Wide World of Wargaming Age of Sigmar Episode 35 – The Overlord Returns!

Hello and welcome to the Wide World of Wargaming! We are a wide range of renaissance players, coming together to give you a new class of content. With Age of Sigmar ever increasing in popularity it is time to explore some of the top lists, tips and tricks by some of the best!

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On this week’s program: The French Overlord is reunited with the crew! Jeremy shares his love for Gotrek and we discuss his excitement for Cities of Sigmar.

Preview: Orruk Warclans: just like Cities of Sigmar, those Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz players get some love. We review the deadly new rules and clan abilities for the Warclans!

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Fueled off coffee and rage. Alex can often be found at tournaments battling it out in the 41st millennium or the Mortal Realms; often with a lost voice. An ITC Veteran, Alex has seen 40k editions come and go and has been playing 40k since 5th and AoS since it’s competitive beginnings.

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