Games Workshop Hobby Seminars at the LVO

Join veteran Games Workshop painter Chris Peach of WarhammerTV fame for some informative and fun hobby seminars.

All materials for each participant in the seminar will be provided by Games Workshop.

Army Painting – Cadian Shock Trooper

In this seminar Chris will be painting a Cadian shock trooper to showcase quick ways to get  your armies painted in no time. As you paint Chris will talk through the theory of army painting and pass on some dos and don’ts of painting collections at speed.

Shading – Pox Walker

In this seminar Chris will be looking at the uses of shades and how you can quickly paint the majority of your models with this technique. demonstrating not only how easy they are to use but how effective the results are too.

Drybrushing – Termagant

In this seminar we will break the myth that drybrushing is a beginners technique and demonstrate the great effects you can achieve by using this method.

Power Armour – Blood Angel Primaris Intercessor

In this seminar Chris will be painting a Blood Angels Primaris Intercessor, giving you the chance to build your skills in edge highlighting to get that red Primaris armour looking awesome.

Basing – Blank/Textured/Sector Mechanicus Bases

In this seminar we will be demonstrating different methods and styles of basing your models. From building your own textures to painting pre-moulded bases.

Metallics – Hammers of Sigmar Stormcast Liberator

In this seminar Chris will be showing you how to paint a Liberator of the Hammers of Sigmar, he will showcase a variety of techniques, from drybrushing to edge highlighting to help you get the best out of metalics.

Special Effects – Putrid Blightking

In this seminar we will be showcasing a variety of special effects on a Putrid Blightking, effects including oxidization, blood splatter and rust that will be easily transferable to any army/collection.

Weathering – Leman Russ tank side/track unit

In this seminar Chris will be demonstrating quick and easy ways to get believable weathering onto your vehicles by weathering up the side of  a Leman Russ Battle Tank.


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