LVO 2020 40k Champs Tickets Available, and New Hobby Classes!

If you missed out the first go around (which is understandable as it sold out in a day!) here’s your chance to grab tickets to the biggest 40k tournament in the world!

After processing refunds, tickets have become available! And for those of you still waiting on your refund to be processed, thank you for your patience as we work through them.

Don’t miss out: grab you ticket, today!

Quantities are limited and we anticipate them selling out quickly. Remember, everyone needs a Con Badge as well to enter the event.

Likewise, if you wanted to play in the 40k Narrative Event, there are only 8 tickets left for that event!

Likewise, check out the awesome hobby classes that will be put on by Games Workshop’s own Chris “Peachy” Peach of Warhammer TV fame. These classes provide everything you need and you get to walk away with a model as well!


Using Contrast Paints
Speed Painting Stormcast Eternals


Edge Highlighting
Painting Power Armour
Painting Metallics
Painting Special Effects


Basing Your Models
Using Contrast Paint
Speed Painting Primaris Intercessors

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