Pure Blood Angels go 5-0 Game 3

Thomas is back with Game 3 of his stunning 5-0 run with pure Blood Angels at the Boise Cup Major!

Read the Game 2 report, here.

The List:

Thomas Hegstrom Oakley – Boise Cup

  • Detachment Battalion 5CP (Blood Angels) [34pl, 547pts]
  • Chapter tactics: Blood Angels

Sanginor [150pts, 9pl] x1
Chaplain with jump pack [99pts, 6pl] x1 powerfist
Librarian with jump pack [127pts, 7pl] x1 force sword, inferno pistol

Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols
Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols
Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols

  • Detachment Battalion 5CP (Blood Angels) [24pl, 434pts]
  • Chapter tactics:Blood Angels

Sanginuary Priest with jump pack index [86pts, 5pl] x1 chainsword, chainsword
Captain with jump pack [124pts, 6pl] x1 thunderhammer, stormshield

Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols
Scouts [57pts, 4pl] x5 stormbolter on sergeant, combat knives, bolt pistols
Infiltrators [110pts, 5pl] x5 bolt carbines

  • Detachment Vanguard 1CP (Blood Angels) [56pl, 918pts]
  • Chapter tactics:Blood Angels

Librarian in Phobos armour [111pts, 6pl] x1 force sword, camo cloak

Sanguinary Ancient [83pts, 6pl] x1 encarmine sword, inferno pistol, standard of sacrifice
Death Company [380pts, 27pl] x15 5 thunderhammers, 10 chainsword, 10 bolters
Sanguinary Guard [344pts, 20pl] x10 8 encarmine swords, 2 powerfists, 10 angelus boltguns

  • Operative Requisition Sanctioned -2 CP [5 pl, 85 pts]
  • TOTALS: 12 CP, 16 drops [119pl, 1984pts]

Game 3 (ITC Champions mission 3)

Game 3 I was against a really savvy dude from the Pacific North-West named Justin who was playing Orks with 150 boyz and 12 characters! The core destructive capability of his list were 3 Shokk-Attack guns, one the special souped-up variety of course. I took Reaper, and Head Hunter of course, and opted for Engineers for my 3rd secondary nominating two of my Scout squads as the engineers. He took all killing secondaries, which I wasn’t used to when playing against Orks, my buddy Rich loves to run Recon, and Ground Control. Justin took Old School, Head Hunter, and Kingslayer on the Sanguinor. I opted to take the Vindicare for the first time, and ran my Phobos Libarian with the Tenebrous Curse in the hope of miring a unit of Boyz at a critical moment as well as Shrouding to protect the Infilitrators.


I won the roll of for deployment, rolled search and destroy, and chose the deployment zone with a series of low slung ruins. I knew I’d need to keep as much of my army as I could hidden from his awful Shokk-attack guns. These were fully enclosed (magic boxes yes), allowing me to keep my fleshy infantry from the would be ravages of the Ork Xenos! I deployed one set of engineers in a ruin within 3″ of the objective placed at 12″ by 36″. The rest of the Scouts were in or behind ruins trying to screen a potential da’ jump drop of Boyz. I put my Infiltrators in a ruin near the engineers with the Sanguinary guard huddling inside with them to be protected by the magnificent Infiltrator power to shutdown deep-strikers. My characters I kept further back, but also used to screen to my edge of the table so nothing could drop in behind me. I deployed my Vindicare on top of one of the ruins with as optimal line of sight as I could give her. Finally I chose to deep-strike the Death Company.

Justin chose to locate all of his Shokk-attack guns in the very very far corner of the table with his Grot screens directly in front of them. Each had a Grot Oiler, so he wasn’t too worried about a quick turn one kill of any of them by my Vindicare. His other characters were strewn between them and the edge of deployment zone, unfortunately for him I was able to place my Vindicare after he placed his characters, allowing me to set up turn one lines of sight to several. His Boyz he grouped up by unit (he was a smart player and had painted each units base’s a different color to easily tell them apart), at least one model in each within reach of all of his support characters. With Justin’s large number of models he took up most of his square deployment zone. While I finished deploying first (he had 12 characters alone, haha!) and had the +1, I rolled a ‘1’ and he rolled a ‘4’. He opted to have me go first. This was of course not what I wanted.

