Gibraltar 40k GT 2020 Tickets on Sale Tomorrow

This is an awesome event in an beautiful location. If you want to go, be sure to grab tickets ASAP as they typically sell out almost immediately.

This is a premiere event with extremely high hobby standards that is attended by some of the biggest names in the 40k hobby! I am very excited to finally be going myself (Reecius) not only to play with an international crowd of top notch hobbyists but also to have an exciting vacation in a location I have never been to before.

If you’re coming to the event, be sure to say hi to Mariana and I who will be there having fun!

The relevant event information can be found below and at the SN Battle Reports website.

Tickets on sale Thursday 1st August 2019, 8pm (GMT+1) at

For information about ticket price, tournament rules and other information please open the link below.

Press Here – SNGT2 Rulespack


This event will be an ITC event. To learn more about ITC please click here:

If you are interested in attending and require any further information, please contact us at

Gibraltar – Much more than you can imagine….


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3 Responses to “Gibraltar 40k GT 2020 Tickets on Sale Tomorrow”

  1. Danny McDevitt July 31, 2019 3:30 pm #

    Man, I really want to go to this someday.

  2. Boris August 1, 2019 5:39 am #

    It’s an amazing event – I highly, highly recommend it.

  3. Reecius August 2, 2019 9:54 am #

    I am very much looking forward to this event!

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