams responsible for bringing you the Psychic Awakening books have been running seminars and hinting at what lies in store for the ongoing series…

But there’s more – we can treat you to the release timeline and titles of the next three books in the series after Blood of Baal – coming in January, February, and March respectively!

Each book will be accompanied by an epic champion to lead the charge in this terrible age. These legendary heroes will include reborn, reimagined and brand-new characters, but we can’t reveal any more details at the moment.

We’re pretty sure you can guess at least one of the factions involved in each book, so head over to our Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page and let us know your best guesses.

Check back with us later, when we’ll have one last surprise for you…

9:30 am – Doors Open!

A horde of excited Warhammer 40,000 fans has already started heading into the event, so our first secrets are now officially out of the bag! Let’s take a look…

For the God-Emperor!

If you pre-ordered or picked up a copy of the Sisters of Battle Army Set, you’ll no doubt have been excitedly flicking through the codex inside and poring over photos of all the amazing multipart plastic miniatures that are coming soon.

Alongside all of the units in the Army Set, we’ve got the Imagifier, Hospitaller, Junith Eruita – Canoness Superior of the Order of our Martyred Lady – and more. Yet despite all this, we’re only just getting started…

How utterly incredible is the Triumph of Saint Katherine?! Whether you’re a painter looking for your next centrepiece project or a gamer in search of a powerful lynchpin around which to form your army (or both!), look no further than this stunning centrepiece. You won’t even have long to wait – you’ll be able to get ahold of all of these stunning new units early next year.


You’ve got to love a Repentia. What others accomplish through tactics, strategy and tech, these Sisters do through the precise and intense application of rage – and chainswords the size of Space Marines! Next year, adding these frenzied fanatics to your army is going to get even easier thanks to the multipose Repentia kit!

Packed with dynamic poses and plenty of options for customisation, this set will be great for fleshing out your Repentia squads – and flensing the flesh from your enemies! Look out for these sometime next year. 

The Cult Mechanicus Takes to the Skies!

It’s not just the Ecclesiarchy that will be receiving reinforcements – the Tech Adepts of Mars are preparing to unleash their latest creation on the enemies of the Omnissiah. Look to the skies, for the Archaeopter is on its way!

This archaic-looking aircraft can be assembled in one of three patterns – a gunship, bomber or transport variant – and will provide your Adeptus Mechanicus forces with a suite of new tactical options.

Festooned with sensors, tech-gubbins and a truly terrifying array of weaponry, the Archaeopter will look right at home raining death on your enemies above your Adeptus Mechanicus army! Keep an eye out for this outlandish mechanical wonder in the new year.

Grotz Wiv Wingz

We’ve been hinting about the Grot Bommer for a while now, but this hotly anticipated addition to the Ork Air Waaagh! has just made its first appearance.

A variation of the Eavy Bommer, it has the honour of being the first aircraft equipped with Autonomous Weapons – once dropped, their Grot Bombs have an increased degree of control over traditional payloads, in addition to being utterly devastating! If you look closely, you can even see the tiny Grot pilots that guide the munitions ensconced within the ‘cockpits’ of each bomb…

You can look forward to adding these powerful aircraft to your Ork skwadrons soon. If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Rynn’s World Air War Campaign Book, grab one today, and check out the rules for Autonomous Weapons.

THE Angel of Death

On the subject of amazing new miniatures, the Lord of Death is back – fully Primaris-ed and ready to lead the fight against Hive Fleet Leviathan. What’s more, he’s up for pre-order today along with City of Light, book 3 in Darius Hinks’ novel series about Mephiston’s exploits. 

Whether you’re a Blood Angels fan, simply want to paint a fantastic miniature or would like to read about one of the mightiest (and scariest) Space Marines in existence, get your pre-orders in today! 

Well, the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, so we’re going to head back inside and rejoin the action. We’ll have an update from the Psychic Awakening seminars later, so be sure to keep your eyes on and the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page for more news.

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