Turn 1

With the ruins to protect my infantry I was hoping to waste a turn of his shooting. And I certainly didn’t want to expose my army in the long chance of destroying some of his Boyz (a very stupid plan from experience playing with the likes of Rich Kilton on a regular basis). Nevertheless he had exposed some of his characters to my Vindicare. I made some minor movements, switching the ruins the Sanguinary guard were hidden in, bringing the Infiltrators out as a screen, and pushing some characters into different screens. During the psychic phase I cast ‘Shrouding’ on my Infiltrators, making them untargetable unless they were the closest target, so even though I had exposed them, they weren’t an eligible target unless Justin chose to drop something in danger close. In shooting I really only had the Vindicare. Luckily for me Justin had deployed his Waagh Banner where I could deploy to have line of sight on it. Knowing how important and clutch the Waaagh! Banner is to an Ork army I gleefully took my shot. The Emperor must have been gazing down benevolently remembering his battle at Ullanor because the Vindicare aced the Waaagh! Banner rolling a ‘6’ to wound and causing 3 wounds followed by another 3 mortal wounds from Headshot. Justin had the Waagh Banner within 3″ of Painboy, but couldn’t make the 6+s to keep the poor banner going. I immediately spent a CP to gain 2 via the assassin strategem. Hidden behind the Waagh Banner had been one of the Weirdboyz! Fortuitously it was even his Weirdboy with Warpath. The Emperor continued to smile because I managed to put the Weirdboy down as well! What a round of shooting! Best I’ve ever had from the Vindicare!

Justin’s turn 1: With some obvious disgruntlement, Justin moved his remaining non-Mek characters out of any possible line of sight of the Vindicare. He shuffled some squads about, advancing the one Boyz unit that he had stretched across the front of his deployment zone during deployment. He advanced it in such a way that he could attempt a charge at both ends of the unit into my Scout squads I had deployed to anchor the ends of my line against Da’ Jumps. At the end of movement he mobbed up one of his 10 strong Ork Boyz units to one of the 30 Ork Boyz units.

During the psychic phase Justin Da’ Jumped his Souped-up Shokka onto my flank to draw line of sight on some of my engineer Scouts I’d placed behind the ruin. My Sanguinary guard were also cowering in the same location (they hate ap -5). He then took his shots with it, being his only shots because I’d denied his other 2 Shokk-Attack guns anything to shoot at. He rolled very mediocre and only killed 4 of the unit leaving just one left, which I made sure was one of the models out of line of sight, so he couldn’t shoot again and finish the lone Scout off. During the charge phase he did succeed in making it into both units of Scouts, but because he had to stretch so far between to get the two units (the were nearly in opposite corners of the board) he only had 5-6 Boyz on each unit. One unit of Scouts rolled out of its mind and didn’t lose a single model, the other lost only 2. Statistically I don’t think he had enough attacks that average rolls would have fully killed either unit, but my save rolls were well above average in this case. Round one ended 3-2 because Justin did manage to hold more than me (I had failed to get any models close enough to the objective at 18″ by 24″ in my deployment zone). Also of note: he failed to get first strike, which was the beginning of a theme for his secondaries.

