Chapter Tactics #58: ETC Edition

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today PeteyPab, and Val interview the Belgium Team Captain, and former 40k council member Tom Adriany from the European Team Championships. Petey and Val try to bridge the gap between the ITC and the ETC and announce the addition of even more tournament coverage of the ETC tournament circuit.

Show Notes:

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4 Responses to “Chapter Tactics #58: ETC Edition”

  1. Henrik March 13, 2018 9:11 am #

    Frietkot is the Belgian specialty of deep frying all different manners of meat in weird and wonderful ways. So perfect after 3 rounds of hammer and several 8% Belgian that our team was named in its honor. 😀

  2. Morley March 13, 2018 11:59 am #

    Its wrong thats the German Tournament Scene Plays only Maehlstrom. Our Tournament Format will now expand in Europe, and we hope the ETC will break some Oldschool Rules, like without Forgeworld, no Killpoints every Game etc.

    Look at this:

    English Version:

    1 Missions and Scoring

    The tournament organisers have to roll a d8 before every round and consult the following table to determine which mission is being played on all tables. Each mission is only played once during the tournament, if a mission is being rolled that has already been played, then the organisers roll again until they get a result that has not been played before.

    Mission table:

    Contact Lost

    Scorched Earth

    Dominate and Destroy

    Kill Confirmed

    Targets of Opportunity

    Tactical Gambit

    Race to Victory

    Sealed Orders

    As described in the Rules, deployment areas are to be determined by rolling a dice.

    If a player generates a Maelstrom-Objective that he is not able to score, he is not allowed to put it aside and draw a new objective, he has to discard it, using the usual rules of discarding objectives.

    The pairing of players in the first round is random, from the second round forward the pairing of the players will be determined by the Swiss System.


    All gathered victory points are added up at the end of the match and compared against each other. The points difference determines the result of the game. In the missions ‚Kill Confirmed‘ as well as ‚Dominate & Destroy‘ the second table is to be used.

    Difference in victory points
























    Kill Confirmed & Dominate & Destroy:

    Difference in victory points
























    As a tiebreaker victory points will be used. You can note victory points on your result slip.[/su_table]

    The total annihilation of one player will be treated as an additional objective that can be scored:

    Total Annihilation:

    If one player does not have any models left on the battlefield at the end of the game(as described in ‚Sudden Death‘) his opponent will score an additional 2 Victory Points. If a player does not have any models on the battlefield that count for ‚Boots on the Ground‘ the game will still continue and his opponent will be able to score additional victory points throughout the remaining turns, including extra turns 6 and 7. Models with the ‚Flyer‘ Battlefield Role will be removed in ‚Sudden Death‘ and count as destroyed.

    If a player concedes the game his opponent scores the highest possible number of victory points. The player who conceded has to remove all of his units and the winner scores all Maelstrom Objectives that he draws until the end of the game and scores all objectives on the Battlefield in applicable missions. The game ends regularly after round 5-7. The conceder gains 0 victory points.

    2 Constructing your Army:

    Your army may not include more than 2000 points. Your army has to be battle-forged.

    Your Army may not be built out of more than three detachments.

    Your warlord has to be marked on your army list.

    Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers, Relics and all other options that have to be decided “before the game begins” (e.g. The Chapter Master Stratagem) have to be noted down on your army list and can not be changed throughout the tournament.

    English publications and rules texts always have priority compared to texts and publications in other languages.

    You will find a full list of the allowed publications under the topic ‚Army‘.

    The rule ‚Understrength Units‘ does not apply in TTM tournaments.

    The ‚Index vs. Codex Flowchart‘ may not be used to play war-gear options out of the index that are excluded from the codex.

    3 Additional Rules:
    Games Workshop Beta Rules:

    We are using the Beta Rules provided by Games Workshop. Please note that we still may exclude specific rulings and changes made by Games Workshop.

    The First set of Beta Rules can be found here:

    PLACING OBJECTIVES AND CHOOSING SIDES: After all objectives have been placed, the player who placed the first objective, rolls a die to determine the deployment areas, he then chooses his side. The other player then starts to set up his first unit.

    SUPREME COMMAND DETACHMENT: The Supreme Command Detachment does not award a bonus on your command points, it rather costs you one of your command points (-1CP).

    RANDOMLY GENERATED VICTORY POINTS (MAELSTROM): If a tactical objective asks you to generate the amount of victory points randomly (roll a d3) , you always get 2 victory points instead. (In the mission Scorched Earth you still roll a d3, when burning down an objective marker)

    FIRST BLOOD: The Objective ‚First Blood‘ can be “evened out” during the first Battleround. This means that both players can score this objective during the first Battleround if they completely destroy an enemy unit. Is ‚First Blood‘ achieved in the second or subsequent battleround by one player for the first time, then the other player cannot achieve ‚First Blood‘ any more.

    FIRST TURN: The mission ‚Contact Lost‘ uses the same First Turn principle as the other missions, meaning that the player who deployed all his/her units first, gets a +1 modifier on the roll off to determine who goes first.

    4 Base sizes:
    Base sizes from the same kind of models have to be the same throughout the army. For example, every model in power armour (Devastators, Assault Marines, Tactical Marines) are to be played on a 32mm base. Single models may be placed on bigger bases (the hero on the heroic 40mm base) if this does not generate any unfair advantages. Any changes from the usual base size that is delivered with the miniature is to be corresponded with the judges before the tournament so there won’t be any disappointments throughout the tournament.

    Count-as and self-built models have to be played on the bases that come with the original models.

    5 Fair play:
    Tabletopmasters tournaments use the following “code of ethics” to ensure that every player has a great time at the tournament:

    Code of ethics english download

    • Petey Pab March 13, 2018 12:21 pm #

      Hello! Thanks for the clarification. I’m sure Tom didn’t mean any disrespect, and was just trying to generalize to show how different the metas can be over there.

  3. Tom Adriany March 13, 2018 2:26 pm #

    Thomas, as you well know, I am a 40K Dinosaur, not quite going the way of the dodo. The TTM (tabletop masters) is still relatively new, especially what you posted above as most missions are straight out of chapter approved, and I was speaking with the baggage of the last few years in mind, and obviously generalizing, thinking back to when the Oerdingers and the Kayu’s were reaping their casualties in the German scene not so long ago. I spoke often with those two high calibre players, and remember speaking about the maelstrom aspect and how it affected their take on the game back then.

    The TTM, playing single missions, and chapter approved ones at that, are still funky as hell and in no way compare to the ETC missions which are a lot less random in my opinion ( Road to Victory anyone?). Which illustrates my point a little in that the Germans have to account for that playing in a mission pack like this that is far from the norm in the rest of Europe. 6/8 missions play almost purely on maelstrom cards, so I don’t see how it’s wrong to say that the Germans play Maelstrom missions?

    I meant no disrespect or to misrepresent anything, just going based on what I know. I will be playing the TTM missions you posted above this weekend at the Prague Open btw, and it is refreshing not to have to over-analyse everything and just subject yourself to the whim of the dice for once :). Wish me luck, odds are I’ll need it 🙂

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