Gloomspite Gitz: Revealed!

So, yesterday’s news was pretty exciting, eh? We bet you’re full of questions about the Gloomspite Gitz…

and we’ve got answers. Not to mention loads of new models to show off!

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We’re glad you asked! Gloomspite Gitz are a new faction combining Moonclan Grots, Spiderfang Grots, troggoths and the occasional gargant under one umbrella.* These previously disparate factions have been forged into a single, coherent army list, complete with a new battletome, new allegiance abilities and a pile of new kits to tie it all together.

Speaking of which:

Grots have long been an iconic part of the worlds of Warhammer – in the Mortal Realms, where immense monsters and mighty heroes reign supreme, there’s something distinctly appealing about these vicious little villains.

Using cutting-edge miniatures design technology, we’ve been able to realise and expand upon three decades of grot designs, building on their history to create a darkly macabre, fantastical and often hilarious range of models that are unlike anything else you’ll see on the tabletop.

There are loads of new kits coming out to accompany the Gloomspite Gitz – you may already be frantically pausing on them above. Let us save you some trouble:

Fanatics are a classic grot unit, much beloved by generals for their ability to jump out of units and devastate enemies. Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz was the perfect opportunity to give them an update:

As well as Loonsmasha Fanatics, you’ll be able to build puffshroom-swinging Sporesplatta Fanatics with the new kit:

The grots are getting their very own endless spells, and they’re some of the strangest we’ve seen so far. These summoned sorceries offer a wide range of effects, from melting enemy units to enhancing your wizards:

Battletome: Gloomspite Gitz has been designed to encompass Spiderfang Grots as well as Moonclan Grots, and you’ll recognise some distinctly arachnid influences across the new models.

The fate of the Mortal Realms is shaped by heroes and gods. Some, like Archaon, are iconoclastic destroyers of terrifying power. Others, like Morathi, are schemers and plotters who out-think their foes. And then you have Skragrott – who wants to conquer everything he can see because the moon told him to…

The Gloomspite Gitz are also getting their very own terrain piece – a massive shrine to the Bad Moon itself:

Everyone loves a squig, and the Mortal Realms’ most voracious beasties will be getting an update next year, with a brand new plastic kit! This multipart set offers you a huge range of options when customising your squigs, and it retains all the anarchic character of the Squigs you know and love:

Pretty cool, huh? Well, we’ve got even more good news – this isn’t even close to all the new models. Keep an eye out in the new year for more reveals, and check back tomorrow for some insights from the miniatures designers themselves.

*or maybe it’s a giant mushroom…


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    Colinsherlow December 26, 2018 1:16 pm #

    I am so excited for this!

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