Round 2

I moved my characters up the right flank toward one end of his stretched out unit of Boyz, intending to give support to the Death Company I planned to bring in to deal with them at the end of the movement phase. Generally all my units moved and adjusted a bit, though I kept my Sanguinary Guard out of line of sight still. I used a unit of non-engineer Scouts to help screen my characters just in case. At the end of movement I brought down my Death Company from reserves, placing them just more than 9″ from his stretched out Boyz squad on the right flank. During the psychic phase I again cast Shrouding on my Infiltrators as I was continuing to use them as a screen. I also cast +1 attack from my regular Librarian on the Death Company. The Vindicare had moved to draw line of sight on the Souped-up Shokka as well as Justin’s Mek with KFF. She managed to shoot away the grot oiler on the Souped-up Shokka, but rolled a one to wound on the Mek with KFF’s Grot after paying a CP to shoot again. I couldn’t otherwise shoot except with some pistols on Scouts locked in close combat with the big stretched out Boyz unit, because Justin had been smart and locked himself in on both ends of the unit. During the charge phase I went ahead and paid the 2 CP to get the 3D6″ charge for the newly arrived Death Company. I think I rolled exactly a 9″ getting me into combat. With pile-ins and making sure to stretch a couple models back to get my support characters, I pulled up most of the models in the Boyz unit with the Thunder Hammers alone. The chainswords did the rest and I consolidated so that the majority of the unit was behind an ‘L’ shape ruin from Justin’s Shokk-attack guns. I also scored my first Engineer point having kept my original Engineer unit over on the other objective unmoving.

Justin’s turn 2 I began to see the genius of his play and list building. He moved a 30 Boyz unit up my left flank to deal with the Scouts that were still there after their amazing turn one saves and the intervention of my Death Company. At the end of his movement phase he mobbed another 10 Boyz to his now 40 Boyz squad, making it into a whopping 50 Boyz, 2 powerklawz, and 1 big choppa. Not to mention that all his Boyz were Shoota Boyz. So while he lacked the extra attack from the missing choppas his Boyz easily made up for it with their 18″ assault weapons that didn’t suffer from advancing because they were all Evil Suns. During the psychic phase he simply Da’ Jumped his 50 Shoota Boyz just outside 9″ of my Death Company. As I wrote above, I wasn’t completely able to hide them, but had reasoned he’d get no more than one Shokk-Attack gun shot off on the them. I had planned to simply remove the ones wounded by said Shokk-Attack gun, and hope that I would be far enough out he’d miss his charge, even if they made the charge I’d assumed most of the Death Company would still be kicking. Boy was I wrong.

He used 2 CP for more Dakka and threw 78 shots at the death company, getting extra shots from Dakka!Dakka!Dakka! on ‘5’s and ‘6’s instead of just ‘6’s. When the dust settled he’d managed to put down 8 of the 15 Death Company. He then used his Shokk-attack guns to knock out most of a unit of Scouts (he rolled badly, 2 remaining out range). Finally he charged in with his nasty 50 Boyz. He would have failed to get to the Death Company, but luckily for him a couple of my Scouts I’d just rescued were closer and allowed him to pile-into the Death Company. He also charged my Smash Captain that I had pushed out to hold the second objective in my deployment zone (in an effort to keep him from getting hold more). On the far side of the table his 30 Boyz tried and failed to make it into my 5 Scouts over there. His attacks easily annihilated the remaining Death Company, and the 3 remaining Scouts, but luckily bounced off the Smash Captain. His move to charge my Captain meant that he netted himself hold more. round 2 end 2-4 him. It was a Brilliant play by him though, I had been suckered and brought the Death Company in for a measly 30 Boyz and lost my most potent weapon. In retrospect I could have used the Sanguinary Guard who were close by and had the same effect, but better. They in most likelihood would have survived and I’d have had the Death Company to respond to the 50 Boyz. I was definitely starting to sweat at this point.

Round 3

I moved the 5 Scouts I still had on the left flank through the ruin they’d be hiding behind to make a 5″ charge on the Souped-up Shokka Mek who’d Da’ Jumped close by during turn 1. These ladies (my Scouts are modeled as females) had survived more than they should have and I wasn’t going to let that go to waste. On the right just about everything moved up. It was a bit of a now or never moment. If I could knock out his 50 Boyz and not lose much in return (I was betting on good character placement, and good saves on a couple of my characters to survive his inevitable interruption. Just another example of the folly of expectations). During psychic I gave +1 attack to the Sanguinary Guard who were poised to spearhead my assault. I also Smited and used the Tenebrous Curse for the first time, as well as throwing up Shrouding again on the Infiltrators. Here’s another example of believing I knew the strategy my opponent would use. He was really an incredibly canny opponent. I’m used to the aggressive in your face play of Ork players like Rich. Justin was more like a fencer, feinting and fading as needed, only strike where and how I wasn’t expecting.

