Chapter Tactics #50: Year in Review, and Which Factions Dominated 2017

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today PeteyPab and Co-Host Val Heffelfinger review 2017 with Usage Statistics, Performance Analysis, and Tournament Results for each faction in 40k as well as give their own thoughts on 2017 and how it shaped competitive 40k history. See you all next year and Happy Holidays!

Show Notes:

  • Statistics and results can be found at the 35:20 in the podcast!
  • Want to know more information from the statistics not covered in the episode? Email Peteypab at
  • PeteyPab was interviewed on the Flying Monkeys Podcast! Check it out, and check out their podcast for some R-Rated good old fashioned 40k talk.
  • Click here for a link for information on downloading best coast pairings app where you can find lists for most of the events I mentioned.
  • Chapter Tactics is back! With Weekly episodes and a lot of tactical insight, this is your place for all things 40k in 8th edition.
  • Check out the last episode of Chapter Tactics here. Or, click here for a link to a full archive of all of my episodes.
  • Want more tactical information about the new edition? Check out our 8th Edition article archive to help get a leg up on the competition!


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About Petey Pab

Aspiring 40k analyst, tournament reporter and Ultramarines enthusiast, Petey Pab only seeks to gather more knowledge about the game of 40k and share it with as many people as he can in order to unite both hobbyists and gamers. We are, after all, two sides of the same coin.

14 Responses to “Chapter Tactics #50: Year in Review, and Which Factions Dominated 2017”

  1. rvd1ofakind December 19, 2017 12:43 am #

    *Start of 8th*
    Me: “Hey wanna start 40k”
    Friend: “Sure, what do you recommend”
    Me: “Orks, DE or Necrons”
    Friend: “Which are the cheap and good ones in game”
    Me: “Necrons I think”

    I feel evil 🙁

    Sadly you can’t meassure out Khorne Chaos Daemons. I’m sure necrons and deathwatch would rip them to shreds.

    • rvd1ofakind December 19, 2017 1:27 am #

      Also, I’ve no idea what Top placing Slaanesh Daemons list you were talking about. Please share.

  2. Cephalobeard December 19, 2017 9:51 am #

    I thought Smite-Spam was pretty fun. :^)

    Healthy bias there, though. The changes were for the best.

  3. Ishagu December 19, 2017 2:20 pm #

    Wow, a fascinating podcast!
    Great job guys.

    Chaos players typically complain about everything. Maybe having unquestionable data showing how good they’ve got it will finally cheer them up 😀

    • rvd1ofakind December 19, 2017 8:06 pm #

      I’ll say why I complained. Because almost every episode was “omg malefic lords, brimstones, etc” so I always added “but what about conscripts, mortar teams” so stuff would be balanced :p

  4. jifel December 19, 2017 4:53 pm #

    A thoroughly enjoyable episode, very enlightening. Out of curiosity, what are the 15 tournaments you used for your data at the end?

  5. Commader_Sune December 20, 2017 12:13 am #

    Really enjoyed the podcast. The statistics were very interesting, but I guess that there are a lot of differences on a local meta level. s
    I hope you will do another one next year when the codices are out.

    I’m a Necron player and have struggled against higher tier armies, but none the less I’ve enjoyed the game. We all know that codices are on the way and GW seems adamant to balance the factions so I’m positive. This will not be done over night, but GWs effort is already a thousand times better than in the other editions

  6. Sean December 20, 2017 11:54 am #

    So what I’m hearing from several people is I have scores that need to be consolidated. How would I go about doing that?

    • BCPCasey December 20, 2017 12:00 pm #

      Find the scores you need consolidated, fill out the correction form from Best Coast Pairings and send it to .

      We process those in batches once a week.

      • Sean December 21, 2017 5:53 am #

        Cool where do I find that form or do I email and request that first

  7. Justin Kemple December 21, 2017 12:04 pm #

    Didn’t even talk about Dark Mechanicus which is clearly the best faction of all 😉

  8. X December 22, 2017 7:32 am #

    Just wanted to chime in as one of your rare podcast listeners who has never been to a tournament etc.

    I love the wh40k lore and the digital versions of the game (including some vassal). I’ve always kept up with the news and meta trends out of curiousity.

    I also follow the FLG news and batreps

    All the great reviews of 8th encouraged me to finally commit and get some models and rev up for the hobby side.

    I’ve glued and painted my first models ever and am working towards attending actual TT games in person in 2018 (including BAO hopefully). I think the Martinez store would have been my FLGS if it still existed…

  9. Brad December 27, 2017 7:47 am #

    I play 40k, but live in rural Ohio and mostly just get enjoyment out of the hobby aspect of the game. I’ve never played in a tournament of ANY type, though I do find myself tuning my lists as if I’m headed to LVO (which I probably never will do).

    I haven’t listened to all of your episodes, but I do enjoy your content. Keep it up.

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