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Frontline Gaming’s Black Friday Sale

November 16th through the 26th, 2018

Up to 25% off on FLG Mats and ITC Terrain

New FLG Mats, ITC Terrain, Accessories and Bundles!

All of our FLG Mats are now discounted for Black Friday and here we’ll take a look at some of the cool new designs and products we’ve got for sale. All FLG Mats are manufactured here in the USA by our staff using high quality neoprene “mouse-pad” style material, and come with a handy nylon carry bag and aluminum bag tag for ease of identification, storage and transportation. And as always, we offer FREE shipping within the continental USA for orders $99 and up.

FLG Mats: Planet 37

Planet 37 is an awesome new mat depicting a hostile environment, perfect for your fantasy or SciFi tabletop miniatures games such as Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and more! Available in multiple sizes.

FLG Mats: Sector 17

Sector 17 is a stylish new FLG Mat which evokes a very high-tech setting, great for games such as 40k, Infinity, Dropzone Commander and more! This mat comes in a variety of sizes.

FLG Mats: Space 2

Space 2 is a follow up to our popular Space 1 FLG Mat. Unlike Space 1 which depicts a more traditional star-field, Space 2 takes place in a gorgeous Nebula setting, rich in colors. This mat works great for games such as X-Wing, Armada, and any other space based game! Available in a variety of sizes.

FLG Mats: iNcontroLTV Desk Mat

We’re also proud to announce an entirely new type of mat: the FLG Desk Mat! Great for gaming and used by iNcontroL in his own gaming. All of the administrative staff here at Frontline Gaming use desk mats and they’re excellent for work, too, allowing you to use your mouse without the restriction of a mouse pad and also being very comfortable to work on as well! This mat is the official licensed mat used by pro gamer Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson of StarCraft fame.

FLG Mats: Elemental Elf

And if that weren’t enough, we’re also launching FLG Mats in a size perfect for games such as Magic the Gathering! Our first is Elemental Elf. This absolutely stunning mat was commissioned from a very talented artist and is just beautiful. It also comes in the standard MtG size and desk mat size to make your desk a work of art!

ITC Terrain: Air Base

A brand new set of ITC Terrain! Air Base is one of the coolest sets we’ve made to date and sets the stage for an amazing battle in and around an airstrip complete with two new pieces of ITC Terrain: the Field Base Control Tower and massive Field Base Hanger! The Hangar is one of the largest pieces of terrain we’ve made to date. The roof can be modeled to be removable for ease of play and the giant hangar doors can be left off or left unglued to be easily removed, too! The complete set includes the Air Strip 6×4′ FLG Mat for a great savings on a complete, themed set of terrain. The new terrain kits are also available individually.

ITC Terrain Series: Field Base Hangar

If you want to grab the Field Base Hangar on its own at these awesome sale prices, you can!

ITC Terrain Series: Field Base Control Tower

And likewise, you can grab the Field Base Control Tower individually as well!

ITC Terrain Series: Industrial Container

We’ve also got a new twist on an old classic! The Industrial Container is a new product we’ve just gotten ready for production! Easy to build and paint, sturdy, and perfect for blocking line of sight in your tabletop games Plus, you can stack them easily if you like for a very cool effect on your table top.

New ITC Terrain Bundles: Orc Villages!

ITC Terrain Series: Orc Mars Village

We’ve been having a ton of fun making themed sets of ITC Terrain and wanted to share these bundles with you at a nice discount so you too can get some awesome tables of terrain for your own games. Each of these sets of terrain includes one of each of our Orc ITC Terrain sets, three ITC Cargo Containers and two of our new ITC Area Terrain bases which are great for a wide variety of hobby purposes and a Mars 6×4′ FLG Mat, all at great savings! To see how we painted these sets up, check out this hobby tutorial!

ITC Terrain Series: Orc Snow Village

As above with the same components but this time, the very beautiful Snow 2 6×4′ FLG Mat! Hope those Orcs brought their jackets!

ITC Terrain Series: Orc Swamp Village

This time, the plucky Orcs set up shop in a nasty swamp! This kit features the same components as above but with a Swamp 6×4′ FLG Mat.

ITC Terrain Series: Orc Tundra Village

Lastly, the Orcs head off to the Tundra to spread mayhem! With the same components as the other Orc Village bundles but with a Tundra 6×4′ FLG Mat.

ITC Industrial Dice Box Set

And another new product! This is a very cool gaming accessory that comes with an industrially themed dice box which has compartments for your dice (duh!), tape measure but also comes with a handy 9″/1″/2″ measuring stick, six different wound counters (5 small and one large), six objective markers numbered one through six, and an ITC Score Keeper! This handy kit is also on sale during our Black Friday sale! Dice and Tape Measure not included but shown for demonstrative purposes.

And if the Industrial theme isn’t for you, we also offer it in an unadorned version as well!

ITC Tabletop Dice Box Set

Wow, that’s a lot! We’ll dig into each individual release as we roll through the sale to give more information on them but we were excited to show off all the cool new stuff we’ve been making! Thanks for reading and happy gaming.

*This sale applies to our North American Web-cart only. We reserve the right to end this sale at any time. Sale prices good while supplies last.

And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!



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3 years ago

Some really cool stuff here! The dice box is sweet, especially with the industrial detailing.

I love how these containers can do that offset stack as well as directly on top of each other. How big is the gap left when they do that? Can dudes sneak through there?

The Control Tower is awesome, too. I love stuff that adds that degree of vertical space to a game.

3 years ago

It says the sale goes on until the 26th of 2019, that is quite the black friday sale…

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