Wield the Living Sword

You’ve read the opening three passages of the Psychic Awakening prophecy from Phoenix Rising, and even had a cheeky glimpse of the upcoming art, but we’ve got one last treat for you. Today, we’ll be giving you the final part of the prophecy, and showing off the mystery model you saw in that artwork. So, without further ado…

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Is that some semblance of hope? In the grim darkness of the far future?! Surely not! We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out, but one thing is certain – war will come first… in fact, you can even read some free fiction about what lies ahead right now!

As we promised last week, here’s the aforementioned warrior battling with Jain Zar in the artwork that we’ve seen!

I know, right?! Drazhar. The Master of Blades. The Living Sword. The deadliest killer in all of Commorragh.* Ever since Drazhar first walked into the Great Shrine of the Incubi, wearing the armour of their creed, and proceeded to effortlessly cut down the ruling Hierarch, as well as any others who stood in his way, he’s been the silent master of their order. Some even claim he is Arhra, the Dark Father of the Incubi…

Well, he’s back, with an astonishingly awesome model, and will be bringing his especially deadly presence to battlefields near you soon! Poised in a ready stance atop some Aeldari ruins, Drazhar bears The Executioner’s Demiklaives in each hand. Speaking of which, to ensure he hits as hard as such a master duellist should in combat, the profile of his blades has been improved to Damage 2!

In addition to this flat Damage increase, Drahzar also has the ability to dish out even more hurt thanks to his shiny new Lethal Precision ability!

Around his neck, Drazhar wears a necklace of shattered spirit stones taken from Exarchs he has slain. He yearns above all else to add a priceless gem from the body of a Phoenix Lord to his gruesome tally. Judging by the artwork from Phoenix Rising, it looks like Drazhar’s about to have a crack at it!

We have one last treat for you – a sign of what may yet come to pass. But what can you glean from this enigmatic herald of woe?

It’s not long now until Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising hits the shelves, so prepare to start, or reinforce, your Aeldari army of choice with a Start Collecting! Drukhari or Craftworlds set today!

* When it comes to the murderous denizens of the Dark City, that’s really saying something!

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