A Hat Worthy of Nagash – New Hero Revealed

Be honest. If you were an immortal master of death magic, forged from ensorcelled bone to persecute endless war over the Mortal Realms, would you bother walking anywhere?

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This Ossiarch Bonereaper certainly doesn’t!

This is a Mortisan Soulmason – one of the strange and sinister heroes who command the Ossiarch Bonereapers in battle. Like Stormcast Eternals, Ossiarch warriors are formed from the souls of the fallen in the Mortal Realms – but where any given Stormcast warrior is made from a single soul, each Ossiarch is formed from a rich blend of harvested soul-stuff, combined from dozens or even hundreds of different sources to make the perfect warrior.

It’s the Mortisan Soulmasons who are responsible for overseeing this process, working with a butcher’s precision and ruthlessness to find the very best spirits for their dark work.

The Mortisan Soulmason is a cracking model, covered in details that connect it to the wider Ossiarch Bonereapers army and beyond. Tiny vials filled with souls mirror those carried by the Sacrosanct Chamber. Their strange chair-construct resembles larger monstrosities, like the Gothizzar Harvester, while their multiple arms tie them to the Necropolis Stalkers.

Look closely and you’ll see the model is also closely linked to Arkhan the Black, featuring similar armour and headgear.

As for how they play in the game – well, you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer to see! For now, all we’ll say is that if you’re planning to stock up on Mortek Crawlers, you’ll want to grab this chap to help them out…

Stay tuned for more previews and reveals. If you’re keen to start your Ossiarch Bonereapers right away, why not grab yourself some Morghasts?

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