During shooting again my only shot was with the Vindicare. She had had to move again to get shots (being that his Souped-up Shokka had seen the better part of valor and retreated behind a ruin during Justin’s turn 2). She took aim at the arm of a Warboss and peeled 2 wounds. I even tried re-rolling an easy ‘head shot’ miss, but alas it seemed the Emperor’s gaze is brief and the sun had set on her doing anything for me. I succeeded at all my short charges except with my single Engineer scout who’d been straggling behind as a screen since her battle sisters untimely demise. I was smart in this moment and remembered to swing with the Sanguinary Guard first (a move I wouldn’t repeat later, nearly to my doom). 40 attacks later, with re-rolls to hit and wound Justin had 38 models to pick up after his Painboy’s lackluster efforts. Smartly in my opinion and planned all along, Justin had trailed part of his unit back to his support Painboy, and Warboss. Now his intent became clear though! Rather than pulling from along the path and leaving models where he could interrupt and swing back he pulled the closest 34 models, including all his Nobs! Blasphemy as far as I was used to.

Completely caught off guard he pulled everything in range of my other units leaving me to pile-in and consolidate as well as I could, but in the open with my Sanguinary Guard to his Shokk-Attack guns. I had managed to charge in with my Scouts on his Souped-up Shokka at least. Now unfortunately was where my otherwise lucky Scouts failed me. I only rolled a total of 4 wounds, putting 2 wounds on the Mek, and losing a single Scout in return. Justin had made sure to keep his Warboss in range of his now not-so-giant mob of Boyz and slapped 3 of them instead of them losing a nasty dice +4 (since they’d lost 34 and his other unit of Boyz was only leadership 30 😛 ). I had failed to kill a unit, and had exposed my Sanguinary Guard. I did get a second Engineer point, though.

Justin’s turn 3: Again he showed his savvy in sticking to his plan. He moved his 30 Boyz mob which during turn 2 had failed to take out my Scouts on the left flank. They advanced to within a comfortable 8″ charge of my engineer Scout’s ruin where, much to my discomfort my Vindicare had also taken up residence. He had the unit stretched out in such a way that they could also charge my Scouts surrounding his Souped-up Mek. At the end of movement I believe he added his last 10 ork Boyz mob to his last remaining untouched 30 Boyz still screening in his deployment zone. They stayed back more than 24″ from my Sanguinary Guard hooting their jeers at the ‘tupid ‘umies. During psychic phase Justin used a nearby Weirdboy to pull his Souped-up Mek out of my Scouts encircling him (womp-womp). He redeployed him so the Mek could draw line of sight along with his regular Shokk-attack guns on my Sanguinary Guard. He also smited the same Scouts, I believe only picking one up.

During shooting the I braced for the pain! He started with the Souped-up Shokka and nearly flubbed! I believe he only killed 2 Sanguinary Guard. He shot with the second and only killed 2 more! What was happening!? He calmly stated that they were very ‘swingy’ and wasn’t the least bit concerned. The 3rd turned out to be out of range or maybe line of sight, I can’t recall. He then used his Vigilus stratagem to shoot the Souped-up Shokka again and rolled a ‘3’ for str. I remember thinking, ‘wow, that’s a horrible run of luck.’ He managed to pull only a single Sanguinary Guard. I’d survived with half the unit intact, Sanguius be praised!

