Bay Area Open 2019 Live Blog

This year’s 9th annual Bay Area Open is in full swing! Check out all the hottest match ups, tournament news, and more in this live blog.

Who will win the coveted Belt of Russ?

You can find all of the lists I mention here on the Best Coast Pairings App, for Android or Apple devices.

BAO Day 1

Round 1 notable match ups

  • Feature Match: Ray Ahumada (Eldar) vs Jordan (Necrons): Ray is 10th in the ITC and is rocking a new Craftworld Eldar list after the shellacking the Ynarri faction received from this month’s White Dwarf. Jordan should give him more than he can handle with a Necron list that seems to be taking the competitive 40k scene by storm. Necrons have long been overdue for a Major tournament win, and some analysts believe lists like Jordan’s have the tools needed to dominate the best factions.

Round 2 Notable Match Ups

  • Feature Match: Brandon Grant (Astra Militarum) vs. Daniel Olivas (Multi-Faction Eldar): In a match that should become an instant classic, Brandon is once again playing the man who has single handedly knocked him out of two potential Major/GT wins. Every match has been decided by 2 or less points, and all of them featured excellent positional play and generalship from both players. Brandon has been worried about this particular match up in the past, and a 3rd loss to Daniel in a row may be enough to haunt the robot for the rest of the season. You can watch this game live on stream now!
  • Carlos Kaiser (Multi-Faction Imperium) vs. Mark Wright (Blood Angels): Carlos is running Custodes with Ad Mech and is looking to knock down the tournament’s current point leader. Mark Wright just came off a 42 point dismantling of a solid Astra Militarum list, and is looking to make a come back with his fabled Blood Angels. Both players are rocking large units rarely seen in the top tables in Allarus terminators, and Death Company and I suspect this game is going to be a blood bath. Of course if either player makes even a small error there is enough firepower in either list to quickly take over the game. I’ll be keeping an eye on this match up.


Meanwhile, people are getting ready for round 3, and the end of the day.

The Belt of Russ, currently in the possession of reigning champion. Don Hooson.

Round 3 notable match ups

  • Feature Match: Carlos Kaiser (Multi-Faction Imperium) vs. Don Hooson (Multi-Faction Chaos) Carlos fresh off of his victory over Mark is looking to take down the reigning champion Don Hooson. If Carlos succeeds then the Belt of Russ will be anyone’s game. Don has the tools to table Carlos, though he may not have much experience against Carlos’ terminators. I would still take Don in this game, with Carlos being the under dog.
  • Geoff Robinson (Multi-Faction Imperium) vs. Brandon Grant (Astra Militarum): I love this match up. Geoff just won a tight game against a Sisters of Battle player with some wayward tank commanders, and now has to deal with tank commanders and tons of bodies in Brandon Grant. I think Brandon has the edge in this game, both off of experience and in the list match up. That doesn’t mean he is going to lose, this game is going to come down to whoever goes first and how well Geoff can hold key space on the board without losing too many precious models.
  • Jeff Poole (Tau) vs. Ray Ahumada (Craftworld Eldar): In a rematch from the Battle for LA finals Ray is bringing a much different Eldar list, and Jeff is looking to get some friendly revenge. I think this game should have also been streamed because I see a game like this as a representation of the passing of the guard. As Tau seek to overthrow Eldar as one of the top factions. The death of the Ynarri tyrant is certainly opening up holes for other factions (Necrons) to peek their way into the top tables.

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