Chapter Approved: Points Updates To Look Out For!

This year’s Chapter Approved makes checking your points and writing your next killer list super simple. Rather than just providing the changes, you’ll get reference points for every unit currently in the game! This means you’ll only have to look in one place when getting matched play ready. These are all contained in this lovely little booklet – the Munitorum Field Manual, included with every copy of Chapter Approved.

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To help you hit the ground running, we got in touch with playtester Andrew Gonyo to hear about the biggest updates this year, starting with…

Dark Angels

Space Marines of all flavours have seen some cracking updates this year, with First Founding and successor Chapters alike getting new models, rules and points! Chapter Approved gives the Dark Angels an update in line with their Codex-adherent kin.

If you love iconic units like Ravenwing Black Knights, you’ll love this update – these plasma-toting bringers of vengeance, for instance, have been dropped from 38 to 34 points. 

Grey Knights

Grey Knights are another set of Space Marines who’ve seen some significant reductions, across both characters and core units that every army uses. A member of a Strike Squad now costs, on average, a mere 17 points per model after you’ve kitted them out, while their Terminator counterparts will now come to around 35 points a model.


Necrons have seen some thorough revisions, making them all the more dangerous to those upstart civilisations that dare defy their elders and betters! You can look forward to some less-seen units finding new niches. Triarch Praetorians, for instance, have seen a chunky reduction of 26 to 20 points when armed with rods of covenant, or 22 points when armed with voidblades and particle casters.

Aeldari Flyers

As experienced Warhammer 40,000 players will know, Aeldari flyers are excellent picks for matched play due to their firepower, speed and durability. A number of options that our playtesters found were consistently overperforming have had their points nudged up. At 150 points, the Crimson Hunter Exarch remains a great choice, but is less of an “auto-include” – as is the Razorwing Jetfighter, now at 115 points.

For all the latest points updates, make sure to pre-order your copy of Chapter Approved 2019 this weekend – and stay tuned for more Chapter Approved previews this week.

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One Response to “Chapter Approved: Points Updates To Look Out For!”

  1. Pyrothem November 25, 2019 3:24 pm #

    I like that they are splitting the book in two so there are less things to carry if you want, nice move.

    As far as the changes, I will have to keep my mind locked in that this was tested last year and approved for print last spring. I hope like they did with the past CA they do NOT include anything for codex’s that where just released, SM don’t need points adjustments till they have seen them really swim in the wild.

    My thought on the previewed 4 point drop on Triarch Praetorians is met with a yawn. Because of lore reasons they can not really find a part in a Necron army. They can not get the OverLords buff My Will Be Done, can not get the Lords reroll 1’s on wound rolls, can not get RP buff from Cryteks, can not get ANY Dynasty traits, and pretty much all but one Necron Stratagem is not allowed on them.

    Dropping them 4 points will not get GW their desired effect, they will not see the table top in any game that cares about points or winning.

    This did get me thinking what would make the under used units appealing?
    The Monolith Icon of the Necron line. What would it take to see it again?

    For 320 points you get a Very large model
    Movement of a blistering 6″!!!
    Fire power to kill a whole 2 Primey Marines if you are within 24″ on average
    3+ save
    20 wounds
    It ‘can” deep strike but must be outside of 12″ for some reason, its size makes this a nearly impossible task and units transported by it can not come out that turn.

    Another fun fact is that when it is destroyed all units transported in it are lost no rolling. One strat can burn cp to save 1 unit, you better hope you don’t get Vect.

    So it is a slower Leman Russ that can not hide with 8 more wounds for more then double the cost.

    Even if they dropped it to 200 points I don’t think it would be wise to take one in a game, it is a liability and easy for your opponent to score points on or just ignore it. The Rules themselves are what keep it from functioning on the table top.

    Just like point drops could not bring Space Marines to the table top I think the armies that need the help well not find it in CA but in a Codex 2.0 with fully flashed out rules that support the lore. The amount of power and fun combos with all kinds of units the Space Marines are able to pull out now make me hopeful that others will get to play that way too soon. They have shown they can make an army feel like the lore a bit so here is to next year and to the next updated Codex.

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