His Shoota Boyz on the left pulled only one Scout, showing yet again that those ladies must having been wearing invisible power armour. He then used the same Boyz mob to charge into both the 3 remaining Scouts, my engineer Scouts and the Vindicare on the roof above them. His close combat went better this time, despite having to stretch and not get many attacks. He pulled my 3 Scouts, killed 3 of the engineers, and put 2 wounds on the Vindicare. He had in fact tried to focus on the Vindicare and it seems the near invincibility of my Scout unit had moved to the Vindicare who shrugged of more 4+s than she should have. Still the round ended well for him. He now was controlling my engineer’s objective which gave him hold more, and he’d made a kill where I hadn’t, the sneaky git! Round 3 ended 1-4 in his favor.

Round 4

My mouth was dry and I was basically chugging water at this point. I really believed there wasn’t a chance of pulling this game out. Still I was content. I’d gone 2-0 with pure Blood Angels at an 80-person Major! I’d already exceeded my hopes. So I rallied. I moved my two remaining screen Scouts into the corner ‘L’ shape, the single Engineer girl into the closest fully enclosed ruin, stretched out my Infiltrators in as long as space as possible while trying to keep them as hidden as possible by the large Line of Sight blocking piece of terrain in the center of the table,  keeping them within 3″ of my objective on my right. If they stayed like that, then while he could shoot me off the objective he couldn’t get it himself. I disengaged my 2 engineer Scouts that had survived his turn 3 onslaught (again mostly because he’d focused as much as possible on my Vindicare). They huddled in the adjacent small ruin next to where they’d made their near last stand.

I advanced nearly all my characters, opting only to move my Librarian with jump pack and smash Captain normally for a potential long charge for the Captain, and to use the ‘Wings’ psychic power with the Librarian to move twice. Finally I spent 2 of my remaining 6 CP to pick up the Sanguinary Guard and bring them back down 9″ from his Boyz menacing my Vindicare. I brought them down stretched out enough that I could get a charge and still use the aura’s of my just advanced characters. During the psychic phase I gave them +1 attack, Shrouded my Infiltrators again, and then used Tenebrous Curse on the big mob of Boyz. Finally I was stupid and smited them with the jump pack Librarian instead of moving again (long day of Warhammer moment). At this point I remembered that I had placed my Sanguinary Priest in such a place to try and give back a model to the Sanguinary Guard unit, I commented on it, decrying my own stupidity at forgetting and Justin being the stellar opponent he is, told me to go ahead and try to bring a model back even out of phase, with the caveat that I don’t place it to make my 9″ charge shorter. This was more than fair. I succeeded, bringing the unit back to 6 models, one with a single wound. During shooting, my only shot was the Vindicare’s pistol into the face of very close Ork.

For the charge phase I spent 2 of my remaining 4 CP to charge the Sanguinary Guard in using 3D6.” They made it with an 11 I believe, and I stretched them back to get most of the aura’s while trying to get as many as possible either into the ruin or where a pile-in/consolidate would get them there. Having suffered the shooting of the Shokk attack guns once was more than enough, thank you very much. I succeeded in chopping up a bunch of Orks, but this time around Justin opted to leave those closest alive. Again he focused as much as he could on the Vindicare, but unfortunately there were only a few Orks this time and she again rolled above average, shrugging everything off this time! Still despite my best efforts, I had not killed a unit and I had also failed to even get him off the objective. I had also had to run away with the Engineers so there was no point there, either.

