Tons of new info from Warhammer Fest!

The following was taken from the Warhammer-Community blog. Check them out for more information!

Sat 5.45pm – Live Blog 13: End of Day One

Phew! What a day, eh?

To recap, we’ve seen (deep breath now):

– The new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar
– The Nighthaunt – an army of hateful, sinister spectres
– The Sacrosanct Chamber opening – revealing Stormcast Wizards
– Magic gone wild
– The first ever official Warhammer Podcast
– A new webcomic
– The Hammerhal Herald, your noticeboard from the Mortal Realms
– The first in a new generation of Sisters of Battle
– Blood Bowl’s latest team (and a host of Star Players)
– Brian Blessed as Gotrek Gurnisson
– Adeptus Titanicus unveiled
– A massive Necron construct
– The triumphant debut of Vargaroth the Scarred and his mighty draconic mount, Skalok the Skull Host of Khorne
– An Imperial Armour book for using the Talons of the Emperor in Warhammer 40,000
– Anacharis Scoria and Jenetia Krole
– A host of Alpha Legion models
– The new Dreadnought Drop Pod
– The preview of the eighth campaign book for The Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness
– Some great new models for Middle-earth

It’s been an exciting one – we’re checking out for the night while we prepare for the second day of Warhammer Fest, where we’ll be looking at what our licensed partners have been up to, checking out the latest inventions from the Hobby Studio and crowning our Slayer Sword winner…

Sat 4.50pm – Live Blog 12: Models from Middle-earth

Wondering what’s going on in the world of Middle-earth? So were we – so we popped into the Middle-earth seminar to find out more. Turns out there are some new models on the way!

Sat 4.40pm – Live Blog 11: Open the Sacrosanct Chamber

With spirits, geists, wraiths, haunts and more rising in the Mortal Realms, who will stop them? We reckon the Sacrosanct Chamber have a decent chance – we got to take a closer look at these magic-wielding Stormcast Eternals:

Like the Nighthaunt, the team also brought along a upscaled Sequitor-Prime (what’s that, you ask? You’ll have to stay tuned to Warhammer Community to find out) to demonstrate the level of detail on these kits:

Sat 4.15pm – Live Blog 10: The Forge World Seminar

Forge World have just finished a seminar of their own, offering us some insights into their plans for the future, not to mention a LOT of awesome new models for the Horus Heresy, Warhammer 40,000, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar – speaking of which…

The Khorne Lord on Dragon is the biggest Warhammer Age of Sigmar kit EVER – a towering and intimidating monster that’ll be the perfect addition to any Khorne army. In the past, Forge World has brought some of the 41st Millennium’s most massive inhabitants to life, and the cosmic scope of the Mortal Realms has allowed them to do the same thing for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

We can’t stress enough how huge this thing is – check it out:

Meanwhile, in the 41st Millennium, Forge World’s range of sinister Necron Canoptek constructs is being joined by this monster – an Imperial Knight-sized crawler that looks like an ambitious Cryptek decided to build a Tomb Spyder as large as a Tesseract Vault. And it’s armed to the mandibles with esoteric weaponry.

As well as models, Forge World have been hard at work on new rules for Warhammer 40,000, announcing a brand new Imperial Armour book looking at the chosen children of the Master of Mankind himself – the Talons of the Emperor.

With datasheets for using your Forge World Adeptus Custodes, an expanded list of units for the Grey Knights, and rules for using your Sisters of Silence as a standalone army, this book is going to be a treat for Imperium players .

Forge World also revealed the return of a fan-favourite kit with the Dreadnought Drop Pod – for when you absolutely, definitely need to deliver a 10ft tall armoured sarcophagus covered in guns and filled with an angry Space Marine directly to your enemy’s most vulnerable flank

This is more than just a re-tool of the old kit – as well as featuring more detail, it’s been re-designed to be larger and can now convincingly carry a Contemptor Dreadnought.

What about the 31st Millennium? We’ve got some very exciting news about the Horus Heresy – from more models to news on the next campaign book…

First seen unpainted back at the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender, we’ve finally seen Anacharis Scoria in all his horrifying glory. This guy makes your average Tech-Priest look frankly conservative in their choice of bionics – a gaunt, skittering mechanical tyrant who looks like the cross between a Defiler, an Onager Dunewalker and an ancient magus. Anacharis Scoria is one of the first ever models exploring the sinister Dark Mechanicum and is a treat for collector’s who’ve been waiting for this sinister organisation to be brought to life.

