This Week in the ITC: Team Rankings on Fire and Dark Angels are Cold as Ice

Hello, fellow Warhammer 40k fans! SaltyJohn from TFG Radio, and one of the Las Vegas Open Head Judges, here to bring you my first article reviewing the ITC Standings for the 2019 season with the new scoring method in place!

The 2019 ITC season is in full swing and this week I thought I would focus on the part of the rankings that are hottest, in terms of changes and movment week to week. Before I jump into that though let’s take a look at the Top 10 this week. Significant changes from last week and with Adepticon around the corner who know’s what’s in store for us!

Some familiar names from last week. Anthony D’Amore has managed to creep on in there at teh 10th spot with Daniel Hesters and John Lennon on top of the pile. No max number of events yet for anyone but I bet that changes sooner rather than later. The spot of the rankings that has seen the most movement, and most change from last year, is the Team Rankings.

So the top 15 teams all have max number of events so far, 10 of 10. That’s pretty impressive but when you take into account who some of these teams have on them you realize a majority of the most prolific 40k players of our time are on those teams, so it isn’t surprising that they have maxed events and some of them have some great scores. The top 3 aren’t surprise names by any means but Beast Coast has yet to get their top spot back. In the past Beast Coast has taken the number one spot with a win at ATC (American Team Championships) and never let up after that. We’ll see if they can take it again this year, both the ATC and ITC team prize! CanHammer and Brohammer aren’t no names, but Brohammer is a newer addition.  First place CanHammer should surprise no one.

With some very notable names on the team performing well CanHammer has set out early on to naje a statement and a legit run at best team in the ITC this year.  Number 4 overall Jim Vesal is rolling people with Chaos Daemons. Devin Swann, Jeff Brown, and Skari are pulling some major weight too with big points for the team. I am interested in seeing several things from this team as the season progresses. The first is if Jim can keep his winning ways with Daemons going, the other is if Devin Swann can win a GT or Major with Tau.

BroHammer’s prodigy player is John Lennon, kicking ass and taking names with Gene Stealer Cults early in the season. Currently at number 2 overall in the ITC John is a player of legitimate skill who might be having, not only one of his person best years, but he might be having his year. In terms of the ITC and maybe putting one of the 40k Big 6 under his belt. Adepticon, NOVA, LVO, London GT, So Cal Open, and Bay Area Open. Richard Siegler is another player I want to watch as the season progresses, to see if he can pull off a Major win with Tau.

Now we come to the most stacked team in 40k. Beast Coast. It is no wonder why Beast Coast is the hands down favorite year in, year out, to win the ATC and the Best Team in the ITC. With a line up that has it’s top 6 scores all first place finished and 5 unique names, all of which are known personalities in 40k you have a team composition built to win. This doesn’t even account for Phil Rodokanakis and Mike Brandt who haven’t even ramped up to perform yet this season. Between Gonyo, Layton, Schuchman, Harpster, and Lanigan alone you have one of the most stacked teams in 40k. I am sure we will see great things from them this season as well.

Before I sign off for this week, I wanted to point out a topic for discussion. Dark Angels were considered a conder faction for much of last season. Yet they are one of the coldest factions in terms of who is playing them this season. Any thoughts on the faction(s) that will be more highly, and less, contested this year?


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