Star Wars FFG Grand Championships Coming to the LVO!

If you are a fan of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars miniatures games, then the 2020 Las Vegas Open is the place for you! We are proud to announce that Frontline Gaming, and Fantasy Flight Games are bringing Grand Championship events to the Las Vegas Open! 

Grand Championship events are prestigious tournaments  that take place only once per year per region. These events feature the best FFG exclusive prizes and qualify the Top players for their game’s next World Championship.

In 2020 The Las Vegas Open is going to have 4 such events take place for FFG Star Wars Games. All of them listed below.

  • LVO 2020 Star Wars: X-Wing Grand Championship: The largest of the four events, this tournament is broken down into 2 heats over 2 days. You can sign up for Heat 1 on Friday, or Heat 2 on Saturday. From there the top players from both heats will advance to the finals on Sunday and compete in a 64 person single elimination tournament. This event caps off at 256 players (128 per heat).

To help us out with such a large event, we enlisted the best in the business! The Fly Better Podcast (Previously known as the Mynock Squadron) is coming out to Vegas and running the event. With their own exclusive swag, and even a Hyperspace tournament on Sunday! The FBP guys know how to put on a show. Give them a listen here.

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  • LVO 2020 Star Wars: Imperial Assault Grand Championship: Capped at 64 players, we hope to run one of the largest IA tournaments in the world!
  • LVO 2020 Star Wars: Armada Grand Championship: Also Capped at 64 players, Star Wars Armada has a strong West Coast presence in the US and look for this event to sell out quickly. Don’t sleep on your tickets!
  • LVO 2020 Star Wars: Legion Grand Championship: We are proud to announce that Star Wars Legion is coming back to the LVO. The LVO 2019 Star Wars Legion event proved to be one of the best quality events for Star Wars Legion in the world. The Grand Marshal LJ is taking up the mantle again in 2020 and looking to up the level of the event, with better terrain, more swag, and worlds invitations to boot! Tickets are sold out already, don’t sleep on getting on the waitlist because if additional seats do open up for this event, they will sell out quickly.


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