Blood Bowl: Building Mix and Match Teams

Hello folks,

Dolch here with your scoop on all things Blood Bowl. In my last article, I gave you a bit of an introduction to the positional players and the lowdown on the teams that are available directly through Games Workshop.  So if you are looking for coverage over contents of the starters as well as the available add-ons for Orks, Humen, Scaven, Dwarfs, Elven Union, Dark Elfs, Goblins, Chaos Chosen, and Nurgle teams then look here.

In this article, I’ll be looking at the mixed teams that you can make from the above teams without conversions or modifications (Throw a unified paint scheme on them and go).  I’ll be using a few resources, namely the Teams of Legend published on and the Blood Bowl Almanac (alternatively, you can also look at the Death Zone Season One and Season Two books that are collected in the Almanac).

A bit of a word of warning here… since these teams are assembled from a variety of boxes, they tend to be expensive to assemble.  (Super-heavy expensive in most cases, not a 40,000 point Ork-army expensive).

I wish I could paint my orks this well… Josh “Blasto” Harris’ Amazing Orks (Best Painted)


Chaos Dwarfs

Chaos Beastmen from the Doom Lords Team


They are Chaotic and they like beer, who doesn’t love these short and hairy guys?  This team is made up of mostly Hobgoblin Runners. As models, I’d use the Beastmen from the Chaos Chosen team. The core of this team is the Chaos Dwarf Blockers, of course.  Take up to six of the linemen from the Dwarf team and paint them appropriately.  You can also pick up one of the Forgeworld Minotaurs for this team.  Unfortunately, there is no current Blood Bowl model for the Bull Centaur (please, Forgeworld!).  You can play this team without them, but their absence will be felt on the field.

Chaos Renegades

Next is the most mixed up team of them all, the Chaos Renegades.  They use human linemen, for which you could use either the Chaos Warriors or linemen from the human team.  They also have a Goblin, which is easily enough nabbed from the Goblin four pack. Similarly, you can take a Dark Elf Lineman and Skaven Linemen as well, you are looking at either kidnapping them from their team boxes (or the Forgeworld expansion pack for Skaven). (I’m serious about kidnapping here… no one on this team really gets along!)  Yet, if you want to play the Chaos Renegades what you really want is three Big Guys on the field in every game.  It is easy to get the Troll and the Ogre in plastic. You need to go to Forgeworld to get the Minotaur (and they have other options for the Troll and Ogre as well).


Ogres are what is considered a ‘stunty’ team… most of the players on the team are small (and in this case, very small).  Stunty teams are difficult to win with consistently because you just don’t have all the tools that most of the fully-fledged teams have.  This is on purpose, and stunty teams can give you a great challenge. Like the Chaos Renegades, you get a lot of big guys to pound your opponent with. It may be a bit of a stretch to say that you can build this team from what is currently available.  If you don’t do some heavy conversion, taking six plastic Ogres will leave your team a bit boring looking. Technically, runts are even smaller and weaker than goblins, but no one would fault you for just grabbing a couple of those kits, either from the 4 pack or the team box, to fill out a roster.

Underworld Denizens

Another mixed up team that is easily made is the Underworld team.  This is also often considered a ‘Stunty” team and it is made up mostly of Goblins and Skaven (no Gutterrunners, but you do have Throwers and Blitzers) and a Troll.  If you bought a second Skaven box to fill out your first teams requirement for Gutterrunners, then you easily can use the other Skaven for this team.  Add in some basic goblins and a plastic troll.  You may want to have a lot of extra bodies around for modifying because this team has access to Mutations.  You’ll want the option to add extra heads and arms as characters advance.

What teams just don’t work… In my opinion.

There are a few teams that just don’t work right now using only the current generation of Games Workshop Blood Bowl miniatures.  These include:

  • Amazons- No female football players (aside from one Cheerleader who really gets into her work).
  • Halflings – No pudgy guys (aside from a ref), and no Treeman. You gotta have the Treeman.
  • Khemri – No Skeletons
  • Lizardmen – No football playing lizards currently.
  • Necromantic Horrors– No Flesh Golems or Werewolves
  • Norse – No Minnesotans
  • Shambling Undead – Again, no Zombies or Skeletons
  • Vampires- No… um… Vampires?
  • Woodelfs- Not enough lightly armored Elves, current models are too well armored (and slow) for these lightning fast.

