Chapter Tactics #98: The 3rd Smartest Thing Pablo Never Said.

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today Val takes over for sick Peteypab and talks tournament coverage, Vigilus and CA FAQ, and more tournament talk with the boys. 

Show Notes:

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Aspiring 40k analyst, tournament reporter and Ultramarines enthusiast, Petey Pab only seeks to gather more knowledge about the game of 40k and share it with as many people as he can in order to unite both hobbyists and gamers. We are, after all, two sides of the same coin.

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  1. iNcontroL January 14, 2019 11:44 pm #


    • CWDub January 15, 2019 10:22 am #

      All I want for 2019 is another video documented destruction of RRR’s soul in batrep form.

  2. r3v0lv3r January 15, 2019 4:48 am #

    Where can i find the links to the channels ?

  3. Ujayim January 15, 2019 9:44 am #

    Geoff, I know you’re rocking the national sport of best korea hard, but for the love of god I need you to produce more Warhammer content.

    Easily my favorite talking head. When you’re done starring in the most recent bourne movie, make some batreps.

  4. red3_standingby January 15, 2019 11:47 am #

    I think the best way, for me, to explain modifying stats is that the statline of a model is different from the statline of a weapon. A warboss with a power klaw is not a strength 12 character, he is a strength 6 character who has a weapon, namely the power klaw, that is going to strike at strength 12. So, accepting that these are each separate entities, the order of operations applies to each independently.

    e.g. you have a warboss with might is right warlord trait and a power klaw who is under the effect of fists of gork,

    – What is the strength characteristic of my warboss? His warlord trait gives him +1S, so he’s modified to S7 before the battle starts.

    – In my psychic phase I manifest fists of gork. That gives him an additional +2S, making him S9 until the start of my next psychic phase.

    – In the fight phase I select him to fight. I must select a weapon to make attacks with. I select the power klaw, which strikes at S:user*2. Since my warboss is S9 that makes the power klaw strike at S18.

    Why didn’t the order of operations make him strike at S15? Because the power klaw is its own entity, and has its own statline. The powers that are affecting the warlord aren’t targeting his weapon, they’re targeting him.

    This is the kind of thing that’s easy for someone who has been playing the game for a long time to gloss over, because we rush through everything we do. But if you just go step by step, rules as written, like you were playing the game for the first time it’s quite easy to see how it works.

  5. Paul Winters January 15, 2019 6:18 pm #

    Curious if understand Abuse Puppy’s comment about the order of operations in this week’s podcast.

    The Designer’s Commentary has this as its first FAQ

    1. Multiplication and Division Step = model base X characteristic * multiplicative X modifiers / divisional X modifiers

    2. Addition and Subtraction Step = previous step value + additive X modifiers – subtractive X modifiers

    3. Weapon Step = previous step value +/-/*/÷ weapon X modifier

    4. Total Step = previous step value

    Wraithblades are base A:2.
    Psytronome of Iyaden doubles the model’s attack characteristic
    Fists of Wrath gives +1 attack on the charge
    Ghostsword weapon gives +1 attack.

    Step 1 = Base 2 * 2 (Psytronome of Iyaden)

    Step 2 = 4 + 1 (Fists of Wrath)

    Step 3 = 5 + 1 (Ghostsword)

    Total = 6

    • abusepuppy January 15, 2019 10:24 pm #

      That would be correct, as best I understand it, yes.

    • red3_standingby January 16, 2019 12:34 pm #

      It’s literally a case of applying rules as written. The confusion happens because people think that weapons modify the wielder’s stats, but they do not. Instead, weapons have their own stats.

      pg. 182-183 in the BRB has the steps for the Fight Phase:
      1. Choose Unite to Fight With
      2. Pile In
      3. Choose Targets
      4. Choose Melee Weapon:
      “Each time a model makes a close combat attack, it uses a melee weapon – the weapons a model is equipped with are described on its datasheet…”
      5. Resolve Close Combat Attacks:
      “…The attack sequence for making close combat attacks is identical to that used for shooting attacks (pg 181) [except you use WS].”

      So let’s look at pg. 181 skipping to
      4. Resolve Attacks:
      1. Hit Roll
      2. Wound Roll:
      “If an attack scores a hit, you will then need to roll another dice to see if the attack successfully wounds the target. The roll requires is determined by comparing the *attacking weapon’s* Strength characteristic with the target’s Toughness characteristic, as shown on the on the(sic) following table:” (emphasis added)

      So we have to determine the strength of the weapon. In the case of a power fist that is twice the user’s Strength characteristic. Now if the user is under any effects, such as a psychic power, warlord trait, stratagem, that might affect his Strength characteristic the order of operations will apply when calculating it.

      e.g. If I have a Black Templars Captain with power fist who is under the effect of Might of Heroes (+1S) and the aura of High Marshall Helbrecht (+1STR) then his Strength characteristic will be 6. When I select “power fist” as the weapon he attacks with in close combat, when I roll to wound and compare the strength of the weapon, which is 2xUser, it will strike at S12.

  6. David January 15, 2019 6:34 pm #

    Best episode in a long time.

  7. Donthemagnificent January 15, 2019 10:00 pm #

    Geoff, what does a chubby, balls, death guard player have to do to get on the glorious GW stream so the amazing Geoff and Frankie can be amazing commentators?

    • abusepuppy January 15, 2019 10:22 pm #

      I’ll tell you, good lookin’ models count for a lot.

  8. Matt Obermark January 16, 2019 10:39 am #

    Gonyo’s list is “No Psychic Phase, 2+/3++ Only, Final Destination”

  9. mpopa January 16, 2019 6:46 pm #

    rusty 17

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