Slaughterfest GT Report Game 5

Hey everyone, Reecius here with my game 5 report from the Slaughterfest GT.

You can read the game 4 report, here.

Here’s my list and you can see the event results, here.

Khorne Daemon Battalion

  • Daemon Prince of Khorne, Skull Reaver Axe
  • Karanak
  • Bloodletters x 20: Icon, Instrument, Banner of Blood
  • Bloodletters x 20: Icon, Instrument, Banner of Blood
  • Bloodletters x 17: Icon, Instrument, Banner of Blood

Black Legion Battalion

  • Abaddon
  • Exalted Champ: Relic Chainsword
  • Cultists x 10
  • Cultists x 10
  • Cultists x 10

Iconoclast Chaos Knights Detachment

Here we are with a belated game 5 report from the Slaughterfest GT. My Khorne themed army was sitting at a 2-2 record at this point and my game 5 opponent had a really nice looking Imperial Fists army featuring some heavy hitting firepower.

Opponent’s list from memory:

  • Siegebreaker Cohort
  • Phobos Captain
  • Command Rhino
  • Techmarine
  • Techmarine
  • Relic Banner
  • Apothecary
  • Sniper Scouts x 5
  • Sniper Scouts x 5
  • Scouts x 5
  • Intercessors x 5
  • Intercessors x 5
  • Intercessors x 5
  • Centurions x 5: Max Dakka
  • Astraeus

For those of you not familiar, the Siegebreaker Cohort is absolutely nasty. It deals mortal wounds to vehicles and buildings when the unit shoots with a strat and as such, will obliterate any qualifying unit it fires on, easily smoking a Knight in one shot with all the various buffs from the Phobos captain with the re-roll wound rolls of 1’s relic, the Chapter Master upgrade and the +1 to hit from the Command Rhino. Plus with the Apothecary and Banner, they can kill you when they die and come back. Lastly, the Phobos Captain also gives them the benefit of cover if he doesn’t move for a sweet 1+ save. Oof!

On top of that is the nasty Astraeus which delivers fearsome firepower and is -3″ to be charged, lol. This was going to be a tough fight.

I had the +1 to go first and decided to risk it, deploying many units on the line directly across from my opponent’s castle. EL MASTADONTE and the shooty War Dog deployed in a far corner, out of range of the Centurions. We were playing the pointy Dawn of War deployment, so there was only 18″ between those Centurions and my melee War Dog! If I got first turn, I’d have almost an assured charge into them and while overwatch would be damaging, I should have easily survived it and done a lot of damage in melee. Plus, my opponent had made a mistake and deployed his Scout units in two buildings right in front of me, both of which were Engineers, so my units would have ran into the buildings and smoked them before they could get any points. It was all poised to be a bloodbath if I got first turn….

And then I did not go first, lol. Every time I risk it it blows up in my face, even with that +1. I should know better but it’s tough to resist the temptation. So, I got hit hard on turn 1, losing the melee War Dog and all but 1 cultist who I kept on the table with 2CP, which turned out to be a great move as he got me Hold Objective point every turn for the rest of the game as my opponent had no indirect fire weapons. The Astraeus also lit up EL MASTADONTE with long range firepower but the 4++ rolls were decent and he didn’t get beat up too badly.

So with what I had left after that punishing fusillade, I advanced. My melee Characters went into the buildings and killed the Engineer Scouts which was great as it meant my opponent couldn’t get those points. I took out the Command Rhino and my Smash Prince failed a short charge into the last unit of Scouts, unfortunately, meaning he was a sitting duck next turn. Should have deep struck him!

Turn two my opponent didn’t have much to actually shoot, so he did some more damage to EL MASTADONTE, and smoked the Daemon Prince but otherwise didn’t have a lot to do. On my turn I was able to drop each unit of Bloodletters into the buildings which was huge, as it let me charge out of them without getting over-watched. I also moved Abby and the Exalted Champ up to the edge of the walls to charge out without getting obliterated and held the third unit back for turn 3. I also dropped Little Bow Wow into the backfield out of LoS to start getting missions points as he do.

My Charge was pretty devastating, I killed a ton of stuff and put a lot of wounds on the Astraeus with that and shooting, dropping it down to 7 remaining. I also managed to wrap up a unit of Intercessors with some of the Letters so I felt pretty confident at this point.

My opponent lit me up and killed the Letter unit he could but the Characters were still safe. He charged into the Letters that were tied up and beat up on them quite a bit. He also started healing the Astraeus and was getting a 3 every time, lol, which went on the entire game. It ended back at like 17, lol.

We were both taking a drubbing but I was running out of units faster than my opponent was. I managed to stop the Centurions from firing most of the game but was really struggling to get Head Hunter points which I absolutely needed to stay in the game. Abby was wrecking things but he and the Exalted Champ were running out of gas quickly. As the Bloodletters got killed they were taking too much heat. EL MASTADONTE also finally got dropped by the Astraeus this turn leaving me with not much on the table. I dropped down the last unit of Letters into a building and made a critical mistake. If I had played safe and held them there until the last turn, I could have denied my opponent kills and then on turn 6, jumped out, killed a unit and gotten Kill More and Hold More. But instead, I charged them out where they did a lot of damage but failed to get me my last head Hunter points I was hoping for as I spread them out too much between multiple characters. They subsequently got killed and that was really my last tool to fight back with. Had they killed all the Characters they charged, it would have won me the game. Womp, womp.

At this point I still could have tied the game but I made another massive mistake in that I decided to run my shooty War Dog towards an objective but it was really short sighted as it put him in the sites of the Astraeus who rolled hot and smoked him. Had I not done that, my opponent would not have gotten a kill that turn nor Kill More. As such, I handed him the points to beat me like a dummy, lol.

So, despite some bad luck and bad plays, it was still super close and a very fun game against a nice opponent. Neither of us had much left when the dust settled but man, it’s frustrating when you look back and see the move that wins the game with no dice involved. Oh well.

Next up: the final game against: T’au!

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  1. Avatar
    Ishagu August 28, 2019 2:50 pm #

    Nice write up. And yeah, it’s horrible when a bad play loses you the game. It happens to all of us, especially if you’re tired after a long day of gaming.

    • Reecius
      Reecius August 28, 2019 3:04 pm #

      Thanks! And yeah, it happens. I just thought I should go for the big play and win it…again….and it failed….again. lol

  2. Avatar
    Engelshaeubchen August 29, 2019 9:04 am #

    Thanks a lot for all the wonderful batreps, Dude. I can learn every time I read your articles.
    In my opinion it is better to loose due to bad play than to bad dice rolls. Bad Gaming can be fixed next time (if you are able to learn from your mistakes).

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