New ITC Terrain Set: Field Base!

We here at Frontline Gaming are very excited to bring you another set of ITC Terrain: Field Base. Read on for more details!

This set goes great with the Field Base FLG Mat (obviously =P) but can work with a wide variety of FLG Mats. This set looks great on the tabletop, is easy to build and paint, and gives you an affordable, themed battlefield for your tabletop miniatures games. I love playing mine with my Astra Militarum army as I feel the aesthetic really meshes well. We’ve had fun recreating Starship Troopers style games with them vs. Tyranids! As with nearly all ITC Terrain, you can build these to be modular, allowing you to place models inside and on the sets.

During the release week (through January 11th, 2018), we’ve got the individual kits at a discount! So grab those while they’re hot. If you’d rather just get a bundle set, you can do that to and we have a variety to choose from up to the ITC Standard Set with Mat, which is multiples of each building and the Field Base Mat, and is how we use this set in our games and events.

Enjoy and happy gaming!

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