Slaughterfest GT Report Game 4

Hey everyone, Reecius here with my game 4 report from the Slaughterfest GT.

You can read the game 3 report, here.

Here’s my list and you can see the event results, here.

Khorne Daemon Battalion

  • Daemon Prince of Khorne, Skull Reaver Axe
  • Karanak
  • Bloodletters x 20: Icon, Instrument, Banner of Blood
  • Bloodletters x 20: Icon, Instrument, Banner of Blood
  • Bloodletters x 17: Icon, Instrument, Banner of Blood

Black Legion Battalion

  • Abaddon
  • Exalted Champ: Relic Chainsword
  • Cultists x 10
  • Cultists x 10
  • Cultists x 10

Iconoclast Chaos Knights Detachment

After the sound butt kicking I got in games 2 and 3 of the event, I rallied and came back looking to finish the event strong! Khorne doesn’t brook weakness, so I had to finish strong!

Pairings went up and I drew….T’au with a Ta’unar….son of a %^*!!! Lol, that was not what I was hoping to see. However, after waiting a bit it turned out my opponent had dropped, whew. EL MASTADONTE wanted nothing to do with a Ta’unar, lol.

Also, as an aside, it’s good etiquette to let event organizers know that you are going to drop as soon as you decide to. Just not showing up causes a lot of logistical issues for event organizers and takes time away from the person you would have been playing as they wait for you to show up and then have to get repaired, etc. So, if you are dropping, let the event organizers know as soon as you can to be polite to them and your opponent. 

So, with not a little relief I went to see who I was actually going to end up playing and it was a Knight player with a Castellan, 2 Crusaders and the loyal 32….oh boy, lol. Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Opponent’s list from memory:

Knight Detachment: House Raven

  • Castellan
  • Crusader
  • Crusader

Cadian Battalion 

  • Primaris Psyker
  • Company Commander: Fist
  • Infantry Squad
  • Infantry Squad
  • Infantry Squad
  • HWS: Mortars

Summoned Assassin: Callidus

You don’t see Castellans nearly as much as you used to but they are still scary units and EL MASTADONTE wanted very little to do with those fearsome weapon systems. I knew this would be a tough game!

I got lucky and we rolled up Spearhead deployment (table quarters) which was great. I was hoping for a long orientation deployment and got it. What this allowed me to do was wait to see where he put his Knights and then counter deploy mine. Thankfully, my opponent was nervous about the Bloodletters coming in and so deployed deep into his own deployment zone to keep them close to one another for mutual support. This allowed me to put  EL MASTADONTE in the very back corner of my deployment zone, out of range of pretty much every weapon my opponent had apart from the Castellan’s Volcano Lance thanks to the long range of the Battle Cannons. Now, that’s still a scary weapon but I had taken the 4++ relic and the Vow of Dominance which meant I would only be wounded on a 4+ which would be huge this game.

I deployed my melee War Dog on the line as I knew he’d have a short existence this game with the heavy fire power on the table and hoped for first turn so he could go thunder punch someone before getting wasted. My shooty War Dog hung in the back with EL MASTADONTE. I deployed Abby and his Cultist bros aggressively and we rolled for initiative and for the first time in the tournament, I actually got it! Nice.

This was big as it allowed me to advance Abby, Little Bow Wow, the Smash Prince and the Cultists chumps to run forward into a building where they were largely out of LoS of anything in my opponent’s army. My melee War Dog moved forward and after blasting an Infantry squad with everything I could bring to bear on them, he charged and finished them off securing me a kill which was important. EL MASTADONTE apparently gets excited at the prospect of fighting other Knights (as Khorne would have it!) as he tends to roll red hot for me in Knight fights. His openning salvo put 14 wounds on one of the Crusaders, lol, which was excellent as that meant another round of shooting or a charge from a Bloodletter bomb would almost certainly finish him off. So, an excellent first turn for me, getting board control, a kill and putting a hurting on one of the Knights.

My opponent was in a tough spot. Not much of his army could actually do anything as they were out of range or LoS. He was able to finish off 1 Cultist unit with Mortars and Ironstorm Rockets (which if you play Knights are aren’t taking that weapon, you should really consider it, they’re awesome). He waxed the melee War Dog as well, to no one’s surprise, lol. With that volume of firepower old boy really didn’t stand a chance. His Volcano Lance opened up on EL MASTADONTE but with the Vow of Dominance and the 4++ save, he was able to escape unscathed! Nice.


Turn 2, the hammer came down and Khorne smiled upon our game at the blood and oil spilled in his name!

One unit of Letters came down to pounce on the wounded Crusader and in melee, chopped him in half. The other unit came down on the other Crusader and between they and the Smash Prince, also chopped that Knight in half. The last Letter bomb with Abby and Co. charged out of the Building and into the remaining Infantry, chopping them into bits as well. Finally, EL MASTADONTE continued his hot streak and put quite a few wounds on the Castellan.

This was a savage turn and really showcased what the list could do when things come together correctly. The game was effectively decided at this point and so my opponent and I decided to just have a good laugh and make it fun, so he made it his goal to kill Little Bow Wow (Karanak) whom I was always joking about being EL MASTADONTE’S dog, etc. and that if anyone killed him, it was John Wick time! So he sent his Callidus after him and we had a laugh as they had an epic duel, where the Callidus just finished him off. I sent in the Exalted Champion to get revenge, but she killed him, too, lol! The Castellan also killed a LOT of Bloodletters, lol. They are fun and good but they tend to fold pretty quickly when focused on.

another callidus

In my turn, my hordes went in and cleaned things up, and the rest of the Imperial army folded with Abby eventually getting revenge on the Callidus and the Castellan getting taken down. It was a fun game with a super nice opponent.

Result: Chaos wins, 32-15

On to the next game vs. Imperial Fists!


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  1. Michael Corr
    Michael Corr August 14, 2019 12:37 am #

    Good to see things going right after a horrendous first day!

    • Reecius
      Reecius August 14, 2019 7:17 am #

      Yeah, thanks! It felt good to get a win and also to just have a fun game with a really nice opponent.

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