Hobby Showcase: Y’nnari Supreme Command

Hey guys its Cavalier, commission painter for Frontline Gaming and co-host of Splintermind the Dark Eldar podcast back again this time to share a bit of hobby progress and a showcase of my Y’nnari rogues gallery. Check em out!

So just a bit of background. I’ve only played Eldar since 2nd edition and I’m preparing to start 2 new armies (Dark Angels and World Eaters) and recently finished re-painting the Void Dreamer (counts-as Farseer, model to right of center in the photo above) and realized, damn I’ve got a big old collection of characters!

I hadn’t really gone too far into making characters for my army previously, besides making, re-making and re-making again a Corsair Prince for my Lions of Asuryan Corsair themed army. Back in previous editions unless they had deathstar capabilities, HQ’s and support characters were seen as a hindrance but now they feature heavily in all armies whether they be casual, narrative or competitive. Since 8th hit I’ve been on a bender creating characters and just wanted to share some of my faves. Lets begin!


Prince Aenarion

Probably my proudest creation, Prince Aenarion is the leader of the Lions of Asuryan Eldar Corsairs. While formally allied with the Y’nnari he still has yet to completely embrace their ways and pursues first and foremost his dream of resurrecting the ancient pre-fall Aeldari Empire.

To make the model I used the Visarch as a base and kitbashed on a Tree Revenant head + hair, sculpting just a bit extra on the back of the head to blend it in to the model. I based him on one a drop-pod “fin” to give him height (though the Visarch model is the tallest infantry model in the Eldar range).

Currently I’m running him as a Flayed Skull Archon (which seems almost custom made for Corsair themed DE armies) with the Djinn Blade + Famed Savagery Warlord trait to get him 8 Attacks at Str 5 Ap-3 D3 damage. He’s been a MONSTER for me in games eating infantry alive in the mid-late stages of the game with his Incubi. The Incubi usually dont survive long but they crush infantry alongside their leader allowing me to pour firepower into other tougher targets.

As a HeroHammer guy this dude has really brought my army to life, not only visually but also on the tabletop. He’s no Guilliman, or Magnus or Mortarion but he’s been savage in his own arena and I’m really happy with how he’s come out.

Y’nnara Priestess of Y’nnead

Serving as a disciple of Y’vraine since the Fall of Cadia era, Y’nnara is my counts-as Y’vraine. When I do decide to run my guys as Y’nnari (which I usually dont) I had to have a proper model to stand in for Y’vraine. Its fun having my own custom models to stand-in for the Visarch and Y’vraine, replicating the Aeldari’s premier “power couple” with one of my own. The model I used was simply the Dark Elf Sorceress from AoS, who I cut off the top of her staff and replaced it with a Harlequin blade to make a cool looking glaive.

I also used the actual Gyrnix model and used a Wraithknight scattershield as a ruined staircase. This is one of my most recent models and I’m thrilled with how it came out.

Ascended Klaivex

This guy has become my Archon’s personal bodyguard. Its a simple headswap using the old metal Archon on an Incubus body. On the tabletop he’s a simple Archon with a Huskblade that I take to fulfill the second HQ requirement for my Battalion. This guy does work, soaking overwatch when there isn’t a transport to fill that role and really just tanks stuff with his 2++ for both the Incubi and my Warlord. Background wise he an Klaivex from the Coiled Blade Incubi Shrine which serves the Visarch. Their is a mysterious connection between the Visarch, the Incubi and my particular Corsair Prince and this guy plays a prominent role in it.

The Void Dreamer

This is hands down  my favorite Farseer sculpt of all time and its the original Rogue Trader Farseer. I love this model to death and painted, and repainted it 4 times. This was the last model in the group I finished and one of my faves. I really like the eldritch look to his Wraithbone rune armor, which I copied from the model showcase photos of the Incubi and their blades in the Gathering Storm II book. In the background Corsair Princes are often attended by Void Dreamers, Eldar rogue psykers. Since this model is so bizarre looking I figured he be perfect for the role. In 7th he was a legit Void Dreamer but since the Corsairs as an army and most of their units no longer exist, I play him as a Farseer instead.

