In the Finest Hour Ep14: Ladies’ Night

What happens when you accidentally knock two-thirds of the show’s hosts into the warp? Aside from assorted cursing in tongues older than mankind itself, you get a 40K Ladies’ Night!

Shaylynn Allen, Lady of Titan and The Good Host, takes over the center chair this week and is joined by Eleanor Byler (of Team Doll Wars) and Jessica Bowman (of Team Warhammered ) in a very special episode of In the Finest Hour. All three Ladies delve straight into the social contract- a critical component of the competitive experience that is perhaps the most important thing in keeping players coming back. The three of them get into the details of why such a simple thing can get so complex to deal with, and how it intersects with players’ emotions and assumptions as well as how to untangle those connections. The ladies also talk about how to address conflict within your gaming experiences so that everyone can walk away from the table content with the experience and ready for another game.

The second part of the episode shifts gears as the three of them lay out the good, bad, and ugly realities of being a woman wargamer. A vast majority of the time, things are fine and fun- but when the go south they can reach depths both grim and dark. The hosts also give tips for how to better interact with, and better attract, female wargamers to your own community as well as some do’s and don’ts of being around them. (Hint: asking whose girlfriend they are right off the bat is not a good start.)

Episode Music: Dankmus

Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow

Sponsored by: Vreda Forge


Directed by: Sean Morgan and Shaylynn Allen

Edited by: Shaylynn Allen


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    David February 25, 2019 4:46 pm #

    Very good episode. I’d like to hear more like this. It’s too easy to forget there are perspectives outside your own bubble.

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