Justin’s turn 4: Again with the rapier like movements. He got a Weirdboy in close enough that a lone Boy he’d kept next to his Warboss for moral purposes was in range of Da’ Jump. He moved his last remaining unit of Boyz (40 now) up for some big turn 5 moves and added the less than 10 model remnant of the 50 Boyz squad to the big mob (now 49ish?). During the Pyschic phase he did indeed use the Weirdboy to pull the Boyz stuck in with my Sanguinary Guard out and send the now much abbreviated mob to my right flank to deal with the small units of Scouts remaining over there. We both forgot the Tenebrous curse was in effect on them, but The Emperor’s luck was still on my side apparently as I’ll explain later. For his shooting, the Shokk-attack guns were again thwarted by the ruins I’d managed to put all but one of my Sanguinary Guard in. The one gun that could shoot much to my chagrin pulled 2 Sanguinary Guard off the table, but luckily put the remaining 4 out of line of sight. His redeployed mob shot at the two girl squads of Scouts rolling horribly and only removing one model! He then succeeded in charging into my single lone engineer Scout held up in a ruin. At this point I was both in an exhaustion daze and a bit of awe. This dude knew his stuff! He was going to be able to pile-in to the Scout, kill her, and consolidate within 3″ of my objective on the right despite my Infiltrators! Lamentably Gork and Mork then turned their eyes away, while the Emperor was giving the back of my neck a sunburn! Justin had something like 20 attacks plus another 3 from his big choppa, and he succeeded in wounding me only 3 times with regular attacks! Then I saved two of the three, and seeing the potential for a 1 to 1 turn instead of another 4 to 1. I spent one of my last two CP on a re-roll and made it!! Without a doubt my Scouts were over performing and keeping me in this game. Round 4 ended 1-1.

My turn 5

With his Boyz mob surrounding my lone engineer I at least could achieve a kill for the first time in two turns, so I moved my Chaplain, the Sanguinor, and Smash Captain over to smack them in close combat and rescue the magnificent engineer. On my left the two remaining engineer Scouts moved back within range of the objective and the Vindicare moved a bit to gain line of sight on a Warboss. My other characters consolidated a bit trying to stay inside the Infiltrator bubble but give the Sanguinary Guard some aura support. The Sanguinary Guard castled up in the ruin next to where the engineers were, keeping my quite diminished counter punch viable. Psychic phase went off without a hitch, again with +1 attack power on the Sanguinary Guard, and Shrouding on the Infiltrators.

In shooting the Vindicare took her shot, but missed. During the Charge phase the three characters I sent to handle the mob easily picked them up and I scored a kill.

Justin’s turn 5: Justin shuffled a bit and then during psychic phase Da’ Jumped his last mob of Boyz into charge range again. But this time it was an ol’ saw stringing them behind the two corners of my deployment zone. He had a meaty punch coming back in on my engineers, and Vindicare on my left, and the lone Scout hidden on the right who’d survived his last turn’s poor shooting. He didn’t have anything to shoot at yet again, but easily completed his charge on both flanks. On the right Justin picked up my remaining Scout, but again flubbed his rolls against my assassin, who again rolled well against his minor wounds on her. Still it was enough that he killed a unit and controlled 3 objectives to my one. Round 5 ended 2-3 his favor.

Round 6

I believed I could see the writing on the wall, but wasn’t going to go down without kicking at least. I moved my closer characters including the Sanguinor and Sanguinary Guard out on my left to attack his last mob and do what I could. On the right the smash Captain and Chaplain were closer to the right lobe of his squad so I went that direction with them in the hope of being able to attack with as many of my models as possible despite his casualty removal. He was locked in against my engineers and Vindicare so shooting wasn’t going to help, but I did Smite a couple models away, and got Shroud off on the Infiltrators. I unfortunately failed the +1 attack power for the first time on the Sanguinary Guard, but if I recall correctly brought another model back with the Priest so they were again at five models. In the assault phase I completed all my charges, but decided to ‘try and get tricky’ (which honestly was just stupid and a major error) and swung with the Sanguinor first. Six hits and wounds later Justin kinda raised an eyebrow and removed the Orks who were eligible to be swung at by the Sanguinary Guard. I had again derped. I completed the attacks with the rest of my characters that could, but didn’t get to swing with either my Engineers or Vindicare, because he removed the Ork Boyz locked in with them. He again kept a model within range of his Warboss and Painboy and lost 2-3 more models to moral. His attacks back on the right wounded Chaplain once I believe. The one plus of messing up my attack priorities was that the Sanguinary Guard were able to pile in and consolidate in such a way that again the Shokk-attack guns would be unable to see them. I unfortunately didn’t get a kill.

