Team Zero Comp Welcomes it’s New Team Captain: Junior Aflleje!

Team Zero Comp has a new Team Captain, and we wanted to recognize his appointment!

Team Zero Comp, Frankie and my 40k team, has been around since before Frontline Gaming and in many ways was what Frontline grew out of. We faded a bit for a few years but after I stepped down as Captain and we appointed Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson as the new captain, the team had a big resurgence and has been in the top 10 in the ITC all season. As our dear friend is no longer with us, we had to appoint a new Captain in time and that time has come. By unanimous vote, we have appointed Junior Afleje as our new fearless leader.

Junior’s a long time 40k enthusiast but just in the last few years gotten into the competitive scene seriously and has made quite an impact in very little time, sitting in the top 10 of the ITC rankings most of the season, the highest on our team apart from Geoff.

I first met Junior many years ago at a 5th ed 40K RTT where I was the big fish in the pond and Junior was an unknown player. I thought I’d slam dunk him and go on to win the event like usual, but instead he trounced my Mighty, Mighty Footdar with his Blood Angels and after the game looked at me and said, “I heard you were supposed to be good at this game.” Lol, with trash talk skills on that level, I knew I liked him right away.

So congratz to the new Captain! Don’t screw it up or the team will beat you up with socks filled with bars of soap!!! Just kidding of course…we wouldn’t waste the soap! =P

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    Clingy August 24, 2019 11:30 pm #

    Best of luck to the team!

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