Psychic Awakening: Blood and Talons

The Psychic Awakening has already engulfed the Aeldari, as well as the Black Templars and Heretic Astartes. Who could be next to feel its effects? The words ‘Blood of Baal’ are being whispered across Imperium Nihilus, and they may give you a clue…

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Looks like the Blood Angels will be facing the Tyranids again soon. You can see what happened last time they fought – on Baal itself – in Guy Haley’s Space Marine Conquests novel The Devastation of Baal.

You can also discover more about the Psychic Awakening over on its dedicated website. You’ll find previews of the new expansions and models, short fiction that sheds a light on events across the grim darkness of the far future, and an interactive map that allows you to explore the psychic anomalies gripping the Imperium.

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4 Responses to “Psychic Awakening: Blood and Talons”

  1. Brakhal November 17, 2019 11:36 am #

    As a ‘nid player, I don’t know what to expect about this book.

    The eldar and drukhari didn’t make a big impact, with no “stackable” content, and they are xenos, as Tyranids. The chaos one, on the other side, while yet to be proved, looks good, full of new stuff that is added to previous builds. But chaos never gets the “xenos treatment.”

    If the only thing that this book brings is rules to make your own fleet, it will be a disapointment. I think we need some “stacking” bonus right now, and the existing fleets being expanded, instead of replaced by custom vanilla fleets. But then, Tyranids always get the full “xenos treatment.”

    So… We’ll see.

  2. Charlie November 18, 2019 4:12 am #

    While I admit the Craftworld portion did not have obvious ‘have to take items, people who are playing games are quickly finding out there are some very good options. Building a list around Expert Crafters is one where folks are finding some very efficient builds. It is just challenging as there is so much eficiency with the new Marine releases. Facing off against non Marine armies is probably a better gauge to measure from. The Marine stuff just feels like version 2.0 while the rest of the armies are still in version 1.0

    There may be some good stuff for the Tyranids.

    • Zweischneid November 18, 2019 7:03 am #

      Expert Crafters is just a lazy copy-&-Paste from the Marine-Book and does nothing for Eldar except giving a bit more efficiency to the mind-numbingly boring “flying guns” mono-build Eldar have been forced into since March.

      The book certainly failed at making diverse and interesting Eldar list-concepts viable.

      If that’s the PA future for Xenos, I’d expect Necron Doom Scythes to maybe get another MW or two on top of their MW Strat and Kraken Stealers to maybe get another 3” movement or whatever. Yeah it’d be a buff, but not nearly enough to bring the armies up to par vs. Marines and with no added diversity in concepts whatsoever.

      • nschattman November 18, 2019 3:00 pm #

        I’ve seen some interesting diversity arising from the Eldar book for non-flyer armies.

        It may be that for competitive play it isn’t enough to overcome marines and their recent boosts. But since not everyone plays competitively, declaring that “The book certainly failed at making diverse and interesting Eldar list-concepts viable” is unwisely over broad.

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