These teams (and many more) were available from Games Workshop in the ‘good olde days’.  You may be able to find them in the back corners of old hobby shops, floating around on eBay auctions, or even in the back of a buddy’s closet.  There is still a lot of love for those old miniatures, but the quality of the sculpts and casts do not compare to today’s plastic and resin.  Also, given the recent expansion of the game (I mean, size creep… not rules) these teams just aren’t impressive on the table anymore.

Yet… many of us are hobbyists, and the current line of Age of Sigmar can offer a lot of raw material for conversions. This is the direction that I plan on taking this series in the near future.

And the future?

The Specialist Games arm of Games Workshop seems to be putting out a team once per quarter.  This is great! The fact that you can build four additional teams from what has already been released shows a lot of foresight from the Specialist Games team.

At this time, none of the Undead Teams have been released (it seems that the undead drought of Age of Sigmar version 1.0 spread over to Blood Bowl as well).  If they release a Shambling Undead team, that will cover most of the Khemri and Necromantic Teams, too.  The other team on my “Do Not Work” list do not share much if anything.  As a result, they will need their own team boxes.

Forgeworld can continue doing a great job supporting the game.  Like the above-mentioned Bull Centaurs and Mummies, a few more models would make a big difference for a lot of these mixed-up teams. Hopefully, we might even see alternate models for the Trolls and Ogres.

This wraps up the teams a lot of the teams that don’t have box of their own.  Next time, we’ll get into some conversions!

Until then, Best Blitzes!


But Wait… there is more!

I had this article all ready to go when GW released a bit of news…



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3 years ago

Jeremy, this is a very well written article. If I may help fill in your list.

Amazons- No female football players (aside from one Cheerleader who really gets into her work).
-Yeah, not sure there is a good conversion substitute for these girls.

Halflings – No pudgy guys (aside from a ref), and no Treeman. You gotta have the Treeman.
-Completely agree, there is no good way to convert up a solid halfling team besides buying up 14 of the new ratlings in the BSF boxed set and doing serious conversions, You can however hit up the AoS sylvaneth line for treemen conversions.

Khemri – No Skeletons
-Sorry but any of the current death range of foot soldiers makes excellent conversions for all skeleton positions, the thro-ra, the blitz-ra and the regular line skeletons.

Lizardmen – No football playing lizards currently.
-Sepharon man, the entire sepharon line makes great BB conversions.

Necromantic Horrors– No Flesh Golems or Werewolves
-No one wants to even play this team so you are good :p

Norse – No Minnesotans
-Chaos blood reavers make excellent conversions for this.

Shambling Undead – Again, no Zombies or Skeletons
-champions of undeath as you mentioned or any of the legions of nagash or dead walker zombies

Vampires- No… um… Vampires?
– any of the flesh eater courts make breat counts as vampires mixed with the dead walker set

Woodelfs- Not enough lightly armored Elves, current models are too well armored (and slow) for these lightning fast.
-I think more armor is the way they are going for future BB releases in plastic, Witch aelves from AoS if you don’t want to just use Elven union. get your treeman from the sylvaneth line.


3 years ago


I laughed a lot at your response. You make excellent points that I’ll have to include into the article I already have written about converting AoS miniatures to Blood Bowl.(The more I look at it, we may need 2 articles… there are a lot of variations you can make with just a hobby knife and a bit of glue).

The focus of this article was teams that you could make from the existing Blood Bowl line and a unified paint scheme.
Thanks for the comments and the great ideas!

3 years ago

Woodelves – I wish i could credit the artist, but I saw some amazing woodelves on Instagram that used Kairic Acolyte (AoS) torsos with Elf Union parts…

I think I might have found a link

The Acolytes serve as the base anyway. Thats at least two kits to buy though, so ymmv.

Thanks for the articles!

3 years ago

Those elves are amazing! Wow.
At this point, we are hobbyists… price? We scoff at price to get what we want!

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