Faction Focus: Ogor Mawtribes

We hope you’re hungry, because there’s a veritable smörgåsbord of juicy new content for your ogor armies between Feast of Bones and Battletome: Ogor Mawtribes.

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Who are the Ogor Mawtribes?

There are two distinct cultures of ogors – the brutal Gutbusters and the savage Beastclaw Raiders. Both are nomadic, driven by a supernatural hunger that can never be truly sated, and worship Gorkamorka.

The Gutbusters roam and pillage, dominating and consuming all in their path, whilst the Beastclaw Raiders hail from the frozen wastes and raise hardy beasts for food, bearing burdens and making war. When the two cultures bring their formidable skills together, they harness incredible destructive potential.

Whilst ogors are nomadic and barbarous, they possess greater cunning and wit than greenskins. They’re superb hunters and they make capable mercenaries if you can afford to feed them. Ogors are survivors above all, handling everything the Mortal Realms have thrown at them and then some… and they’re not afraid of throwing their weight around to get what they want.

Why Collect Ogors?

If you want to build an army with a low model count that still kicks, ogors are your jam. Though few in number, each model is bursting with character.* They’re fast to paint, so you can lavish them with detail as there are plenty of opportunities for fun techniques like tattoos and weathered metals.

Plus, they’re easy to convert and build around a theme – ever thought about a Gnoblar horde, a gunline of cannon-toting brutes or a force almost entirely comprised of Monsters? They’re all possible with Ogor Mawtribes.

How do Ogors Play?

Battletome: Ogor Mawtribes brings Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raiders together into one force, so you’re spoiled for unit choice. Let’s start with the basics:

Even your standard Battleline troops, Ogor Gluttons, are massive mounds of blubber and muscle with a furious hunger, and this is represented by Might Makes Right and Ravenous Brutes.

Now, your most numerous ogor unit is an objective-capturing BEAST, shifting just about anything off of them and then stubbornly refusing to move.

On top of being fantastic units in their own right, Butchers, Slaughtermasters, Huskards on Thundertusks – and especially Great Mawpots – are also able to restore Wounds to depleted units. With a few of these on the table, your enemies have to choose between trying to displace some very sticky objective holders or finding a softer target.

Speaking of which, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention Gnoblars. Use these cheap and cheerful units to slow down your enemy’s faster-moving elements. Don’t underestimate their Scraplaunchers, either – they’re ideal for softening up large units of weaker models. Plus, they’re loads of fun.**

More Than Just Ogors

The Beastclaw Raiders offer further variety for your army build. Their mounted Heroes and Monsters are shockingly fast, hit hard and kick out mortal wounds left and right.

If you want to overwhelm your enemies with a wave of muscle, tusks and stinking furs, look no further than the massive cavalry of the Beastclaw Raiders. A single Stonehorn Beastriders unit can potentially inflict a staggering 42 wounds in melee, if you’re very lucky, and an Earth-shattering Charge can boost that up to 54!

There’s very little that can stand up to a well-placed charge from an ogor army full of massive, angry beasts. Just be careful to avoid getting bogged down fighting disposable screening troops.

Dig in With Feast of Bones

Whether you’re ready to dust off your ogors for another go, or start up a new army, make sure you pre-order Feast of Bones this weekend to get your hands on the new Ogor Tyrant, six Gluttons, two Leadbelchers and an Ironblaster! In the meantime, pick up the Start Collecting! Beastclaw Raiders box to form a solid core, and prepare for battle!

* Or perhaps that’s just their belts straining under their considerable bulk.
** Which is probably why the ogors keep them around, since they’re no good for eating.

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