With villains like Anacharis Scoria around, you’ll need some heroes – a word which, in this instance, means “a horrifying anti-psychic avenger/flawless commander whose very presence is terrifying to behold”. Meet Jenetia Krole, commander of the Sisters of Silence and one of the greatest champions of the Talons of the Emperor, if not the Imperium itself:

We’ve looked at the legends of the Horus Heresy, but what about the poor schmucks on the ground – the Solar Auxilia? There’s something undeniably appealing about the human foot soldiers of the Horus Heresy – these guys face demigods, Daemons and superhumans with little more than a las-lock.

Well, a las-lock, and a LOT of armoured support – like this new vehicle that crosses a Predator with an Aurox armoured transport:

We don’t know who these Alpha Legion Praetors are – or indeed, if one of them is Alpharius (or Omegon) in disguise. What we can say for certain is they’re very cool:

We also got a peek at the Mechanicum Knight Acastus – first previewed at the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender, this titanic Knight answers the question “what if you combined the Acastus Knight Porphyrion with even more barely understood and horrifying techno-weaponry from the Age of Darkness?”:

Finally, Forge World gave us our first look at the Proteus Pattern Land Speeder – based on the classic design of the first ever Land Speeder in Rogue Trader, this support skimmer will feature all sorts of weapons options and will be available on general release, unlike its retro-tastic, event-exclusive brother.

As well as new models, Forge World also gave us the first tantalising details on the highly anticipated eighth book of the Horus Heresy campaign series. Having undergone some changes, we can now confirm that the title of the book is Malevolence – inside, you’ll find rules for the Blood Angels and White Scars, additional details on the Alpha Legion and Space Wolves, Daemons of the Ruinstorm and much more.

Whether you’re battling in the Age of Darkness or the Dark Imperium, you’ve got some exciting times ahead…


Sat 3.10pm – Live Blog 9:

The Specialist Games guys have created a photobooth to allow visitors to transform themselves into a Titan – Warhammer Community’s Rhu couldn’t resist.

While comparatively gigantic in the world of Adeptus Titanicus, Johann remains as cowardly as ever (although to be fair, he possesses neither ion shielding nor a reaper chainsword).

Sat 2.50pm – Live Blog 8.2: Specialist Games

Deceitful, cruel, sadistic – and that’s just the fans. At the Specialist Games Seminar, we got our first look at Blood Bowl’s latest team:

You’ll find rules for the Dark Elves in another informative installment of Spike! Journal, alongside notes from guest editor Mali Keith, tactical tips, comics and more.


So you’ve got your plastic team – but what about your next steps? While the Dark Elves don’t have a Big Guy, they do have Assassins – special players who apply some fairly lateral thinking to the sport. After all, your opponent’s top runner will find it hard to score with a dagger in his throat!

There’s also a range of Star Players on the way for all Elven teams, from notorious Witch Elf Roxanna Darknail to the famous Swift Twins, as well as the Elven Union’s Eldril Sidewinder:

It’s not just the Elves – we have some good news for fans of Trolls in the preview. Trolls aren’t the brightest Blood Bowl players, but they’re popular among new and veteran coaches alike for a few reasons:

  1. They DO. NOT. DIE.
  2. They can throw Goblins across the pitch to make touchdowns, and sometimes the Goblin even survives!

After you’ve added one Troll to your roster, there’s really only one way to go – getting another. With a second Blood Bowl Troll coming soon from Forge World, there’s really no excuse:

Human teams, meanwhile, are receiving some reinforcement thanks to a team booster pack – the perfect way to add some variety to the models in your roster:

Finally, with so many models on the way, you’ll need a pitch (or two) to play on – and you’re in luck, with two new pitch and dugout sets on the way:

Sat 2.15pm – Live Blog 8.1: Specialist Games

From the towering heights of the far future to its deepest depths – Necromunda is continuing to go from strength to strength, with upgrades, models and and another installment of gaming toolbox Gang War, all designed to add yet more diversity to your campaigns in the underhive. We love the new Bounty Hunters, while there’s something strangely adorable about the Sumpkroc – although we wouldn’t recommend petting one.

