New FLG Mat Closer Look: Stalingrad 15mm and 28mm

Let’s take a closer look at the new Stalingrad FLG Mat!

The new Stalingrad FLG Mat is perfect for almost any miniatures game, particularly those set in a WWII setting as the name would imply. And, it comes in both a 15mm and 28mm scale to accommodate a wide range of games!

Games such as Flames of War, Bolt Action, 40k, Warmachine and hordes, Bolt Action, Warcry and more work splendidly on this FLG Mat. Stalingrad evokes the desperate urban battlefield it’s name would imply and is a highly detailed, durable neoprene gaming mat made by us here at Frontline Gaming in the USA!

Pick up your Stalingrad FLG Mat, here!

And remember, during our Black Friday Sale which is going on now, you can grab one of these lovely new FLG Mats at a discounted price! Here are some more images of these striking gaming mat.

Here are some close-ups to show off the mat’s detail!

This, like most FLG Mats, comes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate different games and space needs.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming from your friends at Forntline Gaming!

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