ITC 40k Hobby Track 2018 Season Champion Army Showcase

Here’s some quality shots of Lou Rollins’ ITC 2018 season 40k Hobby Track winning army! Updated with even more pictures!

Here’s a list of what we’ve got and more pictures on the way of the amazing display board it was all showcased on. Big congratz to Lou for his win and thanks for sharing these great pictures. We can’t wait to see who wins it all this season!

  1. Watchmaster kit-bashed with fourteen (14) different bits from Capt Model (5th ed) Assault on Blackreach
  2. kit-bashed Dark Angel Capt w/Relic Blade and Stormbolter
  3. kit-bashed Blood Angel Capt w/TH&SS
  4. Dark Angel Libby kit-bashed with SS and force sword (escorted by a watcher)
  5. Blood Angel Libby from Deathwatch Box-set
  6. Three Kill-teams; Red, Blue, and Yellow several of the models are kit-bashed in each unit.
  7. One of my Corvus Blackstars
  8. My knight (which I will not be running for the time being)
These are all table top+ standard w/some glazing, feathering, and wet-blend techniques on some of the characters.

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5 Responses to “ITC 40k Hobby Track 2018 Season Champion Army Showcase”

  1. mamdair May 16, 2019 11:02 am #

    wow, that is a really well done army

  2. Lou Rollins May 16, 2019 3:29 pm #

    Wow, didn’t expect these pics to be up here, Reece! 😜 If anything, it should encourage many, many painters/hobbyists to participate this next year, and feel like “Huh?! Man, I can do that!!!” Let me just say, what an honor it was to bring home the first trophy! Thank you to Reece, Frankie, Jason, and the rest of the FLG crew for providing such an amazingg venue over the years, for all of us to paint and play the game we love!!! Most importantly, remember this is very much a wholistic “Hobbytrack” competition not an exclusive “Paint” competition! Should go without saying that it is the WHOLE presentation that one is scored on: the army, the modeling, the paint, the theme, the display board, iconographyy, background stories, squad markings, etc. every aspect of what building and painting in the hobby is about! Good Luck to everyone this next year!!!! See ya at the gaming tables! 😃

  3. Bedmond Loans May 19, 2019 8:58 pm #

    I mean its pretty cool as a whole army (esp the display board) but I’m surprised it won the whole thing.

    The highlights are very blocky and thick and the basing is quite dated. Oh well, hope for us all!

    • Lou Rollins June 16, 2019 8:38 am #

      Thanks for the “coolness” vote Bedmond! 😀 Like I said up top (and like you said, “hope for us all”) this should encourage “many, many painters/hobbyists to participate” and feel like “I can do that!!!” Never claimed to be a Crystal Brush, and never even expected to win this last year. This paint is my table-top standard+ level… but as the season started moving forward, and as I started scoring points, I figured I might as well go for broke, never expecting to bring home the trophy! Feeling pretty lucky! But the other thing I mentioned as well (and this is important) it is not “Paint Track” it is “Hobby Track” so if you don’t go to scoring events and just show up with ‘paint’ you won’t win… it is EVERYTHING about the hobby. Paint is a big part, but it is the display board (does it tell a story?), do you have background stories? (I had two!) Do you have easily identifiable squad markings? (I had to use the bases for my army!) Almost every model is kit-bashed, vert few models are straight off the sprue! it is WHOLE aspect of Hobby “that one is scored” on… GOOD LUCK to everyone this next year!!! Love, love, LOVE seeing the uptick in paint and hobbying out there! Looks like the new contrast paints will help! See you at the gaming tables!!! 😉

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