Coming Soon: Salamanders, Imperial Fists and More!

The Salamanders and Imperial Fists take their turn in the spotlight with the releases of their codex supplements, alongside new units for every Space Marines army – all available to pre-order from next Saturday.

Are you a fan of fire? Do you believe in bolters? It’s your time to shine.

Two new codex supplements will take your Salamanders and Imperial Fists armies to the next level. They both feature detailed history, background and a look at the organisation of these First Founding Chapters. They’re packed with unique Relics, Warlord Traits, Stratagems, Tactical Objectives, psychic powers and more. These books are absolute must-haves for any fan of these Chapters and indeed anyone interested in learning more about who they are and how they fight.

Don’t forget to pick up the Datacards for your Chapter too, so that you can easily keep track of your Tactical Objectives, Stratagems and psychic powers. They each feature 36 Tactical Objectives, including six unique to the Chapter, and a new psychic discipline – Geokinesis for Imperial Fists and Promethean for the Salamanders.

With the two new Primaris Upgrade sets, you’ll also be able to assemble all of your Space Marines in Mk X Tacticus and Gravis power armour to look like true exemplars of their Chapter. As well as moulded shoulder pads, the sets include a variety of Chapter-specific accessories – for example, the Imperial Fists set has backpack targeters while the Salamanders pack has a flaming brazier. Each set also features two transfer sheets to finish off your models in style.

New Models

Both the Imperial Fists and Salamanders get a totally new character for their armies. Adrax Agatone and Tor Garadon are the 3rd Company Captains of their respective Chapters. They are both absolutely devastating in close combat and come with the usual Space Marines Captain bag of tricks, allowing nearby units to re-roll hit rolls of 1.

But that’s not all! There are also new units available for every Space Marines Chapter. So, even if you’re not a noble son of Nocturne or a disciple of Dorn, there’s something for you…


Walking is fine. It’s a perfectly acceptable way to get from A to B, even if you’re an eight-foot-tall transhuman killing machine. But what if there was another way? Well, the Impulsor gets your Primaris Space Marines into battle fast. It’s not just a transport though – thanks to a variety of upgrade options it can also be equipped for any mission from anti-aircraft duty to calling in orbital strikes.

Infiltrators and Incursors

Sneak behind enemy lines with the Infiltrators and Incursors. The new kit builds either of these units, outfitting them to disrupt communications, sabotage targets of opportunity and sweep around the flanks of spearhead advances. Both units are also excellent at denying ground to the enemy, whether it’s through the use of the Infiltrator’s omni-scramblers or the Incursor’s Haywire Mines.

All of this will be available to pre-order from Saturday. We’ll be taking a closer look at the Salamanders, Imperial Fists, Infiltrators, Incursors and the Impulsor throughout the week so make sure you check back regularly. If you’ve not already got one, grab a copy of Codex: Space Marines so that you’re ready to make the most of these new releases.

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Jeffrey R Sas
2 years ago

Hey Reece, I know you can’t give much detail on the supplements yet, but maybe there are some questions you can answer that won’t spoil anything from the book?

What units stood out during playtesting for Salamanders/Imperial Fists? Like how you thought the fliers for Iron Hands are big sleepers in your opinion, what units do you think are sleepers in these new supplements?

Also, out of all the chapter supplements, do you think Salamanders benefit the most from running more Firstborn (old-school) marines or a mixed army? Rumors I have read seem to point to that Primaris benefit the least from Strategems/Doctrines.

2 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

It’s sounding more and more that, even disregarding iron hands, me as a Craftworlds player that doesn’t rely on flyers has very slim chances at ever having a winning record against SM as a whole. Even with the custom craftworld attributes, I can’t see any way to build and have reasonable chances against their gunlines, mid range and forward deploying assault builds, and if I try to go to one of those archetypes, it’s still a 1/3 game cos they are just better in the mirror, and have decent odds in an unfavourable matchup.

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