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With the recent announcement about the Kill Team: Elites expansion pre-orders, beginning on May 11th, I thought it might be helpful for players to have some idea how they can prepare for Elites being included in the Kill Team tournaments at the Bay Area Open.

Although we do not have the book in our hands yet, Games Workshop and several YouTube channels have released previews of the new rules so we can make a few predictions!  Also, just so there is no confusion in the discussion to follow, several of the new unit options in the ‘Contents’ page below have the “Commander” keyword and are not useable in current 100-point competitive Kill Team games.

The addition of “Sub-factions,” including Chapter Tactics, Legion Traits and other faction-specific rules, are going to open up some powerful, and fun, new options for your Kill Teams!  You will want to make sure to include your Sub-faction keyword on your Command Roster, along with your usual Faction keyword. There are also a host of new Tactics that are available to each faction that I am sure will add some exciting combos, or thematic twists, to watch out for!

New rules for reserves have been included, allowing teams to leave up to 50% of their teams points-cost ready to arrive on the battlefield later in the game. This includes many new options from various factions to set up models much closer to their opponent, at the end of any movement phase. As well, just like in regular Warhammer 40k, all Terminators in Kill Team have the ability to Teleport-strike!

The Kill Teams

Adeptus Astartes

The forces of the Space Marines got an amazing new array of Chapter Tactics and I can’t wait to see those White Scars, Space Wolves and other Chapters on the table! Their new units include Infiltrators, Suppressors, Eliminators, Terminators and Veterans. They will also be getting some awesome new firepower from the Shadowspear box set. Suppressors and Eliminators will give all the Chapters of the Space Marines the ability to deal with a variety of threats. As well, Veterans have a huge number of wargear options including Jump Packs!


The Deathwatch have their own specific Chapter Tactic type rule called “Mission Tactics” that allows them to re-roll wound-rolls of 1 against a particular enemy Data Sheet. They will also have a Tactic they can use to change this ability to a different Data Sheet to adapt to their opponents Kill Team.  Deathwatch Kill Teams will also be able to add Terminator Veterans or Veterans with Jump Packs to their rosters.

Grey Knights

Grey Knights have received a great, and well-deserved, buff in the form of the Brotherhood of Psykers ability, which allows them to cast two psychic powers in the psychic phase. It also adds +1 to each psychic test. Grey Knight Terminators and Paladins are now available as choices for your kill teams.

Adeptus Mechanicus

One Kill Team that is getting some deadly new close-combat additions is the Adeptus Mechanicus. The addition of the Fulgurite, and Corpuscarii, Electro-Priests could push the Ad-Mech up a notch in the competitive scene. They have very similar stats and abilities to the Negavolt Cultists, from the Servants of the Abyss Kill Team, who are known to be a great, points-efficient, unit.

Adeptus Custodes

A brand-new kill team has joined the fight! The Adpetus Custodes will be the beefiest Kill Team to-date as the only team allowed to field a mere 2 models, rather than the usual minimum of 3, in their battle-forged kill teams. Due to their high-points cost, Adeptus Custodes kill teams will generally consist of either two Allarus Custodians (Terminators) or three Custodian Guard. Although, they do have a nice variety of weapon-options at their disposal. These weapon-choices, plus 2-3 model kill teams, will definitely open up some interesting tactical choices for their full 20 model Command Rosters!

Astra Militarum

In addition to their Regimental Doctrines, Astra Militarum kill teams have added Ogryns and Bullgryns to their forces. The Regimental Doctrines only apply to specific units, but the ability to field such tanky units as Bullgryns-with-slabshields, could put the Astra Militarum back on top!

Heretic Astartes

Heretic Astartes have received several new options, in the form of Terminators, Possessed and Khorne Berzerkers! Having previously been limited to only two datasheets (Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Cultists) with few competitive options, the forces of Chaos will almost certainly be in a much better spot with Elites!

Death Guard

The servants of Nurgle will be stinking up a battlefield near you with their new ability Inexorable Advance.  This ability applies to your entire Death Guard kill team and allows them to use Heavy, and Assault, weapons more effectively, along with an 18-inch Rapid-Fire range.  This disgustingly resilient kill team is now even tougher with the addition of Blightlord and Deathshroud Terminators.

