Games Workshop and Marvel Comics Team-up!

Yeah, you read that right. Games Workshop and Marvel are collaborating to create Warhammer comics! Even better, the first comics are due to land in autumn 2020. Yeah, we know – it’s super rad.

This article was originally published on the Warhammer-community page.

As everyone knows,* Marvel Comics are the name behind many of the world’s best-loved super hero characters (you know, like Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four). With more than 80 years of comics experience, Marvel has built an amazing reputation for bringing together the best comic book writers and artists to forge stories that span generations. It’s not for nothing that Marvel has cemented itself as a household name.

We haven’t got any more details we can share right now (we like to imagine that, even as we write, super-cool clandestine meetings are being conducted in a hidden lair somewhere) but, rest assured, as soon as there’s more information, we’ll be bringing it to you right here.

In the meantime, why not head over to the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook pages and share which subjects, heroes or places from Warhammer you’d like to see brought to life in the pages of a Marvel comic.**

* Unless they’ve spent the last 75 years frozen in ice
** And suggest the onomatopoeia for the firing-noises of the 41st Millennium’s more exotic guns.


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6 Responses to “Games Workshop and Marvel Comics Team-up!”

  1. Reecius September 30, 2019 10:16 am #

    As a huge comics fan and (obviously) GW fan, this is awesome news!

    • GeekmasterK October 2, 2019 7:27 am #

      Same. I have heard some concerns that if this makes enough money, Disney might try to buy GW, but I don’t think this will be anything more than a partnership for two reasons:

      1. People say they already have a monopoly, and while I wouldn’t go that far, they are dangerously close to an actual monopoly with as many companies as they own, which is illegal.

      2. Even if Disney offered to buy GW, I don’t think they would sell. It would be a lot of money, but I feel GW is smarter than that these days. They know what audience they’re going for, and it would conflict with Disney too much. Basically, short-term gain with bad long-term consequences. The weird thing is, years ago I would have thought GW would be dumb enough to actually do this.

      Just a bit of a ramble with some thoughts. Either way, I’m already seeing some possibilities for cool stories here. Disney can’t interfere too much with the content, since GW owns the IP, so I wouldn’t expect toning down the content to be a requirement. I’ll have my eye on this going forward.

      • Reecius October 2, 2019 7:30 am #

        Woah, lol, I think you are really jumping to conclusions here.

        Marvel Studios makes comics. Disney owns them, yes, but they are their own company. I think you just take this at face value man, Marvel studios will be making some GW comics. That’s all.

        • GeekmasterK October 2, 2019 4:04 pm #

          I’m not the one who thinks this is a remote possibility, haha! These are just some thoughts that went swirling through my head based on things I’ve heard online about this partnership and “evil Disney monopolies.”

          The online narrative of Disney allegedly having control over Marvel is dumb, IMO. It was early in the morning, and my brain wasn’t fully functional when I commented, so I probably didn’t make my stance clear. That’s a really bad habit of mine, and the result is always the same. :/

          I was making a point that the simple fact that Marvel is their own entity, even though Disney owns them doesn’t work on the people who spread these narratives. The two arguments I presented are alternatives that may or may not have more credibility to people who don’t understand how parent companies actually work. The legal one in particular is easy to make, since deep pockets will only get you so far when it comes to the law.

          I was making a point that even with people being excited about this, right out of the gate, the usual loud minority came running in with the “Disney monopoly ruining GW” doomsaying. I was just rolling my eyes and mentally saying, “Cool, you guys again. You think you represent the majority of fans of this stuff, but are probably around 10 percent or less. How’s that working out for you?”

          But, yeah, I was commenting on dumb loud minorities spreading narratives, and wow, did I botch the delivery. I really need to stop posting on anything before my brain fully wakes up. The result is either incoherent or the exact opposite of what I was trying to say every time. Bad habit is bad! XD

          • Reecius October 4, 2019 12:30 pm

            All good, haha. I look forward to seeing what they come up with as I love comics! I don’t read Marvel comics much these days as I moved to indie stuff and Manga, but that’s where my roots are! Chris Clairmont era X-Men was my fav.

  2. GeekmasterK October 5, 2019 9:01 am #

    I had this epiphany last night. You know who’s written for both Marvel and Black Library? Dan frickin’ Abnett! Somebody get Marvel and/or GW on the line! This needs to happen if they’re not already planning it!

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