While you’ll have to wait a little longer before the models are revealed, Warhammer Fest also saw the Cawdor gang previewed with some exclusive new art. Just like the gangs of the Houses Goliath, Escher, Orlock and Van Saar, the Cawdor have been reimagined more richly than ever before – and the results are, it’s safe to say, pretty cool!

For those of you new to Necromunda, the Cawdor are a particularly fascinating gang. While other gangs are makers, builders, miners and producers, the Cawdor live at the other end of the system – waste disposal. In Necromunda, one man’s trash is another man’s deadly improvised weapon, and so the Cawdor have risen to a place of considerable prominence and power. They’re also one of Necromunda’s most numerous factions, drawing thousands to their cause through fanatical, unwavering faith in the Emperor. We’re looking forward to checking these guys out in full later down the line…

Sat 2.05pm – Live Blog 8: Specialist Games

As well as Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, we’ve just heard some great news about expansions to Necromunda and Blood Bowl that are on the way, as well as a certain game of titanic battles shown off fully for the first time:

Adeptus Titanicus puts you in command of your own Titans during the height of the Horus Heresy in a thrilling game of titanic combat. Don’t pretend you never wanted to lead a force of God-machines into battle…

The rules system is completely new, though inspired by the classic version of the game and designed to simulate how it might feel to command a Titan – you’ll be able to redirect power, supercharge your shields, undertake special manoeuvres and more, offering a huge amount of tactical depth, not to mention plenty of fun.

Best of all? It’s all going to be available in plastic – from your Knights to the Warlord Titan itself – in a range of ultra-detailed, highly poseable kits that capture all the intricate mechanical detail of their larger counterparts.


Sat 1.50pm – Live Blog 7: From the Crypts…

We knew Nagash had been busy, and we’ve been getting our first look at the new Nighthaunt army – from spectral cavalry to sinister characters, and more!

The Design Studio have really outdone themselves with this range – they even brought along some super-sized versions of the models to show off just how detailed they are.

Sat 1.20pm – Live Blog 6: Cosplay at Warhammer Fest

One of the best things about Warhammer Fest is the passion Warhammer fans bring – and these guys have taken it to the next level by coming in costume!

From Khornate champions, to Space Marines, to an incredibly detailed battlesuit, we managed to catch a few outstanding examples together for some pictures…


Sat 12.30pm – Live Blog 5: A Plastic Sister of Battle!

At the AdeptiCon Studio Seminar, we revealed that Sisters of Battle are on their way. We promised you we’d keep you updated and take you on this army’s journey from design to release. Now, as promised, we can finally show you just what the new generation of Adepta Sororitas is going to look like:

The classic gothic design of the Sisters of Battle is, to be frank, awesome, and with the new range, the design studio hasn’t been trying to change that – instead, we’ve gone back to the original art and looked at how we can truly bring it to life using cutting edge design technology. The first model of the new generation of Sisters of Battle is based – almost detail-for-detail – on some of the most iconic Sisters of Battle art ever made, and you can expect the rest of the army to follow the classic design cues you know and love.

We’ve pushed our designers to the limit with these new models, and this first Battle Sister is the perfect example of that – she’s got everything from ragged purity seals, rosaries and charms, to precise mechanical details on the bolter and power armour that has been lavishly realised. The scenic base alone is an awesome piece in its own right. We think it’s safe to say that if you’re a Sororitas fan, the wait has been well worth it.

This Battle Sister will be the first you’ll be able to get your hands on, a special preview release ahead of the main wave to make the wait a little bit more bearable. We can’t say when just yet, but stay tuned to Warhammer Community to find out as soon as we have a date.

Sat 12.00pm – Live Blog 4: A New Age of Battle Begins

Fans at the Studio Preview seminar were lucky enough to see the coolest, most high-budget trailer the Warhammer TV team have ever made…

Ok, not the most high-budget trailer we’ve ever made, but certainly the most exciting news of the year so far. Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s new edition is coming – a comprehensive revamp of the game and setting you love.

Over the past three years, Warhammer Age of Sigmar has been steadily growing, transforming into an increasingly rich game with a compelling story, supported by a growing community of players.