The Siren

This is the Succubus for my Wych Cult detachment. I always play her as Red Grief with Hypex and she’s been a MONSTER for me. I usually play Alliance of Agony so I can give her a Warlord Trait (+1 Invuln which grants her a 3++) and then pay points to give her the Blood Glaive which is Str 6 AP-3 D3 Damage. Together with the 2 Archons (one of which is rocking 8 Attacks at Str 5 Ap-3 D3 damage) the Incubi and a unit of 9 Wyches makes a really hard hitting infantry core that can go after most characters and wipe out huge swathes of infantry.

In the background I imagine she is the sister of my Priestess of Y’nnead and maybe even knew Y’vraine during her stint as a Succubus in Comorragh.

Kurnous The Hunter

Named after the Elven god of the Hunt from AoS, this is my counts-as Illic Nightspear. Half of my Eldar collection is painted in all black and I call them the Umbral Watchers and in game terms I run them as Alaitoc Eldar . Back in the 7th edition Imperial Armor 11, Eldar Corsairs army had a very 8th edition FOC. They basically had these mini-detachments and each detachment was from another Corsair warband serperate and distinct from the main host. Paint jobs, background army rules etc. they were all supposed to be different. Sadly thats gone now, but hey Alaitoc Eldar rock so I’m not crying about it too bad!

The Phantom Heart

One of the few times I’ve painted up an army or detachment in the official scheme, this guy here is the Troupe Master of my new Harlequin detachment. He’s gotta be one of my most favorite models. I did a conversion, carving out the mask he’s got (from a Daughters of Khaine kit) which was surprisingly challenging. This guy is the official troll of my army, and I love tormenting my opponents with them. Harlies are brutal in this edition. Perfect combo of blistering offense and Eldar trickery and this guy sticking his tongue out totally represents that. #trolljob

Prince Y’riel

Sticking with the Corsair theme here, Prince Y’riel had to make the collection. He’s my favorite character in all of 40k and painting him up in Y’nnari red + gold following his resurrection and rebirth free of the curse of the Spear of Twilight in Gathering Storm II was a real blast. It was tricky making sure the color patterns were right on this model, as the red could overwhelm all the awesome details on this classic model.

I’m actually a big fan of this guy on the tabletop as well. I think he’s underrated especially at a 100pts. Wounding anything on 2’s, -2 AP and D3 damage is really nice. I’m really looking forward to expanding my Iyanden force as we get deeper into 8th edition… specifically with an eye on running some Iyanden Super-Heavy Grav-Tanks which are fantastic with the Iyanden special rules (x2 wounds for determining degrading characteristics).

The Ghosthand

Last but not least is my Bonesinger. He’s part of my Iyanden crew and only shows up in (fluffy) games where Prince Y’riel is featured. I thought it was a neat way of bringing in some non-coverted Craftworld models and still maintaining theme as Prince Y’riel is no longer a Corsair. This guy is just a fantastic model and I had to get one during the run of Made to Order models when the Eldar codex was released last October.


I have a number of other characters who didn’t make the cut for this article only because the attendant units they are meant to buff and work with are still being repainted. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed the article and maybe were inspired to kitbash or convert some characters of your own!


If you are interested in exclusive Dark Eldar and all things Aeldari coverage check out our podcast Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast!


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Commission Painter for Frontline Gaming + Co-Host of the Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast
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3 years ago

Those are looking great! Prince Aenarion reminds me a little bit of Mephiston. The Scattershield as staircase is really cool, and I might have to borrow that. Despite all GW’s advances, they still haven’t managed to come up with a Farseer sculpt to rival the one you’re using for the Void Dreamer. I got to paint one of those up for a buddy back in the day, and it was such a great mini to work on. Kurnous looks nicely badass and sinister. On the Ghosthand, you’ve done a great job of making it look like that Wraithbone spur might actually be growing there. Feels much more dynamic than the GW paint job.

3 years ago
Reply to  Cavalier

He’s also got the vanes behind his head that echo the collar on Mephiston’s cloak without being so ridiculous, a similar flow on his cloak, and a similarly imposing sword.

3 years ago

Your entire army looks awesome, especially the characters!

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