Clan Fokus: Freebooterz

Welcome to Clan Fokus – a new series on Warhammer Community where we’ll be taking a closer look at all the new Clan Kulturs in the new Codex: Orks. These powerful special rules let you tailor your play-style and offer huge benefits to nearly every unit in your army. We’ll be previewing a new Clan Kultur every day this week – finishing today with the Freebooterz…

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Grab your Orks, here!

Amongst the Orks, there are those who wander without clan or tribe, forging their own path between the stars. Some are the survivors of calamitous disasters that killed their mates, while others are eccentrics exiled by choice or by force from their peers. Gathering in roving hordes known as Freebooterz, these Orks turn mercenary, terrorising space, hiring themselves out to other Ork warbands and dressing even more outlandishly than ‘ordinary’ Orks.

Ork shooting has benefitted greatly in the new codex thanks to the extra shots generated by their Dakka! Dakka! Dakka! ability, but it can be especially effective in the hands of the Freebooterz. With this Clan Kultur, you’ll be able to get your units firing with something approaching accuracy after you’ve wiped out a nearby unit – a much easier task with units like Flash Gitz on your side! Speaking of whom…

Top Units

Flash Gitz occupy a special place in the new Orks codex. If you’re fielding one of the other clans, you’ll be able to include them in a Detachment without losing your Clan Kultur (though the Flash Gitz themselves won’t benefit from the Clan Kultur). However, choose Freebooterz, and you’ll get to apply your Clan Kultur to them as normal, representing their effectiveness when fighting with their fellow Ork pirates.

Flash Gitz have been given a huge power increase in the new codex thanks to a better armour save and even shootier snazzguns:

These guys are the premier dakka-delivery system for Orks and a unit or two are a must-have in any self-respecting Freebooterz army.

The Gunwagon is a new datasheet designed to make the most of the Battlewagon kit. As any of you who’ve built one of these towering mobile fortresses can attest, the Battlewagon is unbelievably customisable – so much so that it’s been split into three separate unit entries, each with a different role. The original Battlewagon is still the great transport it always was, the Bonebreaka is a front-line spearhead vehicle, and the Gunwagon is the closest thing the Orks have to a battle tank, capable of firing twice with its Periscope ability:

Try to pick off an enemy unit before firing the Gunwagon to take advantage of the Freebooterz Clan Kultur and you’ll be doubling up your shots with even greater accuracy. You can also use your Gunwagon (or other Battlewagon variants) to make deadly boarding actions with a new Stratagem – load yours up with power klaw-armed Nobz for the best results:

Packs of piratical Orks using boarding planks to storm across and wreck enemy tanks as they pull up alongside them – is there anything Orkier? We think not! You won’t have to wait long until your Orks can go a-Freebootin’ – you can pre-order Codex: Orks today.


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3 years ago

I’m kinda annoyed that IG, Eldar, Nids, and now even Orks can fire twice with their big tanks but the hammerhead can’t.

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