Chapter Tactics #77: Talking ETC with the Captain, and Predicting the Pre-NOVA Meta

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today PeteyPab, Geoff, and Abusepuppy get Sean Nayden on and talk ETC, ITC, and much more. 

Show Notes:

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About Petey Pab

Aspiring 40k analyst, tournament reporter and Ultramarines enthusiast, Petey Pab only seeks to gather more knowledge about the game of 40k and share it with as many people as he can in order to unite both hobbyists and gamers. We are, after all, two sides of the same coin.

23 Responses to “Chapter Tactics #77: Talking ETC with the Captain, and Predicting the Pre-NOVA Meta”

  1. Reecius
    Reecius August 14, 2018 7:20 am #

    I timed out on turn 4 and Paul only had 30 minutes on me, thank you very much! Still though, lol, that was pretty lame. My next game I finished all 6 turns in an hour and 3 minutes! Put the fear in me, haha.

    Great show, guys.

    • Val Heffelfinger
      Val Heffelfinger August 14, 2018 7:33 am #

      Senpai listened to us!!

      Seriously though great listen so far. Rather enjoying it.

    • Avatar
      N.I.B. August 14, 2018 1:39 pm #

      I heard that Tyranids went pretty well at the ETC, would be nice to hear about that.

  2. Avatar
    Agent X August 14, 2018 9:37 am #

    Nice repeat of last week to fill people in on the ETC details they didn’t get a chance to hear. There was no Bilbo Baggins story this time though so everyone who made it through the half audio should consider that their reward.

    Sean I criticized you last time but greatly enjoyed your guest appearance this time around

    The discussion on pairing being broadcast was intriguing. Reminded me of DOTA when I first learned of twitch. The pairing portion is very strategic and would be ideal for the commentators to give analysis and explain things that are happening regarding the lists and the counters still in play. Essentially the broadcast team could explain that the haywire list on Team A is preventing the knight army from Team B from being deployed as Sean explained. I personally would find that interesting to listen to. I also think team format forcing different codexes to be used 1 time only sounds like a better version of 40k and adds layers to the game.

    I think a major effort should be done to get scoring up to date and on stream. It is just as important as the chess clock cam feature that was experimented with at BAO. Have the official score sheet in a designated spot so a camera can always see the score as the players do it. It would also give material to the commentators to fill time

    Good luck to Geoff and Frankie

    Keep up the nice CT podcasts and thanks for keeping me entertained while I work

  3. Avatar
    pascalnz August 14, 2018 2:21 pm #

    Squee, I get a mention 🙂

  4. Avatar
    David Bowles August 14, 2018 10:33 pm #

    Based on this podcast, (which was very informative, by the way), why do I feel the nerf hammer coming for BA captains?

    • Avatar
      Icoop August 15, 2018 5:42 am #

      Hopefully it’s CP Farm/MIN-MAXed mixed factions that get tuned down and not the individual units that would otherwise carry a faction.

    • Avatar
      abusepuppy August 15, 2018 6:10 am #

      I think it is fairly safe to say that one or several of the following will get nerfs come the big fall FAQ:

      -BA Smash Captains. (They’re just too, too efficient at what they do- they will almost always trade for 200-300pts worth of units, and it’s quite plausible to see them take down as much as 600pts by themselves, with not particularly exceptional luck.)

      -Knight Castellans with Ion Bulwark. (Again, it’s simply too good at what it does most of the time- it’s virtually impossible to kill with shooting and can’t be locked in combat, plus it can bump itself to the top of its wound track at any time and assassinates characters.)

      -CP farm abilities and relics for the Imperial factions especially, but quite plausibly other factions as well. These simply outclass the other options by a large, large margin, with Grand Strategist being an exceptionally egregious offender here because it _also_ gives you a reroll every turn.

      • Avatar
        Vercingatorix August 15, 2018 6:25 am #

        yeah, guard also have possibly the second best warlord trait in giving your whole army reroll to wound against a specific target but you wouldn’t know about it because grand strategist is so good.

      • Avatar
        David Bowles August 15, 2018 7:23 am #

        I agree with this, but I’d very much like some help for othet BA units somewhere in here too. A faction with a beautiful model line has been reduced to scouts and a kitbashed smash captain. The big faq tore the heart out of DC and SG, which were already overcosted.

        • Avatar
          abusepuppy August 15, 2018 8:20 am #

          Oh, sure; I don’t think anyone wants to see BA as a faction decimated, it’s just that one guy who hits and wounds seven times for three damage each and costs 130pts is just absolutely ridiculous.

          I wouldn’t be shocked to see some major cost changes for a lot of the Marine armies, since a lot of their units are being wholly ignored right now.

      • Avatar
        PandaSaurusRex August 15, 2018 8:37 am #

        I really hope they don’t do anything to BA Capts. BA have suffered enough from the Big FAQ lol.

        I really don’t think BA Capts are the problem as it requires to much in the way of resources to pull off. Either deep striking or UWOF, then DoA for 3D6 charge followed by Red Rampage, fight again/fight when killed. All of that plus spending the CP to make him Death Company is looking at:

        Death Visions – 1
        UWOF – 1
        DoA – 2
        RR – 2
        HtC – 3
        OID – 2
        Random re-roll – 1

        So between 8-10 CP to make him do his thing is a pretty significant cost. Without a Guard CP farm this just doesn’t work the same way as you are sinking all of your CP to hopefully kill one thing.

        • Avatar
          AbusePuppy August 15, 2018 8:57 am #

          Well, I mean, not all of that is mandatory- I would argue that only Death Visions and a relic are the only two you are guaranteed to see every time- though fighting a second time (through Honor the Chapter or Only In Death) will be pretty common.

