Ossiarch Bonereapers: The Sub-factions

Fancy another Ossiarch Bonereapers rules preview? We thought so! Today, we’re looking at the sub-factions of this mighty new army.

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Every Ossiarch sub-faction offers revolutionary changes to your play style, often fundamentally altering how the army works on the tabletop and adding even more diversity to a book which offers a dizzying range of options already. Whether you’re looking for a traditional shieldwall, rapid strike force or just want to blow up in your enemies’ faces, there’s a legion for you.

We won’t be looking at all of the rules for them – you’ll have to pre-order your battletome for that! – but picking out some tantalising tidbits (because we’re nice).

Who are they?

First among their kind, the Mortis Praetorians are Orpheon Katakros’ personal army. Disciplined and effective even by the standards of their brethren, these peerless conquerors rely on tactics as much as might to secure victory on the battlefield.

The Rules

So terrifying is the reputation of the Mortis Praetorians that it reduces the Bravery of nearby foes – nasty!

Meanwhile, the Counter-strike command ability means that any foe that wishes to attack you has to reckon with a potentially devastating counterattack.

Mortis Praetorians benefit more from Katakros’ unique Command Ability, Supreme Lord of the Bonereaper Legions, than any other Ossiarch legion, gaining an additional +1 to their saving throws as well as the +1 to hit Katakros gives ALL Ossiarch units.

Pick Them If… you want to make the most of deadly special characters like Zandtos, Vokmortian and Katakros himself, and if you’re looking for a deadly and defensive play style that punishes your foe for daring to attack you.

Who Are They?

The Petrifex Elite are a nomadic force of Ossiarch Bonereapers. Rather than maintaining settlements or taking tithe, they crusade across the realms in search of rock-hard fossilised bone. They use this to build incredibly durable bodies, capable of crushing any who would oppose Nagash underfoot.

As if that wasn’t enough, Petrifex Elite heroes are incredibly hard to kill, letting them go toe-to-toe with some of the toughest enemies in the game.

Pick Them If… you’re looking for one of the most durable armies in all of Warhammer Age of Sigmar! Seriously, Immortis Guard get a 2+ save – they’re really good.

Who Are they?

The Stalliarch Lords are cruel and capricious, infamous for the dark deals they strike with cities they wish to raze. They are known for making impossible requests, before crushing enemies with hordes of elite cavalry when their outrageous demands are not met.

The Rules

Stalliarch Lords armies turn the usually slow-moving Ossiarch Bonereapers army into a savagely swift one, thanks to their ability to run and charge.

While this is excellent for your cavalry, it also pays dividends across your entire army, allowing you to close in with your dangerous heavy units or hordes of Mortek Guard incredibly quickly. Once you’ve hit the enemy lines the Rally Back command ability lets you control the action, pulling back key forces and making tactical charges.

Pick Them If… you want an Ossiarch Bonereapers army that brings the fight to the foe! This is the best legion to choose if you’re looking for an all-cavalry force, with Kavalos Deathriders backed up by Liege-Kavaloi and fast-moving Morghast Harbingers.

Who Are They?

On the surface, the Ivory Host are a glorious legion, every bit the exemplars of Nagash’s new order. In battle, the dark truth of these warriors is revealed, as the ferocious spirits in their beast-bone bodies take over, causing them to fall into a savage animal frenzy.

The Rules

The Ivory Host are defined by a trait that fundamentally changes how they function as an army. Should any of your multi-Wound models be injured, they and their nearby allies suffer from a reduced save but get a bonus to hit in return!

This makes your army significantly more dangerous on the offensive than other Ossiarch legions. Best of all, it only works during the combat phase, making your army a brutal foil to armies that depend on shooting! Heroes of the Ivory Host are similarly superb combatants, thanks to the Scrimshawed Savage command trait, which has the potential to significantly boost your attacks as battle progresses.

Pick Them If… you’re willing to sacrifice defence for a significant boost to your hitting power. This legion is particularly awesome for monsters like the Gothizzar Harvester or multi-Wound models like Necropolis Stalkers.

Who Are They?

Built from the remains of the skeletons who ferried grave-sand in the building of Nagash’s Black Pyramid, the Null Myriad are horrifyingly resilient to magic. Often commanded by Arkhan the Black, these Ossiarchs are used against the hordes of Chaos and other magic-dependant foes.

The Rules

Null Myriad forces are among the best anti-magic armies in the game, thanks to an ability to ignore the effects of spells on a 5+.

If you’re looking to tackle Skaven, Tzeentch or other magic-wielding armies, you can’t go wrong with this Ossiarch Legion. What’s more, choosing them gives you access to the Baleful Blade, an artefact of power that makes it impossible for enemies to make saving throws or negate wounds. Goodbye, Gotrek!

Pick Them If… you want to completely dominate magical foes. Throw in Nagash or Arkhan (or both!) and you’ve got a force capable of obliterating enemies with spells and taking next to no damage in return.

Who Are They?

Unlike the other Ossiarch legions, the Crematorians are not built to last. Each is cursed with infernal fire, detonating when destroyed in a shower of flaming bone. Their eternal torment is the bane of those who would oppose Nagash, laying armies and cities low in explosions of balefire.

The Rules

Any enemy who dares to destroy your Crematorians is in for a nasty surprise as they inflict damage right back! You’ll be able to deal with the biggest threats simply by baiting them into destroying hordes of Mortek Guard.

Playing the Crematorians doesn’t mean you have to be passive – with the Levellers of Cities command ability, you’ll be able to swiftly crush any cravens cowering in cover.

Pick Them If… you want an army that turns the combat phase on its head, making your enemy’s favourite units into a liability! Crematorians armies are great if you’re fighting against activates-first shenanigans and are best when using legions of Mortek Guard.

If you’re kicking off an Ossiarch Bonereapers army, make sure to pre-order Feast of Bones and your battletome this weekend! In the meantime, you can start your army today with Nagash, Arkhan the Black and some Morghasts.


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