Justin’s turn 6: This is the moment when Justin pointed out the game was much closer than I thought. He had a bit of a haggard cast to him and I couldn’t figure out why. It was near the end of a long day of Warhammer, but surely he was being buoyed up by the coming victory. He quite nicely pointed out that he hadn’t received a single secondary point yet, and I had achieved 10 of mine, earning my 3rd engineers from the 2 engineers who had been charged, fought, on his turn, but had no opportunity to do anything on my turn, but stand in range of the objective. He soldiered on however, because with enough points he could tie or win it still. For the first time some of his characters moved up, a Warboss, Painboy, and Weirdboy seeking to maybe charge into the Sanguinary Guard or the Warboss in on my Sanguinary Priest. With the Weirdboy he Da’ Jumped the remaining Boyz out of combat with my two characters on the right and placed them 9″ away from the Captain for a charge. He also attempted a Smite against the Sanguinary Guard, but because of his now severe lack of Boyz, failed.

During shooting he took aim at my Chaplain who was down a wound and let fly. His results were alright, but the Chaplain survived with one wound remaining! During the assault phase he succeeded in charging into both the Captain and Chaplain, but iniatlly only made it to the Captain, and couldn’t bring the full might of the remaining models to bear on the Chaplain. On my left he succeeded at a charge into the Sanguinary Priest by his Warboss, but decided to not complete it as the Sanguinor was close enough to heroically intervene no matter what. While he could have declared on the Sanguinor as well, he wasn’t sure his Warboss would be able to finish off the Sanguinor so didn’t want to give me another Head Hunter point. So his only fight was on the right. As few as possible of his remaining Boyz went after the smash Captain, dealing a couple wounds I believe. Unfortunately against the Chaplain again Gork and Mork deserted him! He had the attacks that he should easily have killed the Chaplain. Justin only rolled 3 wounds though! I saved 2, and using my last CP saved the last wound as well! In return I killed enough that he had to make a big moral roll to save his remaining models, and here was the time unfortunately when he rolled a ‘6’! Alas fair Boyz, nooooo! The round ended 2-1 in my favor. When we tallied it up at the end it was 20-16 in my favor. Justin was unable to score a single secondary point! Despite his 3 turns of dominating the score board I was carried by the luck of the Emperor to victory!

As I told Justin at the time, honestly I don’t think I should have won this game. I played well, and the terrain was on my side, but he honestly played better. His tactics outclassed mine. It came down to the dice and choosing the right secondaries. And as he put it to me then, it is a dice game. Food for thought if the Chaplain had died it would have given Justin, a kill, kill more, and a Head Hunter point, while depriving me of the one point I earned from kill more on his last turn. So one die roll saved the game from a tie at the least. Justin was a stellar opponent and great tactician. I would play him again any day and he was honestly my favorite opponent of the weekend.

Read Game 4, here.

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    Michael Hall July 5, 2019 10:06 pm #

    Loving these reports, great in depth detail and they really bring the game to life. This one shows the importance or good secondary choice, come on you BA!

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    Dakkath July 5, 2019 11:32 pm #

    Wow, what a nail biter throughout. Gotta love those plucky gals.

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    Faitherun July 6, 2019 1:14 am #

    Wow, that game was amazingly close. Good on both if you for duking it out. Just goes to show how even you feel you are losing, you can pull out a victory

  4. Ibushi
    Ibushi July 6, 2019 9:35 am #

    Wow epic, definitely shows you should always stay in the fight and just keep doing what you can even if you think you’re losing…

    Loving these BA batreps, thanks for putting in the time to write them up and great job with the tight games so far! After this many hours of tight turns I would also be haggard and exhausted haha

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    Ooof. Secondaries.


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    Chandler July 10, 2019 9:29 pm #

    Excellent write up. These reports have been amazing. Well done and congrats on your victories, Thomas. I will say, I think the hardest thing to really master with the ITC missions is proper secondary selection. It really is huge being able to know what secondaries to take and what to try and deny of your opponents choices.

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    Elwrath July 12, 2019 2:17 am #

    Hey thanks guys! Really appreciate it, thanks for reading. Hopefully I’ll get away with doing some more on future tournaments/games.

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