Thousand Sons

The sons of Magnus recieved a similar buff to the Grey Knights in the form of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers rule. This rule allows them to manifest up to two psychic powers in each psychic phase.

They have also gained access to the mystical Scarab-Occult Sorcerer and Scarab-Occult Terminators.


The Eldar now have some of their most iconic units added to Kill Team. The Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees, Wraithguard and Wraithblades. The Striking Scorpion and Howling Banshee Exarchs will make deadly close-combat editions to any Asuryani roster.


The torturous Drukhari have a variety of Obsessions they can dedicate themselves to. Certain models with specific keywords do not gain the benefit of an Obsession, but will not prevent your kill team from being Battle Forged.  The new units available to the Drukhari include Wracks, Incubi, Grotesques, and Mandrakes.


Although they do not have any new models to add to their rosters, Harlequins received some amazing new Masque Forms that are almost as ridiculous as the Harlequins themselves.  One example is the Masque Form, Veiled Path: Riddle-Smiths. This Masque Form allows the Harlequin player to roll two dice at the start of each Fight Phase, and pick the lowest result. The number that is picked becomes a number that, if rolled by your opponent, is an automatic miss in the Fight Phase.  For example, if the Harlequin player rolled a 3 and a 5 for the Riddle-Smiths roll, then any rolls of a 3 to-hit, by their opponent, in the Fight Phase, would be a miss.


Necrons received some great new Tactics that may cause some opponents to wonder where it all went wrong.  One example is a Tactic called Resurrection Protocols, that allows the Necron player to bring a slain Leader back from the dead! Lychguard and Triarch Praetorians are the new elite units available to the Necrons.  As well, the Necrons can choose a Dynastic Code when building their roster, to give their teams a unique bonus ability.


Orks will be bringing some new boyz to the fight in the form of Nobs, Meganobs and Flash Gits! They can also choose an Ork Clan Kultur that best suits the theme of their kill team roster.  These Clan Kultures include Goffs, Bad Moons, Deathskulls, and many more!

T’au Empire

The T’au have enabled their latest XV8-Crisis Battlesuits to be used by their kill teams.  Additionally, Kroot Carnivores have made there way over from the Kroot kill team list from the pages White-Dwarf Magazine.  The T’au also have new Tactics and Sept Tenants, to further the Greater Good of course.


The hive fleets have spawned some new terrors in the Tyrant Guard, Hive Guard and Raveners. Raveners are looking very good on the surface with a relatively low points-cost and the ability to deep-strike. Many players have expressed their concern that the invading swarm, that is the Tyranids, will be hard to stop with the addition of Elites.

Genestealer Cults

The Cults now have the ability to choose a Cult Creed to bolster their team. One example is The Bladed Cog: Cyborgized Hybrids, that improves invulnerable saves and moving with heavy-weapons for your non-Genestealer models on your Kill Team.  They also gained several new Tactics that I’m sure will have opponents cursing the Four-Armed Emperor!

The Missing Factions

The Gellerpox, Elucidian Starstriders and Servants of the Abyss may have to wait a little longer to get their new Elites additions. There are some teased images of two potential new models for the Servants of the Abyss team, but we will have to wait and see what the future holds for these teams.

These are only a small sample of all the new rules and options that will be available in the Kill Team: Elites Expansion.  We look forward to seeing what kind of new Kill Teams, and Command Rosters, everyone can come up with for BAO! If you still need your tickets for KublaCon or the Kill Team Tournaments, you can pick them up here: (

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to hit us with an an email:

Personally, I can’t wait to finally run some Khorne Berzerkers at my opponents and carefully select some new skulls for the skull throne!!

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  1. Zapntoo May 16, 2019 11:11 am #

    Excellent summary of the upcoming elites expansion thanks Kill Team Academy. I am looking forward to watching your stream of the BAO Kill Team event as I will be unable to attend.


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      Thanks Zapntoo!
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      It should be a exciting, as I know several top players are coming out to play for those sweet new Kill Team ITC points!

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