The new edition is designed to consolidate on everything you love about Warhammer Age of Sigmar, while refining gameplay, adding depth and darkness to the lore of the Mortal Realms, and transforming magic into something very special indeed.

You may have cast a Purple Sun before, but never like this – get ready for roaming, predatory spells, fantastical enchantments and summoned sorceries that aren’t just words on a warscroll but active (and very deadly) participants in your games.

What would a new edition be without some awesome new models? The new Warhammer Age of Sigmar will be kicking off in style with two new armies… Did we mention this is new?

We knew that dastardly God of Death, Nagash, was up to something, and now we know what. Across the realms, armies of spirits answer his summons to war – an undying tide of hatred and fell magic that seeks to usher in a new age of death.

With spectral monstrosities, unbound spells and Sigmar-knows-what rampant in the realms, the forces of Order are going to need more than hammers to combat these new foes.

Enter the Sacrosanct Chamber.

Sneakily previewed earlier this year with the Lord-Ordinator, these guys are engineers, magi and priests who tend the soul-forges of the Stormcast Eternals, now forced into the conflict with Nagash’s new legion of soul-hungry revenants.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar means for you.

Over the next few weeks, right here on, you can look forward to daily articles on every aspect of the new edition – with more previews, tacticas and exploration of the realms, than ever before.

The new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar will also be accompanied by some exciting new features, starting with an official podcast:

The Hammerhal Herald, meanwhile, takes a wry look at what life’s like for the everyman (or aelf, or duardin) in the Mortal Realms with bulletins, adverts and notices from the streets of the greatest of the free cities:

That’s not all – you’ll be able to follow the lighter side of life as a Stormcast Eternal in Roll Models, a new webcomic.

In short, there are exciting times ahead for Warhammer Age of Sigmar – and we’ll be making sure you don’t miss any of it.

Sat 11:30am –  Live Blog 3

We’ve brought Johann along – we wonder what new friends he’ll make today…

Striking new art – a guide to the event, and a guide to Historic Cinderfall.

Cadia Stands! We’ve got some excellent cosplay incoming.

The atmosphere is electric. You could cut the tension with a chainsword.

Sat 9:00am –  Live Blog 2: The Gates are Open…

Warhammer Fest has begun – and we’re coming out of the gate swinging with a pretty massive announcement!

Since January, fans have been wondering just what Malign Portents is leading up to. The growing darkness emanating from Shyish certainly heralds change, but what?

The time has come for all to be revealed…

That’s right – there’s a new edition on the way for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and it’s coming very soon. We’ll have more details on just what this means for you after the Studio Preview later this morning – in the meantime, you guys like cool models, right?

Wonder who these guys are? (We think it’s safe to say they’re not pals.) Make sure to come back soon for further news…

Friday 6:00pm – Live Blog Part 1: The Calm Before the Storm

Welcome to the Warhammer Fest Live Blog.

With the ultimate celebration of the world’s greatest miniatures mere hours away, we’re preparing for some of our most exciting reveals, announcements and teasers ever.

We know that not all of you can make Warhammer Fest in person, but fear not – we’ll be bringing you all the latest news and reveals as they happen.

Even though the doors to Warhammer Fest don’t open for another 10 hours, we’d like to whet your appetite and provide an advance boarding ticket to the hype train with a bit of a teaser:

What could they be so happy about?

Join us tomorrow morning as the doors open to find out…


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4 years ago

Really looking forward to the new edition AoS, like the sound of the little bits we’ve heard, particularly more restrictions on shooting 😛

Also those new Stormcast and Nighthaunt models are incredible. Definitely expanding my Sc army and finally busting out my old Fantasy Vampires army to build on with these. Fingers crossed for a new starter set with both in.

4 years ago

Woot new AoS. That iron jaws “jaw ” spell looks freaking amazing! Wonder if they will get rid of the terrain special rules? Haven’t seen to many use it in North America

4 years ago
Reply to  Mamdair

They’re releasing terrain dice to mark which bit is which so I think it’s unlikely to go, it’s used very commonly here in Europe.

4 years ago

Told myself I’d come back to the game if Forge World ever made 8th edition rules for the HH Custodes and Sisters of Silence stuff… looks like next year is going to be expensive!

4 years ago

That Necron thing reminds me of the stuff I used to kitbash for them. I’m not sure if that is praise or criticism.

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