Nerdery: Geroge R.R. Martin Writes a Game of Thrones Novel…Just Not the One you Wanted.

A new Game of Thrones novel is something to get excited about….right?

I’m a little late on the draw on this one as the book came out last month but as I have been reading the Game of Thrones books for over 2 decades now, I was stoked to see it…then I realized it was a prequel. Son of a #@$%$!


I mean, I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the effort and I am sure the book will be good, but come on George, give us the next GoT book for crying out loud, haha. We’ve been waiting years.

I get it that the show is already past the books, I get it that writing one of those books is a monumental task (and monumentally appreciated) but don’t let us wait in vain. We agreed to go on this journey with you, you owe it to your readers to finish what you started.

The show is fantastic but there is so much not covered in them that I want to see resolution to, plus much of the plot has deviated and it’s become largely a different story. Give us what we want, Mr. Martin!

Rant over, but sheesh, this is a bit underwhelming. Also, read the reviews if you want a good laugh, lol.

What do you all think about this move? Good play? Makes you mad? Don’t care?

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