          But even assuming a lot of that, you have a 130pt character who, with the expenditure of 6-8CP (Vision, relic, Honor, extra attacks, and maybe a movement buff) can take out virtually any unit in the game in a single phase. That’s too much hitting power for such a cheap model, especially one protected by the character rule.

          Nerfing the CP batteries will certainly make him more manageable, but I don’t think it’s a fundamental solution to the problem.

        • Avatar
          The Best General August 15, 2018 3:43 pm #

          Thank you @Panda

  5. Avatar
    Trantatrus August 15, 2018 5:29 am #

    Good episode… But jesus Pablo, these fuck ups have to stop. It’s 2018, MAKE BACK UPS. There’s zero reason for every single instance of a recording to just disappear “into the warp” and I swear I’ve heard this same story from you like 5 times since I started listening just a few months ago. It’s no problem by me, it all makes it to us in the end, but your co-hosts man… Requiring them constantly have to re-record entire episodes, every second or third week has to be ridiculously grating. I don’t know the story with the others but if this one made it online then it had time to be backed up first… Just be more careful on the technical side of things.

    Aside from that, great episode, was a great listen today.

    • Avatar
      abusepuppy August 15, 2018 8:18 am #

      I don’t know a ton about how the software Pablo is using works (since I don’t do much on that end of things), but when you’re recording from multiple sources it’s very, very easy to have one of them fail and simply never create a file in the first place. It happens to professional podcasters all the time, so it’s not as if it’s purely a newbie error.

    • Avatar
      Steven Pampreen August 15, 2018 10:07 am #

      Yeah, I think the issue was I was in Croatia and it was not great connection.

    • Petey Pab
      Petey Pab August 15, 2018 12:22 pm #

      Hey man, thanks for the listen.

      I’ve actually only had co-hosts/guests re-record the episode a few times (certainly less than every second or third week) in the entire history of the podcast. I try to be as courteous as possible to the people who take the time out of their schedules to give my podcast the content quality we all expect.

      Not every recording goes smoothly, and it really gets more difficult as I get a variety of guests from all around the world. You get varying quality in even professional podcasts that have guests on frequently. Ditto for radio shows and other media outlets. Of course there is screening for quality assurance, but I would prefer to include as many unique leaders of the community as possible. Even if they like to record from their hamster-run ancient computers, and flip phone mics.

      As for this particular instance there is a back up file that was made. It had the same problem. I have no idea why the issue happened, and the program I use got a strongly worded email from me. I do my absolute best, and spend a lot more time then I should to get these episodes ready.

      Remember, I don’t get paid for this. I do this on my own time and as a labor of love. It’s free content, and every episode isn’t going to be perfect.

      • Avatar
        David Bowles August 15, 2018 1:17 pm #

        It was a good pod cast for sure, even if it did confirm some of my fears about the meta!

      • Avatar
        Trantatrus August 15, 2018 2:10 pm #

        I’m a big fan of this podcast, didn’t want to see it collapse over poor technology handling and management. If the back up disappears then nothing can be done I guess. I didn’t mean to sound scornful in my post just want to make sure you’re putting all the necessary effort into ensuring this doesn’t happen. You probably are of course, and I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, I just hate seeing all that work lost!

        • Petey Pab
          Petey Pab August 16, 2018 9:18 am #

          I understand man, neither do I. It’s frustrating for me too when this stuff happens. But I know sometimes you just have to get over it and move on.

          Quick story. My very first podcast ever recorded was with Reece. WE recorded a great episode about alpha strikes. It was like 2 hours long. At the end of it, I was assured that it was recorded, but found out later that the memory card used for the recording was full, and that the audio was lost. When I brought the issue up to Reece (who was too busy to re-record a new episode) all he did was put his hand on my shoulder and say “Welcome to the business! This stuff happens, and you have to be professional and get through it.”

  6. Avatar
    Luc Crevisier August 17, 2018 2:19 pm #

    The slamguinius, if you get to know how to play that model, is strong. It remains a 3++FNP 5W T4 with good potential damage output. I struggle to see that this makes it to the list of things that need a fix as a single model.
    In my circle, Eldar dominate since 7th edition codex. Having free extra shooting or movement or -1 to hit across the board in 8th are examples of other things I would like to see addressed earlier than slamguinius.

    If this gets point nerfed, will BA get cheaper hellblasters than DA?
    And who will want to play a slamguinius in a BA list without allies? The slamguinius is a hard one to put gather in a BA army without allies. It might put the model on the shelves for players not using allies. But, I get it: get used to change within 8th, or you better start playing something else.
    Though I can shelve this model, I think that addressing this case instead of the system which allows such occurrence will not prevent new occurrences:
    why allowing CPs to be pooled?

    AM gets loads of CPs maybe because they need it for themselves.
    I can’t wait to see what can Wulfen do: adding 1 to hit rolls, with all potential and near-to free flowing stratagems thanks to the AM allies might shake the meta for a while the exact same way. I just checked the FLG podcast and you guys were saying how funny are Orks and SW players because they have 1 army with godzillion points. Guess what: in 8th your army is competitive with allies. I struggle to see how that aspect is good for the hobby.

    Should CP be allocated more evenly across the board either by for example forcing AM to take more HQs and troups to reach the battalion min size? Sounds complex and still open for unbalance. Or should CP come back to a more standardized format where each player gets XX per game format? I think lots of players are also finding the regeneration system unfair because some armies have it better. I think that the CP concept was to make some units or weapons more playable (typically the 1 shot weapons) and to allow triggering stratagems to generate some kind of fluff moments. And I think it is fun to have taken the CP concept further but maybe now it should be town down and more like universal rule.
    Can’t wait to see the FAQ anyways, will play it anyways as the addict I am.
    Keep up the great products, good podcasts and spirit guys!

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