Harlequin Detachment Development Pt. 4: Painting Harlequin Starweavers

Hey guys, Cavalier checking in, commission painter for Frontline Gaming and co-host of Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast back again with the another installment in my Harlequin Detachment Development series this time tackling how to paint the raging hotness that is the Harlequin Skyweaver!

Harlie skyweavers are not only a critical unit on the tabletop but real showcase piece for your army in general. So when tackling them I really wanted them to shine. So my Masque of choice is the Penumbral Masque, a troupe of Harlequins loyal to the Y’nnari and Y’nnead. So to begin with I went with a Khorne Red fade using my airbrush on pure Chaos Black Primer.

This next step was the most crucial. I didn’t want the diamonds to dominate the bike, as I want the overall Y’nnari color scheme to match-in with the rest of my army. Furthermore the riders will also have diamond, so I can still get a very checkered look without overwhelming the sleek stylings of this amazing sculpt.

To do this I hand painted the diamonds first using Celestra Grey and Abaddon Black. I also got in there and base coated the mask near the handle bars as you can see. For reference on how I paint my diamonds please check my previous article here: Painting Diamonds.

Next I jumped in with Ulthuan White to really get those diamonds really bright. You’ll probably think the Celestra Grey reads as pure white in the previous photo, but the Ulthuan Grey does amazing job making it even brighter. Again Ulthuan Grey is the same color as Corax White and paints on a thousand times easier than Ceramite or White Scar. So pro tip there! Also I used the new Nighthaunt Shade on the mask, what amazing new paint!

With that done I painted the saddle. Most of it will be covered up by the rider but he does ride sort of high in the seat so enough’ll show where it’ll look crap if you dont paint it well. Best to get in there before your Harlie mounts up. I went with Dryad Bark, to Mournfang then finished up Skrag to get a nice deep leather look.

I did the gold and brown simultaneously and it couldn’t be easier. Retributor Gold with a Reikland Fleshwash. Then just a touch of Liberator Gold here and there (barely at all) and I call it a day.

The gems and dashscreen are up next. As for the gems I do a simple double crescent on either end of the gem going from Stegadon Scale, to Sotek to finally Temple Guard. I then do a dot of Fenris Grey on either end and then a dot of Ulthuan Grey on either end with just a couple sparkle dots here and there with Ulthuan Grey to complete the look

The screen is a progression of Caliban, to Warp Stone Glow to Moot Green. The radar grid is painted in Ulthuan Grey as well.

To finish it up I apply the same painting progress as I detailed in my in-depth Venom painting tutorial. It is a simple progression of Mephiston, to Evil Sunz, to Wild Rider capped off with just a touch of Cadian Fleshtone on the most extreme points and angles. I also did a 1/2 & 1/2  blend of Mephiston and Khorne Red on the raised area of the bikes fuselage.

Anyway thats it for this time guys. Hope you found the tutorial helpful. For my thoughts on using these guys on the tabletop as tank+titan hunters check out my previous article!

Also if you are interested in exclusive Dark Eldar and all things Aeldari coverage check out our podcast Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast which just released our 50th episode.


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  1. WestRider September 7, 2018 1:56 am #

    Looking great, dude!

    • Cavalier September 7, 2018 2:09 am #

      Thanks Westrider! They aren’t too tough to paint now that I got the hang of the diamonds. Appreciate it man!

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